Verizon Wireless will soon begin forcing grandfathered unlimited data customers to switch over to a tiered plan if they use over 100GB in a single month. If you’ve been waiting for the opportunity to sign up to display in Hardware Alley at Disrupt SF 2016, your wait is over.
The layout of the site makes it easier for politicians to break their own news and control their own message. Smartphones are how Mark Zuckerberg sees augmented reality going mainstream, rather than potentially awkward headsets and glasses. Christophe Gans’ version of the fairy tale, starring Vincent Cassel (Jason Bourne) and Lea Seydoux (Spectre) is coming to the United States this fall. Two recent recent discoveries, of a 1.7 million-year-old cancerous foot bone and a 2 million-year-old vertebrae ravaged by tumors, show that cancer has been bothering us for a while. Step by step, Sketchfab is turning into the best platform to view 3D models using a virtual reality headset. One of Disney’s most underrated films, The Rocketeer, is finally getting the respect it deserves. So today I want to talk to you about the absolute best way to enjoy your music on the go: custom in-ear monitors (CIEMs). Garrett Camp, Uber cofounder and CEO of Expa Studios, is today unveiling Expa’s latest project, Haus. The Royal Observatory in Greenwich has announced its shortlist for the Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition. In order to serve content on our website, we rely on advertising revenue which helps us to ensure that we continue to serve high quality, unbiased journalism. In order to serve content on our website, we rely on advertising revenue which helps us ensure that we continue to serve high quality, unbiased journalism. Verizon is discussing a price close to $5 billion for Yahoo’s core Internet business, one of the people said.
The companies may be ready to announce the deal in the coming days, the people said, asking not to be named because the deliberations are private. Mayer was finally bowing to rising shareholder ire that gained steam after the collapse of a plan to spin off Yahoo’s stake in Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.
Despite issues with iOS updates that knock out your cell service and material that bends in your front pocket, the new iPhones are selling out quickly. Speck's cases are known for delivering protection from accidental drops while still looking stylish. Those who like to carry just their phone, some cash and a few credit cards will appreciate the convenience and slim design of the Hex Icon Wallet case.
If you can't make it through a day without charging your battery, (and who among us can?) you're going to need a case that can do that for you.
Moshi's signature line of cases is getting an iPhone 6 update so whether you prefer a slim design or a built-in kickstand for watching video, Moshi will deliver.
The DualPro is a popular model from Incipio, with a heavy-duty impact resistant frame and a shock-absorbing inner core in a slim design.
If you're more about fashion and accessorizing, M-Edge's iPhone 6 cases are sure to please.
Cellairis has iPhone 6 cases coming out in a broad range of styles, from the anti-slip grip Challenger to the 2-piece Matter Aero.
The tour kicks-off in Manchester, New Hampshire on Wednesday, July 27th and will continue to make stops throughout North America through September. Comparing the Galaxy S7 and GS7 edge to the iPhone 6s Plus isn't really a matter of Apples and oranges. Just like every year, there's going to be a good bit of gnashing of teeth over the two biggest players in the smartphone space.
There once was a time when Samsung's Galaxy line potentially could have been mistaken for the iPhone. Perhaps the biggest difference between the Galaxy S7 and the iPhone 6s (Plus or minus) comes to when you're using the edge model. WWE announced at the SmackDown TV tapings on Tuesday that Charlotte would team with Dana Brooke to face Sasha Banks and a mystery partner at the BattleGround pay-per-view event.
The WWE BattleGround PPV will take place on on July 24, 2016 at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. For $1,995, your hardware startup will get a spot in the Alley for one day for up to two people from your company. First, the company added a VR button on every browsing page, then it released apps to support all VR headsets and showcase a few models. Here’s a good look at the effect that different lenses and barrel distortion can have when it comes to making you look fat on camera. From nebulas and auroras through to starbursts and solar eclipses, these photographs will rekindle your sense of wonder.

Which means a long wait for a second season of Jessica Jones, as well as the third season of Daredevil.
