One small, yet significant way we differ is with words that have a separate spelling for the noun and verb forms. The Ducati Scrambler is finally here with its 803 cc, air-cooled, 75 hp twin pulling the lightweight (375 pounds dry; 410 pounds wet) machine in four available versions, including the Classic, the Icon, the Full Throttle and the Urban Enduro. Cologne (Germany), 30 September 2014 – At the end of the first day of Intermot 2014 – the International Motorcycle Fair being held in Cologne (Germany) from 30 September to 6 October –Ducati finally unveiled one of the most eagerly awaited new bikes to go on show there; the Ducati Scrambler brand immediately became the focus of media and public attention, and the undisputed star of this key German fair. Re-proposing the yellow containers that characterised the original, highly creative launch phase, Ducati set up a Ducati Scrambler brand-dedicated space in the exhibition area of its Intermot 2014 stand. The Ducati Scrambler is a contemporary bike that expresses the pure essence of motorcycling. Seat and tank have been carefully designed to give the Ducati Scrambler appealing proportions. An oil and air-cooled L-twin two-valve 803 cc engine powers the Ducati Scrambler; it has an 88 mm bore, a 66 mm stroke and has been redesigned to give smooth acceleration throughout the rev range.
Moreover, thanks to a vast range of apparel and bike accessories, to be presented in November, the Ducati Scrambler offers a virtually unlimited range of exclusive personalisation and lifestyle options. The Ducati Scrambler name has much in common with the verb to scramble – mixing up, blending, letting the imagination run free, sharing with others. The Ducati Scrambler will be in Ducati Dealerships starting form the end of January 2015 and the first of the four versions to become available will be the Icon.
Not sure if its for me but I appreciate that Ducati managed to create a bike with unique styling without resorting to gratuitous use of plastic.
There are several things that MIGHT prevent me from falling prey to the $1500 extra profit margin on the Urban Enduro, which is nearly my perfect idea for a twin-engined trail bike I’ve been demanding for so long. It would take a miracle of engineering to get what is basically a 800 cc twin street bike that light.
If you want a truly light trail bike that you can also ride around town, there are bunches of options.

I was asking because motorcycles were air cooled for decades before we began to accept water cooling as the norm.
I own a 2V (2010) and a 4V Duc (2011) and have yet to adjust a valve clearance on either one.
Hah, no, but it’s funny since my brother in law tried to rope me into buying one a couple of days ago with a used bike ambush. I would love a TT700 if Yamaha could kick out a design similar to this – minimalist and classic. This makes it easy to get influenced by American spelling which—here and there—differs from our own. The Ducati Scrambler is finally out of the yellow container that has so jealously guarded it over the last few months and is now – after the previews granted to employees and Ducatisti at World Ducati Week 2014 – officially ready. Tried and tested materials such as the aluminium of the rear swingarm and engine covers and the steel of the teardrop tank and frame are combined with new-generation components such as front and rear LED lighting and LCD instruments. This Ducati Scrambler, though, is no retro bike: it is, rather, intended to be just how the legendary Bologna-built motorcycle would be today if Ducati had never stopped building it. The Urban Enduro, with its “Wild Green” paintjob, is for enduro style enthusiasts and ready to switch from city streets to country backroads in an instant. A compact bike, the Ducati Scrambler instils confidence from the very moment you set eyes on it. The Ducati Scrambler is the two-wheeled alter ego of those who ride it, a cultural movement in and of itself. I guess that’s a good thing, meaning Ducs are selling so well that they have to make and ship a lot of em. The clearances have been checked at the prescribed intervals (7500 miles for the 2V and 15000 for the 4V) and they remain in spec. Still don’t like the Ninja 650 style direct action shock working on a banana swingarm.

There are a lot of manufacturers who are tucking the pipe up like that to keep it away from the tire and also to keep the pipe itself from being longer. This is more than just a new bike: it’s a whole new world, one that expresses itself via a range of options and versions that provide a starting point for satisfying the different needs and wants of individual motorcyclists. Wide handlebars and a long seat provide a comfortable, relaxed riding position and, together with the low weight, low centre of gravity and slightly knobby tires, ensure pure riding fun whatever the situation.
The Full Throttle is for riders enthralled by the flat-track racing world who have a penchant for pushing things to the limit. It’s been sized to make it accessible to all motorcyclists while the long seat maximises comfort and can also accommodate a passenger comfortably.
It’s free-spirited, positive and anti-conformist, open to encounters with other philosophies and styles. A thinner pipe usually has more clearance but now it has the muffler in it at that spot on the bike. And the Classic is for devotees to details and a 1970s look who want the uncompromising riding pleasure and comfort of a modern-day bike. It’s one of those great engineering questions, where to locate the exhaust, length and muffler placement. It’s actually very scientific as well since the EPA has to be happy and the motor has to run well.

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