The Dark- and Steel-types were added in the second generation, making 17, and now the Fairy-type has been added in this sixth generation, making 18. At the same time, each move a Pokemon can learn causes one kind of elemental damage from the same pool of 18 types.
For example: an Electric-type move on a Normal-type Pokemon causes neutral damage (1x), but an Electric-type move on a Water-type Pokemon causes twice (2x) the damage.

The game will tell you when one type is stronger than another by saying "It's Super Effective" after the move is used.
For example: Normal- and Fighting-types cannot touch Ghost-types, Ghost-types cannot touch Normal-types, Poison-types cannot touch Steel-types, Ground-types cannot touch Flying-types, Electric-types cannot touch Ground-types, Psychic-types cannot touch Dark-types, and now Dragon-types cannot touch Fairy-types. The chart has been altered quite a bit for the sixth generation, so make note of the changes when battling.

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