This Western Electric Hanging Handset Model 201 telephone comes from Penrod's Café in downtown Springdale.
Bubbles arose in a never-ending stream through the colored plastic tubing of the Wurlitzer jukebox. With its potent engine and stable suspension, the sports touring bike offers more than just a huge amount of riding pleasure. Salesmen, couples on a date, families having a meal out, businessmen entertaining prospects—everyone ate at Penrod's.

The Wurlizter jukebox and pinball machines became quiet for awhile, as conversation, and sometimes heated arguments, dominated the dining room.
In order to ensure stability on every country road, the highly active, electronically regulated suspension ASC (Automatic Stability Control) is featured as standard.
Sports and politics were favored topics, but often a group surrounding a table mioght be found discussing automobiles, aviation, religion, or even the latest movie with Betty Grable or Lana Turner, then playing at the Concord. The new system saddle bags and the practical top case round off the sports touring bike: perfectly harmonized with the ergonomics and integrated in the motorcycle's overall look as always, they offer a level of travel comfort you would not normally expect of a sports tourer.

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