Smriti Irani has scored the HRD Ministry in Narendra Modi’s Cabinet of Ministers but that has upset a few people.
Smriti Irani has scored the HRD Ministry in Narendra Modi’s Cabinet of Ministers but that has upset a few people in the former Cabinet who are resorting to personal comments on Twitter. This is a rubbish argument for a layman who only wishes that irrespective of the logo of the party or the name on the door, as long as the person works for the benefit of the people, we do not care.
The best part of the whole debate is that some Congress leaders and allies see the obvious argument and have questioned Ajay Maken’s logic behind the tweet.

Digvijay Singh barked again tweeting his views on Smriti Irani being chosen over Dr Murali Manohar Joshi.
The information is according to the affidavits filed by the candidates during General Elections 2014.
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But, the BJP is obviously infuriated by the uncalled-for jibe at the new HRD minister and there have been calls questioning the qualifications of Sonia Gandhi.

Late Morarji Desai is the only Indian Prime Minister to receive the highest civil awards of both India(Bharat Ratna) and Pakistan(Nishaan-e-Pakistan).
In the 1984 Lok Sabha elections, Congress swept the results with a massive victory of 414 seats - A record for the highest number of Lok Sabha seats won by any party.

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