Science, Technology and Medicine open access publisher.Publish, read and share novel research. Obtaining Nanowires under Conditions of Electrodischarge TreatmentDikusar Alexandr1, 2, 3[1] Shevchenko State University, Tiraspol,, Republic of Moldova[2] Pridnestrovie Institute of Applied Physics,, Republic of Moldova[3] Academy of Science of Moldova, Chishinau,, Republic of Moldova1.
Figure 7 shows changes in the weight in the process of the experiments both for the sample and for the TE. Figure 8 shows the surfaces of the sample and the TE after treatment in the modes corresponding to region I in Fig. Nicolet™ EEG amplifiers, monitors and stimulator devices aid with the diagnosis of brain trauma, epilepsy and sleep dysfunction, and can assist with disease or trauma detection, brain surgery and clinical research. The Viking On Nicolet EDX system from Natus Nicolet™ combines state of the art technology with over 60 years of proven clinical knowledge and innovation to set new standards for EMG, EP and IOM testing. The Nicolet Monitor from Natus is the leading solution for intensive care brain monitoring. Nicolet amplifiers allow you to capture brain wave activity, electroencephalography, with hassle free, reliable equipment that increases flexibility of your applications with our trusted line of innovative amplifiers.
The latest innovation in Functional Brain Mapping and EEG monitoring, the Nicolet Cortical Stimulator identifies critical brain structures.
The Nicolet™ Sleep System is a flexible, high quality diagnostic unit with built-in sleep features that meet the AASM recommended guidelines.
This enables a variety of clinical EEG, ICU Brain Monitoring, Sleep (PSG) and Epilepsy Long Term Monitoring (LTM) studies in ambulatory, clinical and research settings. Frequencies and values of the pulse energies in various modes of the electrodischarge treatment.Table 1. SEM images of the TE surface and the EDX spectra of the matrix (a) and the dispersed tin (b). Morphology of the surface of the sample (a) and the TE (b) after treatment in modes 1 (a) and 4 (b).
Morphology of the surface and the EDX spectra of the TE (a) and the sample (b) after treatment in modes 6 (a) and 7 (b).
Dependence of the absolute wear of the counterbody (1) and the treated surface (2) on the surface roughness. IntroductionAt present various methods for obtaining nanowires and nanotubes are known using different materials. One can see that at room temperature (up to the tin melting point of 228? C), the material used as a TE (AlSn20) must be an aluminum matrix with tin metal dispersed in it. It is seen that, at relatively low pulse energies (and, respectively, high frequencies, see Fig. The weight loss measurements were performed both for the counterbody (?Ucb) and for the tested specimens (?U). Our reliable designs assure clinicians that they can count on efficient workflow solutions to help manage high patient volumes. Because it’s based on the successful Viking software, users are ensured to benefit from a familiar clinical workflow and user interface together with full patient and protocol compatibility with existing Viking products.

Continuous brain monitoring is used to monitor EEG brain activity and other physiological parameters in acutely ill patients who are at risk for brain damage. This allows great functionality when performing brain mapping procedures either in the OR or Epilepsy Monitoring Units during brain tumor resections or Epilepsy Surgical Workups.
Our Central Monitor, remote review and remote control features provide increased productivity for physicians and staff. On the right-hand side the spectrum of the EDX analysis is shown at a point that corresponds to the upper left-hand corner of Spectrum 2. This is confirmed by the results of the scanning electron microscopy and the EDX element analysis (Fig. It is clear from the results of element analysis (Table 2) that they are a mixture of oxides and nitrides of aluminum (the sample) as well as of oxides of aluminum, tin, and copper (the TE). The latter was a sum of losses after the preliminary wear-in and after the main tests at a fixed load.
The unique features of the Nicolet Monitor allow it to be used from pre-term neonates through adults.
The unique AHI update panel, live trended data, full hypnogram and manual or auto scoring allows multiple patient monitoring to further enhance productivity. This may be accounted for by the fact that, on the one hand, new methods for developing nanomaterials appear using both the technology of bottom-up and top-down. 5), as well as by the sample surface scanning with the simultaneous determination of the aluminum and tin (Fig. The presented photographs of the surface and the analysis results are typical for treatment in modes 1–5. Full integrated video through remote control camera, built in seizure detection, burst suppression analysis and a comprehensive library of EEG analysis trends makes this an easy to use and fully capable system. A wear degree was estimated compared both to the unfinished and the treated surfaces, but with the (aluminum) electrode which lacked the easily melted component (Sn).
One can see that the TE is really an aluminum matrix with tin particles with a size of 3 – 5 ?m dispersed in it (Fig.
It is obvious that region I is the region characteristic of electroerosion treatment in an air medium, which is characterized by the removal of substance from the work piece surface (that increases with the growing pulse energy) and by the low wear of the TE.
In particular, on the sample surfaces in modes 2–5, there was tin (a trace amount); sometimes, copper. The use of the aluminum electrode as the TE, appeared to be possible (provided the treated specimens gained in weight) only in mode 4 (in more intense modes, the welding of the TE to the specimen was registered and the EDS was impossible). Lazarenko.This work describes the peculiarities of application of the electrodischarge machining-electrodischarge doping.
The conditions for manufacturing nanowires are described along with certain mechanical properties of the surfaces that are developed by introducing the nanowires into the surface layer composition.2. At relatively high energies, a polar transfer on the sample surface was observed; it was accompanied by weight gain.
This can be caused by the fact that the TE melting was performed in a graphite melting pot.

