The first map pack for Black Ops 2 is only a few weeks away before it graces us all with brand new, jaw dropping content. Unlike how the content season worked for Modern Warfare 3, Black Ops 2 is adopting the classic and much easier to understand map pack system. Revolution includes 4 brand new Multiplayer maps, a brand new Zombies map, a brand new Zombies Game Mode and a brand new SMG, the PeaceKeeper.
Next up we have DOWNHILL which brings back the snow environments to Black Ops 2 that so many players have been missing! It is a medium-sized map based in the French Alps complete with snow, chair lifts, and a strategically placed lodge.
MIRAGE is the last multiplayer map featured in Revolution, based in the Gobi Desert it utilises sand dunes to provide different levels of elevation and a sanctuary in the center as a natural choke point. A new game mode has also been added alongside Die Rise called TURNED, which allows players to play as the zombies!
Last but not least we have probably the most unique piece of content in this DLC, the PEACEKEEPER weapon.
Revolution will be available for Xbox 360 players on the 29th of January 2013 for purchase at 1200 Microsoft Points.
If you are a season pass holder you will of course get all the content for free. Release dates for PC and PS3 will be about one month later, we predict either the 28th of February or the 7th of March. Revolution will undoubtedly be a fantastic addition to the game, the maps look fantastic and the new game modes are a massive surprise!
UPDATE: Full Black Ops 2 Revolution information with images, full descriptions and video is now available here. The images were originally posted in the Call of Duty official forums before being removed by the moderators, adding to the validity that this is genuine content we are going to see. Hydro–This large map allows you to use the dam and water to your advantage to block paths and stop enemies. Downhill–A medium-sized map based in the French Alps complete with snow, chair lifts, and a strategically placed lodge.
Grind–Set within the locale of the Venice, California boardwalk, this small skate park map is sure to deliver fast and frenetic Call of Duty action. Mirage–This Gobi Desert multiplayer map utilises sand dunes to provide different levels of elevation and a sanctuary in the centre as a natural chokepoint. Zombies – Die Rise–The Zombie apocalypse has invaded China, turning down town into a dilapidated and dangerous MC Escher painting. Peacekeeper SMG–This impressive sub-machine gun fills the open weapon slot in your load-out with power and accuracy. If you have opted to purchase a season pass then you’ll get all this content absolutely free when it is available while those who have not will likely have to shell out around $15 for the map pack. What’s great to see in the post above is the addition of a brand new weapon as DLC, during the MW3 DLC season many users were requesting additional weapons and gun packs but IW developers told us it was not possible with their current system.
If you opted to purchase the Black Ops II Season Pass then you’ll be happy to know that the Nuketown Zombies map is now available for download (If you are on Xbox 360). Other platforms will get the content around the same date in January, this is the standard time delay between the 360 release and other platforms. Nuketown Zombies is set during the events of Moon, and after the end of the multiplayer level from the original Black Ops game. The zombie soldiers attack the radiation scientists and turn them, and after receiving a distress signal, the base in Nevada sends in CIA and CDC agents to investigate.
As you probably know the Zombies game mode in Black Ops 2 has been completely changed and makes for a much longer, engaging, fun and down right scary experience!
Also a new feature which has been added recently to all Zombie games modes is a temporary timeout from matchmaking if you have been quitting games too often without finishing them and effectively ruining it for others. No word has been released regarding when Nuketown Zombies will be released for non-Season Pass holders but it will likely be released in the first Black Ops 2 map pack.
Just like Modern Warfare 3, Black Ops II is set for a massive season of DLC with a total of 4 map packs set to start rolling out at the beginning of 2013. So you have a choice, buy each map pack separately when they come out, or commit now and save $10 (about $6 for us Brits) assuming you purchase all 4 packs otherwise. Black Ops II includes 14 multiplayer maps as standard from the day you purchase the game, the included maps all offer something different and truly look fantastic.
DLC maps are of course going to feature in Black Ops II with the first one being Nuketown 2025 which was available as a pre-order bonus. Check out the list below for all 14 standard maps included in Black Ops II plus the Nuketown 2025 bonus map.

