A balanced diet is one where a person is eating the correct amount of a combination of GO, GROW, and GLOW foods. GLOW foods are rich in vitamins and minerals that help protect us from diseases by helping our bodies work well and fight off illness. Eating this type of food is bad for the eyes, skin and teeth and can lead to high blood pressure, diabetes or other health problems. Food with low nutrition is VERY bad for young children whose growing bodies and brains are developing fast. In some countries, the availability of bad food leads to people becoming unhealthy and overweight (or obese). After trying unsuccessfully to find a good raw food pyramid, I decided to design one myself.

People who do physical labour, children, and pregnant and breastfeeding women need lots of these foods. All foods have some vitamins and minerals, but fruits and vegetables are especially good GLOW foods. White bread is not as nutritious as porridge; white maize (chima) that has been soaked in water then cooked is much less good for the body then unsoaked maize flour or maize on the cob.
Unfortunately, in many places, ‘sweets’, sweet drinks and fast food are given to children as treats.
Emma is an active member of her school club (Tsangano district, Mozambique) where she learns about nutrition and then shares nutrition messages and fun activities with her classmates.
GO foods include grains like maize, millet, rice, wheat, and sweet food like sugarcane, honey, sugar, and roots like potato, yam and sweet potato.

Examples of GROW foods are fish, meat, eggs, milk products, some grains, beans, seeds and nuts.
For example: mango, banana, papaya, oranges, green leafy vegetables, okra, cauliflower and pumpkin are all high in vitamins and minerals.

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