From our end, we will aim to show clean and unobtrusive ads to provide you with a great browsing experience. You will receive an adblock detection screen on private window, even if you are not running any adblock plugins. A representative for Sunnyvale, California-based Yahoo couldn’t immediately be reached outside of regular business hours. At a glance, the iPhone 6s Plus has all it takes to grab additional percentages of market share from both the "phablets that aren't Apple's" and the "tablets, including the iPad" sector. This time around, though, Apple is beating its chest for incorporating Series 7000 aluminum instead of the anodized aluminum it's been traditionally using. Apple reports 10 million phones sold in just three days this past weekend, and despite the issues, the phones will continue to sell well.
Some case makers already have updated designs hitting the market, while the rest will be coming very shortly.
The MightyShell iPhone 6 case ups the ante with military-grade protection in a thin profile.
The Speck CandyShell Grip has raised rubber ridges that help you grasp the case a little more securely. The inside cover of this leather case has three card slots for your driver's license, credit cards, etc.
Their cases are designed for people whose phones take a bit of a beating in the course of a day; perhaps some accidental drops or impact.
The Tylt ENERGI Sliding Power Case's exterior layer has a built-in rechargeable battery to power up your phone.
I'm eager for the updated SenseCover; a touch-sensitive folio case which lets you answer calls, and turn off notifications without opening the cover and has an opening in the front so you can quickly check the date and time. The Echo case offers layers of protection to guard your phone from drops, while the bold patterns and colors make a fun fashion statement. Wallet lovers will want to check out the Edition Diary with slots on the inside for cards and ID as well as a secret stash for cash. La casa di Redmond decide cosi di buttarsi, con un po’ di ritardo, nel mondo della telefonia seguendo la scia di Google e Apple.
We'll have a greater look at the Galaxy S7 alongside the iPhone 6s, and certainly again later this year when the iPhone 7 rolls around, as it's almost certain to do. That hasn't so much been a problem the past few years, and it's certainly not an issue with the Galaxy S7 — especially when you consider just how much bigger the iPhone 6s Plus is. While the iPhone gets a little more glossy thanks to the glass screen, the colors — particularly the gold and silver — of the Galaxy S7 give the phones some depth. Certainly the iPhone crowd will find something to gripe about here, as they have in the past.
Samsung's curved "edge" screen brings some additional functionality to the curved edge of the phone — either the left or right side, your call. While other assets including Yahoo’s real estate were also on the block, it could not immediately be learned if they are part of the deal.
Alibaba, the largest e-commerce provider in China, had emerged as the most valuable piece of Yahoo, and investors sought a way to realize some of those gains. Not all hope is lost, though, for Android large-screen smartphones look and feel better than ever, while the Cupertino masters have done what they felt was due to invigorate the slow-moving iPad.
Anodizing increases the material's resistance to corrosion and wear by adding an oxide layer outside of it. Whether you like the slim and sleek look or prefer more rugged support, take a look through the options and choose the case that's right for you. Now you don't have to compromise on looks to keep your phone nestled safely in this triple-layer design.
The Commuter series has you covered with its two-piece design, tight-fitting plug covers to keep your phone free of dirt and grime, and a screen protector to help protect from scratches. The inner protective layer can be used alone if you prefer a slimmer profile when you don't need the extra charge. The inside cover has slots for credit cards and it converts into kickstand mode for hands-free viewing.
The new Glimpse case has see-through designs that create an artsy, layered look on your phone.
Il nuovo telefonino Pink sara un modello orientato soprattutto ai giovani amanti dei social network come Facebook o Twitter. And that's certainly why Samsung is quick to tell us that the camera on the Galaxy S7 protrudes all of 0.46 mm.
Samsung's earpieces certainly stand out more as well — Apple's slit looks positively tiny — and the side-by-side sensors look to be a little less haphazard than the 90-degree offset camera-sensor getup on the iPhone.

But for me it's a place for a charging port and headphone jack and minimally useful speaker.
After US regulators failed to give prior approval for the transaction’s tax status, Yahoo was forced to jettison the plan. Anyway, we'll be doing an initial review of the new iPhone 6s Plus' spec sheet, mostly taking a look at the improvements made in the smartphone's display, processor and camera components.
Combined with dye, the process is also used for coloring metal.7000 Series aluminum, however, is a different alloy that combines aluminum, zink, and magnesium for a significantly tougher, but harder to work with material.
