Do you know how much the child actor of One Tree Hill, Jackson Brundage, earned from the TV Show? Is Lamar Odom still together with entrepreneur Khloe Kardashian, after the rumors of their divorce? How is the married life of the actor Chad Micahel Murray going on with his second wife Sarah Roemer? Since their first appearance they had been very successful in their career and they had organized and had participated in many stage programs. Jai Brooks is cute, charming and handsome guys, he had affair with many chicks in the past.
Jai Brooks is not only a celebrity in the YouTube; he has made his influence in several other social sites like Facebook and Twitter.

They made their debut from Set This World on Fire, which was released in their YouTube channel on September 2012. Once they organized their show in Times Square, New York where they had 20,000 fans participation. They started their relationship in 2012, but the updated information relating the place they meet is not updated.
He has authorized Instagram account where he posts his photographs in regular basis, and his fans hits like and comments on the posts. Jai along with his group also made their appearance in the video of Australian singer Faydee in the songs entitled Forget The World. Later that year they produced a web show for MTV Australia which was entitled Janoskians: MTV Sessions.

In 2014 they released their latest song named This Fuckin Song, which is also commercially successful.
Jai and his girlfriend Ariana ended their relationship in 2014 after being two years in relation. Before their broke up his girlfriend Grande also publicly express her feeling that Jai is her future spouse, but the relations ended with misunderstanding in their relationship.

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