The transfer coefficient (the ratio of the gained weight to the weight of the substance removed from the TE) was ~0.3. The morphology of the surfaces obtained in these conditions is characteristic of the fritted surfaces.
9a)The given results confirm the results of the measurements of the loss in mass; it follows from the latter that region I is the region of the electroerosion treatment in an air medium. In the intermediate region, considerable wear of the TE was observed at relatively low material transfer on the sample surface (Fig.
A similar situation is observed for the samples treated in modes 4 and 5 (see Table 1, the region of intermediate modes shown in Fig. As to region II in Fig.7, alongside with the composition and morphology of the surface characteristic of region I and the intermediate region, on the surfaces of the samples and the TE treated in these modes, specific structures in the form of wires with a diameter less than 1 ?m are registered (Fig. Table 3 presents the composition of the samples surface after treatment in these conditions. One can see that, in comparison with the other modes, the tin concentration on the surfaces of the samples sharply increases (Fig.
The analysis of the wire’s composition shows that this is tin for the most part (Table 3, Fig. In this case, the system represents melted particles of dispersed tin being in a solid matrix of aluminum (Fig. The transfer of these particles to the interelectrode gap occurs due to the ponderomotive forces that deform the surface of a melted drop if the surface tension force of the melt–air system is sufficiently low for the melted particles. It is known, that minimal values of the surface tension forces are observed precisely for the tin melt–air system. It is obvious that, since the surface tension forces of the melted particles of tin (or tin partially enriched in aluminum and their oxides are low, the ponderomotive forces, which appear due to the presence of a field in the gap, exceed them so that, as a result, wires with a diameter of ~1 ?m and less are formed (Fig 9, 10).
The effects of this kind must be observed not only for the Al–Sn systems but also for any other systems that, at certain temperatures, are a system of melted particles in a solid matrix, for example, the Al–Pb system.As to the possible practical applications that follow from the results of the experiments that have been described, we should mention the possibility of increasing the concentration of a low-melting component in the near-surface layer under the ESD conditions with the use of a TE of this kind (Fig. Wear resistance of the coatings after the ESD by the Al-Sn alloyThe study of the mechanical properties of the surfaces developed with the formation of nanowires from the easily melted component was carried out using a see-saw friction machine (Institute of the Applied Physics, Moldova Academy of Sciences). The rectangular 3?5?55-mm plates from aluminum alloy D1 (State Standard GOST 4784) were used as the specimens to be studied (the surface with a smaller size contacted a counterbody). The surface of a smaller size contacted with the surface under study, thus, the area of a contact was 9 mm2 and the counterbody was fixed at an angle of 90? with respect to the exposed specimens.The counterbody performed a reciprocable movement relatively the specimen under study at a rate of 45 double movements a minute. The testing comprised two stages, since, as a rule, the surfaces with high roughness result from the ESD. At the first stage during 10 h the surface under study and the counterbody were exposed to a preliminary wear-in.

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