Don't miss that meeting at work, with your doctor, or even a class if you take online courses at a university!
Time is such an important factor these days and it seems that we need to constantly be on time everywhere. Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to know the exact time to set up your device, but did not know where to go?
Sometimes it is difficult to calculate what time it is in time zones other than your own, this simple site will do the job.

Feel free to use this site on your iPad, iPhone or mobile device to show the current time while getting ready for class or an appointment!
Did you miss that meeting or doctor's appointment because your phone did not display the right time?
Not only will you know what time it is in your time zone, you will also see times within the other US time zones. There is also an automatic way to determine your current time and time zone according to your computer location.

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