Following on from Max Musson’s and Frederick Dixon’s recent articles I was also moved to reflect upon the present situation with the EDL and the direction it has thus far followed.
This political naivety and deficiency in critical thinking was of course exemplified in the perception that by currying favour with the dark hand behind the scenes (Zionism) they, the EDL, would be treated with kid gloves.
This (the Reds trying to curry favour with their handlers) is an important factor that must be acknowledged in any re-organisation and resurgence of the EDL. Likewise with the Muslims, notice how the considerable Islamic street presence is never mobilised against those (Zionists) wreaking terror on their brothers in Palestine by, say as an initial example, occupying Golders Green, London, or Prestwich, Manchester (areas with large concentrations of Jewish residents).
But no, out in town and city centres they remained –away from politicians and those who could favourably influence them.
Here again the political naivety and deficiency in critical thinking of the EDL leadership is apparent in its lack of understanding of geo-politics. Of course, this sickening outrage cannot be excused but –as uncomfortable as this will be to some– my highlighted points are, I feel, valid perspectives.
When I firstly saw the video, the most apparent cause and concern of the attacker was Zionist foreign policy, Western imperialism, and the moral justification of avenging what had been done, is being done, and will be done in the future to his people.
And so, in conclusion, it is clear that the new leadership of the EDL need a clearer direction, a greater understanding of the issues concomitant with ‘Islamisation’, and ultimately an identification of those behind the stage: the motives, desires, aims, and benefits of the dark forces (both political, ideological, and financial) here at home and throughout the world. He apparently has been attacked again by people for religious reasons which I assume is code for extremist moslems attacking him. Which seems a bit convenient & designed to gain him sympathy & support or more proof his stance was always nonsense?
To any thinking person the politics of the EDL never made much sense & the football hooligan element puts others off.
Articles like this are very important as they would not be seen elsewhere; and we need to make people aware of what is happening. Robinson has always been under the impression you can be a multiculturalist and a Muslim hater at the same time. It is certainly a topic that is causing a lot of us to tap out some articles – including myself, who has broken a seven month silence on my blog site to convey my views over the matter.
I do not really know what all the answers are either, but I do share the understanding as to why the EDL were not a nationalist organisation and I share the notions in this article that their strategy and focus was not all that helpful for securing any solid gains. I could elaborate, but it is all there on the blog article, so I would only be repeating myself here in the comments of somebody else’s. It is very easy to dismiss the actions of this attacker as simply the violent excess of a savage. This incident should have forced a reappraisal of the EDL’s position and a rethink in the nationalist cause. US presidential hopeful Donald Trump sparks outrage by mocking a dead Muslim soldier's mother who stood silently while her husband attacked him in a speech. An estimated ten million people will be in the Universal Credit net when the new system is fully in operation in the next five years. Having one single benefit will, it is asserted, encourage more people to work, improve take-up of benefits and tackle in-work poverty.
The fact that there is support from a wide range of interests and groups might be taken as a good sign. The former leader of the English Defence League, Tommy Robinson, has apologised for causing fear among British Muslims and for issuing bigoted, anti-Islamic statements during his time with the group.

