Competition among team grows fierce in Pokemon GO, and out on the streets, the colors you choose to wear has never meant more to passersby. The fiercely competitive among us are likely to be drawn to Team Valor, the team that values strength and power. And while the chase for greatness is priority #1 for Team Valor, showing team pride is an important step along the way. This lightweight shirt is 100% cotton and sports a classic fit, but if it’s not quite your style, you can choose from among the many other great designs available on Amazon.
This Team Valor snapback hat is another great way to telegraph your team pride, which also has the added benefit of blocking your face from the sun. A truly valorous trainer never backs down from a challenge, and with gyms and PokeStops on every corner, a Team Valor trainer will likely always have their phone out. If you truly subscribe to the Team Valor mentality of flashy victories and self-measure, a little bit of bling for your backpack or keyring is a great addition to your setup. Many stories have already emerged on Reddit about players handing out pins of the appropriate teams to passersby, but if you haven’t yet encountered this generous phenomenon, you can order your own pins online.
This simple red on black design is supposed to look like a gym badge, which is a symbol for trainer proficiency that we’ll no doubt see more of as the game continues to evolve.
Goodcosplay offers a variety of team-related designs on their high quality pullover hoodies. This pack has two large pockets, with one interior organizer panel, a mesh water bottle holder, and comfortable padded straps. Top 10 Best Backpacks for CollegeA good backpack for college needs to combine comfort, volume, style, and functionality. The righteously committed members of Team Valor will take any challenge head on without second thought.
The team of Moltres, the fire bird, follows a legacy of the great trainer Red, the champion of the Kanto Pokemon League.
Read on below to find our favorite ways to show off that your hearts burns with the fire of Moltres.
This reputation is so pervasive, that even rolling up to a contested gym in your team colors can scare competitors off. The design will never wear off, nor will your dedication to the team of the great fire bird, Moltres. This beautifully handcrafted Team Valor keychain has a laser-etched design on black cherry wood, and adds a touch of nature wherever you go. These polyester and cotton-blend garbs are fun way to identify your team while keeping warm. Its exterior pocket is emblazoned with the Team Valor Moltres symbol, and its bright red accents are nice for night time visibility. It works equally well for taking to class or just bringing along your most important trainer supplies. For moments when your tenacity gets ahead of you, it will pay to be prepared with a survival multitool, whose main inclusion is an eight inch spring-assisted knife.
Amazon offers a number of different styles beyond this selection too, so branch out a little and find a style that fits you best.

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