The second main difference is the addition of another phsyical bus - doubling the amount of wires, from 4 to 8. Finally the last main difference is the available power and power management of the 3.0 products.
By increasing productivity and putting an emphasis on automation, the Defense Logistics Agency’s Time to Award initiative is one of the primary focuses of DLA Land and Maritime’s workforce. Better Buying Power (BBP) is based on the principle that continuous improvement is the best approach to improving the performance of the defense acquisition enterprise. Matched with the Department of Defense’s acquisition efficiency initiative Better Buying Power 3.0, Time to Award strengthens the organization’s ability to realize savings, avoid costs and improve warfighter support. Time to Award began in 2013 to improve agency contract award procedures and better support warfighters. Standardized processes were developed to streamline the acquisition process agencywide in order to reduce the amount of time spent on awarding a contact. Land and Maritime has reduced automated lead times by 39 percent, or seven days, from the baseline of 18 days to 11 days as of April 2015, Tisone said. Looking ahead, Land and Maritime leaders will engage the workforce, requesting feedback on the program to keep processes and techniques fresh and effective.

This new standard offers increased transfer rates up to 4.8Gbps, increased maximum bus power, improved power management, and new connectors and cables that facilitate the higher transfer speeds and additional power.
Additional wires require more space in both the cables and connectors, so there are new types of connectors for the B Male and Micro B Male.
This means that any device that uses the different connectors cannot use the 2.0 equivalent cables.
The agency took a look at the average time it took to award contracts from October 2011 through March 2013, established a baseline and set new goals to anticipate the changing needs of customers while aligning its goals, processes and performance with those needs. At DLA Land and Maritime, a Time to Award working group was responsible for “game changing, strategic process changes,” according to Mindy Tisone, procurement analyst.
Getting vital spare parts, such as pipes, tubing, microcircuits and fuses to ships, tanks and wheeled vehicles, sustains warfighters in an era of complex, competing and often urgent needs. From simplification of rules to increasing automation output, associates look forward to eliminating unproductive processes as Land and Maritime pursues the goals of Better Buying Power. Note that the transfer speeds also depend on the device in use in addition to the bus type and USB ports and cables.
In addition the 3.0 technology allows better power efficiency with less power for idle states or to remove power completely when not in use.

Some of these changes included modifications to associate performance plans, reductions in automated solicitation periods and purchase request regeneration. Land and Maritime is using continuous process improvement metrics as it increases its focus and resources on LTCs. Since the inception of the Time to Award initiative, LTCs under $10 million have decreased by 53 percent.
PC computers and laptops have slowly been implementing the new standard since 2010, but the new 3.0 ports are expected to be in the majority of all new computers by 2012 when the popular manufacturers make it a standard.
A baseline of 494 days was established and, in April, that average was reduced to 233 days to the award.

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