Galaxy Note7 et GearVR: Prix, date de sortie, fiche technique et photos de presse officielles en HD!
Le jeu Black Ops 2 est sorti il y a tout juste un mois et demi mais les joueurs les plus accros commencent pourtant deja a tourner en rond sur les cartes multi-joueurs qui ont ete livrees avec la galette originale. Si cette affiche s’avere etre un authentique materiel promotionnel destine a annoncer le lancement prochain de ce premier DLC, celui-ci devrait etre disponible sur Xbox 360 des le 29 janvier prochain.
La trentaine bien entamee, Steve Hemmerstoffer plus connu sur la toile sous le pseudonyme Stagueve est l’editeur du site Le jeu video Black Ops 2 ne sera officiellement disponible qu’a partir du 13 novembre prochain. En poursuivant votre lecture, vous acceptez l’utilisation de cookies stockes dans votre navigateur afin de nous permettre d’analyser notre trafic et de diffuser des annonces ciblees. Revolution is the first DLC map pack for Call of duty Black Ops II (BO2) and contains 4 new multiplayer maps (Hydro, Grind, Downhill and Mirage), 1 new zombies co-op map (Die Rise), a new zombies gamemode (Turned), where you play as a zombie, and for the first time in Call of Duty history a gun DLC (The Peacekeeper), which is an SMG. The map pack can be bought as a stand alone DLC or you can by the DLC Season Pass, which allows you to download all the Black Ops 2 DLC for a single, discounted price.
A luxury resort in the Gobi Desert that has been swept by a sand storm, which has left sand dune, allowing access to 2nd floor windows. In the video Treyarch describe the Peacekeeper DLC weapon as a hybrid SMG-Assault Rifle, which sounds like the perfect type of gun right? In this all new Zombie game mode, Treyarch have listened to fan and now it is possible to play as a zombie, in which you have to kill a lone human player, if you achieve this then you become the lone human.
Shooters, no doubt RPGs are the most entertaining Platformers, old and new I wish there were more adventure games!
Revolution will arrive on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace first, starting January 29 for 1200 Microsoft points. The image cuts off the name of the new weapon, though it looks like it could possibly be a semi-automatic marksman rifle of some sort.
PlayStation 3 and PC users are still awaiting the Black Ops 2 Revulution DLC to hit their respective platforms this February 28.
That DLC weapon looks nearly identical to an M16 though (except slight differences at stock and magwell), which makes it seem more skeptical.
He is very much like Faraz, except he’s much more personal with his insults once you respond to his trolling. Battlefield sucks I would rather go outside and throw rocks at a box then play battlefield any day.
Maybe its a mockup from some employee to send around greenlighting the project before making it final? That weapon DLC looks like something from BF3 if you look really good, and nobody likes a new semi snipers except a 50. I disagree with that, they probably had the dlc ready before the game even came out, it’s only a matter of time before the next dlc is leaked on the internet.
There will be a total of 4 map packs for Black Ops 2 over the next 11 months each available for purchase separately or you can get them all for free when you purchase a Season Pass and save your self a little bit of money.
The map design really focuses on bottlenecks and choke points but there is a twist… The level has a major spill way which will actually flood during the game! A map which is entirely comprised of skate ramps and curves, forget the hard edges of walls you are used to. The luxury building has been hit by a massive sand storm which has left large sand dunes in its wake. The weapon bridges the gap between SMG and Assault rifle making for an interesting hybrid weapon. Prices on the PC and PS3 will be at the $14.99 mark and be purchasable through the PSN and Steam.
Another valid point for the poster is the Tuesday release date which is something extremely common for Call of Duty DLC release dates. According to the poster Xbox 360 players will get the content on the 29th of January which means (due to the Microsoft Activision agreement) that it will be available for PS3 and PC about 1 month later.
It seems however Treyarch have adopted a much more versatile system in Black Ops 2 allowing for additional weapons to be added to the game! A group of radiation scientists are investigating the Nuketown remains and discover soldiers that have been revived by Element 115 from a nearby Nevada base. Upon arrival in Nuketown the agents lose communication with Hangar 18 and become stranded…setting the stage for Nuketown Zombies.

In my opinion the best ever Call of Duty game to date, it just has pretty much everything and is guaranteed to thoroughly entertain us.
Non-ELITE Premium members could then later buy a map pack with all the ELITE Drops in at a later day.
Knowing Treyarch something pretty epic… A special Nuketown Zombies map has already been announced which will be available for those who purchase the season pass in December for 360 players. More strike force missions in the campaign, more Zombie maps and definitely more multiplayer maps.
The attention to detail and tactical areas present throughout the Multiplayer maps is superb.
Nous apprenons donc que ce premier pack devrait contenir quatre nouvelles cartes multi-joueurs baptisees Mirage, Downhill, Hydro et Grind, la carte Zombie Die Rise ainsi qu’un nouveau pistolet mitrailleur (SMG) appele PeaceMaker.
Pour changer, les joueurs sur PS3 devront pour leur part patienter quelques semaines supplementaires.
Passionne de nouvelles technologies, gamer invetere depuis la fin des annees 80, amateur de cinema, collectionneur de sneakers et gadgets en tout genres, Steve sevit sur le Web depuis le mois d’octobre 2006.
Activision today announced the Revolution Map Pack DLC, which includes four new multiplayer maps, a new Zombies co-op map, and, most excitingly, a new game mode which will allow players to actually step into the shoes of one of the Zombies. It’ll be interesting to see if the next drop resembles this in any way, shape or form.
Next time look at the guns from the game and identify the caracteristics of the gun, what looks like it and what doesn’t. Since taking cover from walls is no longer an option in this map is makes for some really interesting and brilliant combat encounters. The dunes make for some really interesting and new combat scenarios because you can get to an elevated position so quickly. The map takes place in the far east in a series of crumbling sky scrapers and is the first ever zombies map which features a level of verticality in it meaning there are a number of different floors and heights to battle the zombie hoard from. Although the idea of another SMG will grind a few peoples gears it is still a welcome asset. Whether you are a fan of the Campaign, Multiplayer or Zombies, Black Ops II has given us a huge amount of content in each to keep us busy for a while to come. It’s fair to say it was extremely confusing, especially with the Xbox 360 exclusivity deal. Well, things have changed now and ELITE is now completely free to every single Call of Duty player, it is no longer a subscription service!
You’ll get it through the PlayStation Store on the PS3, the Xbox Live Marketplace on the Xbox 360 and through Steam on the PC. Black Ops 2 has some fantastic multiplayer maps currently available to it, and an epic zombie mode. One day, he hopes to net himself a career in game design - but that's something for the future.
The Uprising map pack is expected to be released on April 16, which if it turns out to be true, means we’ll probably be hearing from Activision in regards to the new DLC next week. Of course, we’ll be sure to update should more details appear or should its legitimacy become certain.
Plus playstation hasnt even got the first maps, i dont rememeber it happening so fast in BO. Massive open areas coupled with narrow corridors make Die Rise an interesting maze like map with some very interesting sections which will have you questioning whether you are upside down or not! It is time to rejoice though because Black Ops II has ditched the confusing ELITE Drop system for a good old classic map pack approach!
Instead you can buy a ‘Season Pass’ for Black Ops II where you pay a cost upfront and you will get access to all four map packs when they are release at an overall discounted rate!
I did what needed to be done and it SOME pixelation, but not a lot, so it seems to be real.

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