Tastiera qwerty per avere il massimo controllo su messaggi e e-mail, e forse, poco spazio al touch screen. Microsoft invece si trova fortemente indietro sul mercato mobile: soltanto un prezzo straordinariamente basso potra portare la casa di Redmond ad avere significative fette di mercato cellulare anche se il lato brand e lovemark gioca tutto a sfavore di Microsoft, in questo caso. These are the areas that Apple doubled down on, and for all we know, the iPhone 6s Plus is every bit of an improvement over its very successful predecessor. Apple altered the recipe in unspecified ways, creating a material 60% stronger than most aluminum at one-third the density of stainless steel. Dalle anticipazioni di Gizmodo, sembra che i nuovi telefonini targati Microsoft avranno come utenti principali i giovanissimi.
With the iPhone's camera lens tucked up in the top left corner, there's almost zero chance of someone in their right mind will get one mixed up for the other. Ovviamente saranno tante le funzioni integrate con Messenger e il mondo del social media targato Microsoft. Samsung definitely has the edge when it comes to launching the camera with the home button, though.
It's certainly one of the most reasonably sized smartphones around, even if the screen to body ratio of 66% isn't exactly an example of efficiency.DisplaySave from the addition of pressure sensitivity, which we will refer to in a minute, the screen on the iPhone 6s Plus is virtually unchanged from what the one before it. This is a 5.5-inch panel with the ubiquitious 1080x1920 resolution, which accounts for a sufficient pixel density of 401 pixels per inch. It's a fine example of an IPS LCD screen, even if its properties don't have the sheer impressiveness of Samsung and LG's Quad-HD displays, not to mention the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium's outlandish 4K screen.
While we don't the have exact display measurements, we expect what has become typical of Apple screens a€” a tolerably cool color temperature, nicely evened out color balance, near perfect gamma response, and fantastic viewing angles. It is these characteristics, and not obscenely high pixel counts or super wide color gamuts that make for a high quality display, though we don't have anything much against the latter!Now, about that Force Touch thing we mentioned.
Borrowed from the new MacBook's trackpad and the Apple Watch before it, the technology relies on tiny electrodes surrounding the display that let users deliberately choose between a light tap, a press, and a "deeper" press, triggering a range of specific controls.
In the Apple Watch, we saw how pressing firmly on its screen brings up additional controls in apps and allows for additional interaction.
Right now, the technology is merely being toyed with and emulated by other manufacturers, such as Huawei, but as a the first new frontier in interactive surfaces since multi-touch, its potential could expand to building fingerprint sensors and other interactive elements inside screens. The A9, which is fabricated by Samsung and TSMC's foundries, has not been properly documented yet. Thanks to that, the A9 packs more transistors on the same surface area as the A8, theoretically boasting better performance and power efficiency characteristics.Some early benchmarks that originate from a Chinese source suggest that the A9 enjoys an around 19% jump over the A8, and a 6% improvement over the A8X in single-core performance, in addition to a 69% multi-core improvement over the A8 (8% from the A8X). That sounds like a steady growth in processing power, certainly in the ballpark of what could be expected of Apple. This technology uses an extra white (W) subpixel, arranged alongside the RGB sub-pixels, to compensate for the smaller-sized pixels in the sensor. We've seen a sensor of this type in action with the Huawei P8, and we came off pretty satisfied with the way it handled itself across different scenarios. It will be up to the ones responsible for the camera algorithms at Apple to make the most out of the camera sensor.A notable difference between the iPhone 6 Plus and its minute compatriot is the addition of an optical image stabilization module in the former.
In the large one, it is enabled while taking photos, but video shooting employs software image stabilization.
Its predecessor managed to rack up a score of 5 hours, 22 minutes, which is far from the Galaxy S6 edge+'s impressive result, but still decent for most people. Unfortunately, the iPhone 6s couldn't catch up to the fast charging developments of Android for some reason. Maybe integrating fast charging or wireless charging comes at the expense of something else that's more valuable to the typical iPhone user. The increase in hardware and camera power is quite welcome, and the addition of Force Touch makes for a nice usability improvement, not to mention being a classic case of Apple introducing polished (hopefully) new technology for users and app developers to tinker with. For what it is, the iPhone 6s Plus makes for a good, meaningful yearly upgrade over its predecessor.

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