The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines “Literate” as “having or showing knowledge about a particular subject.”  Having literacy is simply the state of being literate.
So in thinking about STEM Literacy, our work in STEM education is built on the premise that, to be a well functioning worker and citizen in our modern, technology-driven world, all young people will need to achieve a certain level of basic STEM Literacy. Thus, we can surmise that STEM-Literacy-for-All is a common-sense educational and societal goal.  So, the next question is, “What is STEM Literacy”?
Strengthen the connections across STEM disciplines and to other core academic and elective classes. Demonstrate an understanding of the role of persistence and productive struggle in attaining success in STEM-related work. Again, take this definition – discuss it, pick it apart, reorganize and reframe it, as long as it takes to get it right.
Let us know if you have suggestions for tweaking these definitions, or want to share a different approach to defining STEM Education and STEM Literacy.
Hans Meeder is a recognized expert in Career Technical Education (CTE) and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education. NC3T provides planning, coaching, technical assistance and tools to help community-based leadership teams plan and implement their college-career pathway systems. Employment OpportunitiesNC3T is continually growing and routinely searching for new talent to join our team. I love your blogs i also like to create paintings so if you have more snaps on this then please do post. Transparent Language brings powerful, world-class language-learning technology to libraries, educational institutions, government organizations, corporations, and curious individuals. Police in Fresno, Clifornia,A found themselves in a face-off with a White mob protesting a shooting of a suspect. The officers indicated they feared that Noble was reaching behind his back for a weapon and they opened fire.
Maurice "Mo" Barnes is a graduate of Morehouse College and Political Scientist based in Atlanta.
The big deal asshole is there is no mainstream media coverage no podeium popped up with 7 or 8 high powered poloticians crying about it for a start ! So the cops kill an unarmed white supremist kid during all these other shootings and the National media ignores it.
How is he a supremacist “you head but recipient ” did you get that from the non existent body cam video? The media is vast majority white, and they are just doing what most whites in the country do. Cossington Smith was born in Sydney in 1892, although some confusion surrounds her actual birthdate: her birth certificate, which states 20 April, is thought to be incorrect as the artist and her family always gave her birthday as 22 April. In the 1920s Cossington Smith painted a dynamic series of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in construction, including the masterpiece The curve of the bridge, 1928-29. Sydney between the World Wars grew ever-more urban and cosmopolitan, and Cossington Smith celebrated modern city life in paintings such as The Lacquer Room, 1936. In 1926 Cossington Smith had joined Thea Proctor, Ralph Balson, Grace Crowley, Roland Wakelin and other modernist artists in the Contemporary Group, with whom she exhibited for many years.

The detailed abundance of paint and fecund imagery have something in common with the obssessiveness and at times disturbing subject matter of outsider art, but the deliberate beauty of Barton's work beguiles more than it unsettles.
Getting clarity about your definition of the outcome, STEM-Literacy-for-All, will give your STEM efforts much greater clarity and effectiveness. He has conducted original research on these topics, authored numerous reports, articles and books, served on advisory committees for state and national organizations, and provided keynote addresses and workshop presentations. Let’s take a look at some of the most famous traditional Korean paintings and painters. On June 25,A A police responded to reports of a White male carrying a rifle on a residential street.
Whenever blacks complain about other blacks being shot by police, there is no shortage of whites to remind us that cops kill many more whites a year than blacks. OH the poor father of 19 never did nobody dirty… he was a church going father of 19 why’d dem police kilt him ? Source: Art Gallery of New South Wales ArchiveGrace Cossington Smith, in her garden at Cossington in Turramurra, 1915, by unknown photographerGrace Cossington Smith, walking down a Sydney street, c1930-40, by unknown photographer.
An important early exponent of modernism in Australia, her work formed part of the first significant wave of Australian responses to European post-impressionism.
In 1912 she travelled to Europe and attended classes at Winchester School of Art in England and at Stettin in Germany.
She developed a highly individual technique, utilising rhythmic broken brushwork in unmixed, high-keyed colour. A first solo exhibition at Grosvenor Galleries in Sydney in 1928 confirmed her reputation as a skilful and poetic colourist, and she continued to exhibit at the Macquarie Galleries from 1932 until 1971. The attention to detail almost overwhelms the subject matter, as paint and image merge into and emerge from each other across the surface of the canvas. The paintings from the series to which this belongs seem to embody a moment where nature and humankind are deeply embedded rather than alienated, a vision utopian in its fecund abundance but also disturbing in its overripe and undefined eroticism.
We too are lead into this realm of multi-breasted hermaphrodites, glittering birds and richly furred animals, a place which seems to have its own visual and sexual logic. The subject matter for his paintings are characterized by scenes from the daily lives of lower class citizens. In fact, he was kicked out of the royal painting school for drawing scenes with prostitutes.
Police confronted Dylan Noble, 19, at a gas station after a car chase for speeding down the street.
The officers have been placed on routine administrative leave during the ongoing investigation. Notice how Trump only pops his head up and says something about shooters is when the shooter is non-white? I mean, while all that black crime goes on in the city of Chicago, what other crimes happen in the majority white state of Illinois? A brilliant colourist, she drew her subject matter from the familiar surroundings of her home and her experience of Sydney city life, which she transformed into vibrant images of light-infused colour. Her aim, she said, was ‘to express form in colour – colour within colour, vibrant with light’ and colour became the key mode through which she represented structure, depth and solidity, in works such as the Gallery’s Things on an iron tray on the floor, c1928.

