Since DVI-D is all digital and DVI-I is digital and analog, I am wondering if DVI-I sacrifices any digital quality in order to also support analog. No, The analog signal is carried over extra wires that is present in a DVI-I cable that is not in a DVI-D Cable. Here is another image comparing the different types of connections with the different pin-outs. I believe some - but not all - new video cards of the AMD variety (Radeon HD 7970 and similar) only have DVI-D outputs.
DVI-I has two sets of signals: a digital signal and an analogue one that is in the same format as VGA.
If you have a monitor and card with a DVI-I connector then the monitor can use the analogue or digital signal. In answer to your question, if the monitor is using the digital signal then it is just the DVI signal. SVGA will support nominally higher resolutions than DVI-D, which maxes out at 1920x1200 in its single link varieties.

I wanted to add this part to the NOTES on the question but unable to do that so posted here.
Dentro de la caja de la tarjeta grafica te tendria que haber venido un adaptador vga a dvi, sino compralo y listo.
Si, pero esos son hdmi a vga, yo buscaria el dvi a vga (solo una apreciacion personal) porque hdmi casi siempre es mas conflictivo a la hora de configurar una pc nueva.
Muchachos, DVI-A y DVI-I llevan senal digital y analogica, pero DVI-D no, asique no se puede usar el adaptador comun que estan nombrando. PakGamers or "PG" (as many fans call it) is a community based platform which is devoted to serving the video games enthusiasts of Pakistan by providing them the lastest updates and happenings in video gaming and related technology industry.
The 29 pin dual link DVI-I cable will work with either DVI-A or DVI-D connections as it carries both analog and digital signals.
For more information on what cookies are and how you can manage and remove them click here. Queria saber si es posible con la Radeon HD 6670, conectarla a la tv con ese cable que tiene a la salida los cables de color: rojo, azul y verde.

If you want analog video in the form of a VGA-like signal, you need to use an active Displayport to VGA adapter on them. Maybe someone can take this and assemble it in the right place and someone can check it for accuracty. Quiero conectarla con el cable de monitor, ya que el tv lo permite, de hecho he conectado una notebook y anda perfecto.
SaludosTal vez porque es VGA, proba con HDMI, por la resolucion y el tema de lo digital, creo, no se.

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