Robinson, 30, who this week dramatically quit as leader of the extreme rightwing group known for thuggish street protests and openly racist followers, also said he would now talk to police to help them investigate dangerous racists in the organisation. Nawaz, who heads the deradicalisation thinktank the Quilliam Foundation, and is also a prospective Lib Dem MP, said he had refused to sit with Robinson after being approached during the filming of a BBC documentary last week. Nawaz revealed that, off-camera, Robinson indicated that he was willing to depart, and last weekend they began a series of lengthy conversations.
That Tuesday night, Quilliam held a hastily arranged press conference at which Robinson announced his departure. Nawaz said he would work to introduce Robinson to his own contacts in government and the Home Office in an attempt to procure government funding.
When pressed as to whether he would work with the police to root out criminal racists in the group he helped form four years ago, he agreed he would now talk to the authorities.
Robinson, whose financial assets have been frozen because of ongoing criminal proceedings for public order offences, said he did not doubt he would be successful again in any endeavour he pursued as long as he was passionate about it. There’s nothing wrong with patriotism, as long as it does not grant permission for criminal activities. And so, what of the other forces –the witting or unwitting adjuncts of the Establishment– who either saw through this perceived pretence, baulked at the cosying up to Zionism, or simply carried out their orders, or else modus operandi? It is simply fallacy bordering on frivolous naivety to treat the Reds, their State backers and its Zionist handlers as nothing more than the direct and most fundamental enemy. I always sighed in disbelief as they concentrated their efforts against each other rather than the mutual enemy. In the chat rooms and message boards I thankfully saw considerable discussion and suggestions of what else the EDL could be doing.
Of course, while it should be pointed out that not all Jews are Zionists, is it nevertheless not appropriate in the context of street action, to direct outrage and pressure on those who are closest to, and thereby most influential of, the source of one’s discontent (the Zionists)?
Zionism, Israel, the Military Industrial Complex, and Western politicians’ political adventures in the Middle East all benefit from this unfortunate direction that the leadership of the EDL has hitherto followed. Rather you lot are extreme, you are the ones, when you drop a bomb, you think it hits one person? Yet these points, and the fact the attacker was an immigrant from Somalia, were subsequently ignored by the EDL leadership. Is the West being played off against them while those orchestrating are ignored and left to continue with their actions? Had they too “seen the light” and begun working to achieve their aims in a different way?
A short sharp shock to force their face into the real world and the monstrosity they keep voting for. But in a deeper analysis we will find that this was a cool and calculated planned attack for the purpose of revenge.
Ordering the child to be returned to his father, Sir James Munby said the way the case was handled was "an almost textbook example of how not to do it".Sir James, President of the Family Division of the High Court, adjudicated on an adoption application brought by the council. The current system is very complex: people have to find their way through a maze of benefits, and they have to make new claims for some benefits every time they move in and out of work.
The idea of Universal Credit – and in particular the simplification of the system – has itself received almost universal support.
However, until Thursday’s Guardian interview, Robinson had refused to express any remorse for his past behaviour.

Not to the Reds does it make one iota of difference that Blacks are present on the EDL’s activities. It is widely suspected that Anjem Choudary is an MI5 operative, and whether this is true or not, the recent resignation of the EDL leadership must also call into question their real identities and motives. Furthermore, after the slaying of Lee Rigby the knee jerk reaction by the EDL leadership was, understandably at least, to call out the troops to show outrage against the ‘Islamists’ while ignoring the fact that the attacker was Black and he had raised some interesting, and what some would regard as morally justifiable, points in the subsequent statement he made recorded on a camera phone and put on Youtube. Is it a simple case of the puppet master saying, “Don’t watch that hand, watch this one”? Not sure why that commenter thinks so, but from my perspective it is because the author raises some interesting and uncomfortable points that many websites out there would rather ignore. Very easy to read about the bombing of women and children and then turn the page of the newspaper to discover X-Factor finalists. The attacker was worryingly measured after the attack and his statement was clearly not the ramblings of a mad man. Universal Credit will smooth that transition by replacing six existing means-tested benefits (Income Based Jobseeker’s Allowance, Housing Benefit, Working Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, Income Related Employment and Support Allowance and Income Support) with a single benefit. This has come from political parties, from think-tanks and NGOs, from the House of Commons Select Committees, and from the Social Security Advisory Committee. Perhaps we need to look more closely at the design and try to understand what it might mean for those millions of people as they try to access the system. Sadly, none of these initiatives were ever undertaken –and so the EDL continued with its slanging matches with the Reds and the Muslims to no immediate effect other than to raise awareness of their cause. There was no mention that Blacks (while the majority being Christian) in this country far outnumber Muslims from the sub-continent. The system doesn’t want those views being aired because they are the truth and will upset the liberals and have them spitting muesli across the breakfast table. But when the consequences of this country’s actions are brought to the street outside, then that is a different kettle of fish altogether. Nor is this court."It is an undoubted fact of life that many youths and young men have sexual intercourse with under-age girls. There have been some cold feet about the very slow and very costly implementation, with critical reports from the National Audit Office and the Public Accounts Committee among others, and the recent announcement of further delays until 2022 highlight the very real challenges of making this system work. To them the main concern is the EDL’s default position of dissent both against their Marxist ideology and the Establishment’s status quo that is, through its Totalitarian Humanism, increasingly warming to it.
There was no reassessment of the EDL position in light of the points raised by the attacker – points that have a direct correlation to Israel, Zionism and those whose strings they pull. Here we see the confluence between the System and those, the Reds, who claim to stand against it while in reality and with fecund glee rejoice at the fact that Cultural Marxism has found a position in bed with rapacious capitalism –a much-needed additional rung on their ideological ladder. There was not, ultimately, a vociferous attack on the System –concentrating instead solely on Islam.

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