I bump across this article and left me thinking [see report here] about the purpose of education in Qatar  . If you have a caged pet bird , do you ever wonder what will happen if you let it loose in the open ?
Copyright , views and opinionA lot of the quotations and stories are fairly common and readily available on the internet . However, I've recently began to think more about the purpose of education and wonder if it's not a case of 'putting the cart before the horse'.
Should we educate children so they can get a job or should we educate children so they have the skills to live and the passion to learn? I hope and pray that our children will enjoy their lives as they help others, become positive contributors to society, following their interests and passions and so much more.
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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Paper presented at AERA 2014 Annual Meeting on Monday, April 6, 2014 in Philadelphia, PA, USA. Industry pay you for what you know and there is a demand for the application of this knowledge . Now if the government guarantees everyone an annual salary , property and everything else without having to go to school or work , then what can motivate the children to go to school , or parents sending their children to school ? In schools we get to know so much things , how things work and so forth so that we know how to solve them . Not many young students would understand this and therefore when compared to other countries , the mass majority would not be able to compete successfully , globally , eventually , because of this safety net . The pet bird having food brought to it daily , and without having to hunt for food , perhaps may not be able to survive in the wild .

Some of these articles were emailed to me by my friends and therefore I may not have any idea as to its original source .
So education  in the end provides a better earnings , better living standards and more opportunities . If there is any infringement of copyrights , please drop me an email and I will have them removed . So I personally think it is still valid to tell our children that we attend schools to seek knowledge so that we can understand and apply them eventually . The system we design must encourage this effort of wanting to seek knowledge , and eventually finding their own passion and  interest ,  and its reward that come eventually .

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