This addition includes a new multipurpose room with library and computer lab above along with additional classroom space. A new public entrance was provided for evening and weekend access to the multipurpose space and the existing gymnasium. The renovation portion of the project relocated administration to the first floor of the building, converted the existing library into classroom space for an early childhood education center and converted the existing administration on the second floor to an additional classroom area. McGill is a world renowned university, is located in Montreal, one of the most fascinating cities in North America and the language used is English.
Just a little west of campus buildings have three students achieving at 2150 Mackay, a beautiful building of considerable height, 1650 Lincoln, which is less than 10 minutes walk from campus and Mackay 1225 & 1229, a three-story building only 10 minutes walk from the main campus of McGill. Students must usually be in their first or last school year and have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better.

The addition was sited to provide for maximum open site area and security by creating no blind corners or nooks. The addition was designed to be compatible with and support the historic character of the existing building.
The main campus is located in downtown Montreal, one of the Mont-Royal, a small mountain in the center of the island of Montreal. Approximately 50% of the students are from Quebec, while 23% come from other provinces of Canada and the remaining 22% consists of students from over 140 countries. Site work closed a street to connect the school to additional property owned by the school district. Most of the population of Montreal is French, however, the city has always had a high population of Anglophone and other ethnic communities of different origins.

These apartment buildings are located at 3565 Lorne (a beautiful building medium size) and Clark 3687. Students wishing to study at McGill in the spring semester must apply no later than April 1 of last year.
The degree obtained at McGill are not calculated in the same way that the GPA at the University of Richmond. Exchange students may register for courses at McGill provided they comply with the prerequisites and space is available.

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