If you’re a Paleo athlete or everyone someone who is aware of the necessities that your body needs pre and post a workout, then you may be a tad bit concerned about the Paleo diet due to the lack of carbs (starchy vegetables) that many people use to bulk up.
If you’re trying to lose body fat your post workout snack should include protein, some carbs (from fruits and vegetables) and a little bit of health fat. If your exercise goal is to increase your lean muscle mass, then you’ll need to focus on an after workout snack that doesn’t only replenish damaged muscle tissue, but ones that will also restore energy that was lost.
As mentioned, you need carbs after your workout if you are trying to build lean muscle mass. Now, if you want to include some healthy fats with your post exercise snack, add in things such as; coconut chips or flakes, avocado, olives, nuts and Paleo friendly trail mix.
However, there is no need to worry because just like always, the Paleo diet has you covered and does it better.

If you have too much fat after a workout will discourage protein absorption and if you have too many carbs, it will result with an insulin spike.
Carbs are ideal, but as mentioned, you can receive these from Paleo friendly foods and not starchy vegetables.
Some incredible snacks include; Grass-fed jerky, fresh tuna, salmon, shrimp or sardines, steak, chicken or turkey and hard boiled eggs.
Some things you can snack on include; squash, veggies such as carrots, peppers, cucumbers, celery, radishes as well as fresh fruit such as berries, apples, pears, melons but be weary of the glucose levels that come with fruits. However, remember that you should only have small amount of healthy fat post workout, but you should have plenty throughout your entire diet. Examples are providing below, and remember to always eat your post exercise snack within 30-60 minutes afterwards – the sooner the better.

Since your body enters insulin sensitivity mode post workout, you can eat little carbs and reap the incredible benefits without a huge insulin spike. These are some of the best because you can easily bring them to the gym with you in a container or quickly get them in your system within 30-60 minutes after you finish breaking a sweat.

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