She also travelled to Europe, from 1948 to 1951, absorbing the works of Renaissance masters Masaccio and Fra Angelico. In 1973 she was awarded an Order of the British Empire and had a major retrospective exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW, after which she gave up painting. An unashamed attention to the decorative is typical of Barton’s practice, tracing a lineage to the reclaiming of women’s domestic craft in some feminist practices as well as to contemporary fashion and design. Figures and creatures are literally rooted into their environment, with tendrils and vines growing from and entwining sexual organs and the surrounding nature. The decadence of these images also recalls the work of late 19th and early 20th century symbolists, an art movement in which colour and paint existed as much for their own glittering, decaying effects as for what they could represent. As a result, some of ???‘s paintings are treasured much more for the factual pictorials they provide about ?? Korea, than for the artistic value of the paintings. Some of his paintings are considered to have an erotic edge to them, and was considered controversial in ?? times. According to police, Noble got out of his pickup truck, started to walk away and refused to show his hands.
It was upon her return to Sydney when she returned to Dattilo Rubbo’s classed that she studied European modern art alongside Roland Wakelin and Roy de Maistre, through colour reproductions brought back from Europe by Dattilo Rubbo and fellow student Norah Simpson. By the mid 1950s she was concentrating primarily on domestic interiors, partly due to the long illness of her much-loved sister at home, producing paintings such as Interior with wardrobe mirror, 1955 and her late masterpiece The window, 1956. In Barton’s work while the decorative may also be feminine, it is entangled in a dense skein of psycho-sexual impulses which weave through the visual elements of her work. Such works are dazzling and climactic pictures of her powers as a mature painter and shimmering statements of her astonishing powers as a colourist. In short, he was a poor orphan who grew up to become a royal officer, in addition to being a world class painter. Characterised by flattened pictorial space and the use of bright, expressive colour applied in broad brushstrokes, this remarkable student work reveals the influence of post-impressionist European painters Paul Gauguin, Paul Cezanne and Vincent van Gogh.
Some in the crowd reportedly yelled a€?a€™F— the policea€? and there were reports of glass bottles being thrown at a line of officers.
Whites don’t riot over the shooting of a petty white criminal because they are too bust denying white crime.
Depicting Madge, the artist’s sister, knitting socks for soldiers serving on the frontline in the First World War, the painting is not only distinctly modern in its outlook, but also counterpoints the more common narratives of masculine heroism in wartime by focusing instead on the quiet steady efforts of the woman at home. They can burn and turn over cars, destroy private property, deface public property, and throw rocks and beer bottles at the cops with the best of them. As a matter of fact, check out the great White Pumpkin Riot in Keene, New Hampshire around the same time as the riot in Ferguson.

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