It is vital for people too understand the basics of how computers work as this will help people to be better placed when using a computer.
A computer must be fed with information and this is made possible by use of facilitating gadgets that make it happen.
When you boot the computer, the operating system starts up and runs few programs to turn up the hardware devices which include keyboard, hard disk, motherboard etc.
Operating system like Windows XP, Windows 7, Linux, Mac OS works as an interface between you and your PC.
Apart from just acting as interface between the user and hardware device, it also performs several other functions.
It interacts with computer peripherals like mouse, keyboard, printer and performs device management.
When all the above mentioned gadgets are put together, they make the computer to function at its optimal performance.¬† It is thus important to understand the basics of different parts of the computer in order to appreciate how they work. Disclaimer : All the images on this blog are neither our property nor under our Copyrights. Computer is composed of very many parts and having general knowledge on this parts and how they work, makes one to have an easier time in operating them. The use of computer is on the rise and the trend is expected to continue rising since computers have come to make the work easier. It is however possible for the other aforementioned gadgets to work well without the output device. These specialized programs are written in machine language¬† code or native code which is understood by computer. It takes the input from you, interacts with computer’s hardware and shows the outback to you on the screen.

When you click mouse to perform a action, the operating system takes the input and outputs the desired results on the monitor.
When the computer is running on low memory, it cautions the user to close unnecessary programs and also creates virtual memory on hard disk. Virtual memory does not perform that good as RAM but can be used as an effective tool to counter low memory issues.
Some of the input devices include keyboard, mouse, joy ticks, scanners, camera, microphones, and touch screens among many others. Memory of a computer is measured in bytes and various types of memory include RAM,ROM and virtual cache. This component is thus considered as the most important part in a computer.  Processor chips with high speed are more efficient than the ones with low speed.
All these input devices play an important role by making it possible to feed the other gadgets with required information. This implies that the higher the speed, the higher the rate of processing data and information. Machines like laptops have most of input devices in-built in them whereas most pc depends on these gadgets to be attached to the computer. When you press print button, operating system will send the information about that document to the printer which in turn will print it.

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