If the ABS warning light -K47- (-2-) and the dual circuit and hand brake system warning light -K7- (-4-) light up, the ABS system is defective. WARNINGOnce the ABS warning light -K47- and the dual circuit and hand brake system warning light -K7- have lit up then the rear wheels lock quite early on when braking. If the warning light for traction control system -K86--5- does not goes out after the ignition is switched on and after completion of the test sequence, the causes of the fault may be:There is a fault which exclusively effects the TCS. NoteDepending on the equipment, the traction control system switch -E132- can be mounted instead of the TCS and ESP button -E256-. For today's typical high-torque engines, traction control (ASR) can increase both comfort and safety, particularly when driving on slippery roads or surfaces offering differing levels of grip. ASR only operates in conjunction with the electronic accelerator (E-gas) and uses components of the anti-lock braking system (ABS).
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Geddes Automotive Auckland service, repair & reset dash warning lights on a car van or truck.
Most vehicle dashboard warning lights will reset themselves once the problem has been fixed.

We can connect a computer scanner to your vehicle and check the computer history files to see what the computer says is causing the malfunction and bringing up the car warning light.
COMMON DASH LIGHT CAUSES YOU CAN FIX: Door Open Light, Boot Open Light, Fuel Low Light, Coolant Low Light, Window Washer Bottle Low Light, Tyre Pressure Low Light.
If after turning off the ignition, attending to the relevant fault then turning on the ignition and waiting for approx 3 seconds the dashboard warning light remains on then there could be a sensor or wiring problem.
DASH LIGHT CAUSES YOU MAY REQUIRE OUR SERVICES TO FIX: ABS Light, SRS Air Bag Light, Brake Linings Low Warning Light, Oil Pressure, Battery Warning Light, Catalytic Converter Light, Electronic Stability Program Light, Traction Control Light, Stability Control Light. Mazda, Mercedes (Merc), Mitsubishi, Nissan, Peugeot, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Volkswagen — VW.
Geddes Automotive Ltd is a family business and have been in the business of repairing vehicles for more than 45 years and in Onehunga for approximately 30 years. Traction control permits smooth starting and acceleration through the full speed range without wheel-spin or fishtailing.
If one wheel suddenly begins to rotate faster than the others (slip), ASR intervenes in the engine management system and reduces power until the wheel stops spinning. Some warning dash lights (MIL Malfunctioning Indicator Lamps) you can check the cause yourself but if you cannot Geddes Automotive have the equipment and the knowledge to test car warning lights and fix all the problems.

Our repairs can often be done while you wait, but if we cannot then we have courtesy cars available. The ASR system represents a further contribution to active safety as it maintains vehicle traction and directional stability throughout the acceleration phase at any speed.
Activation of the ASR system is indicated by a flashing indicator lamp in the instrument cluster. You must access the ESP Electronic Control Unit (ECU) memory for pull out all DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes), using diagnostic equipment connected to the data link connector of the car. After bad pieces replacement you will be able to erase all faults memored by ESP ECU, in other words reset the ESP system and turn off the warning lamp on dashboard.

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