Running to music can boost your performance by 15 per cent, but how do you choose the right playlist for your runs? The best exercise music is said to be between 120-140 BPM, but the right range for you may actually depend on what type of exercise you do and personal factors like your stride length. Once you know the BPM you should be running to, you can find the right music and create the ultimate playlist to help you maintain a steady rhythm for your runs.
I realise this is a repost of an American story, but couldn't you have at least put in the km version?
If you have one of those kitchen setups where your rubbish bins are inside a cabinet, you know it's always gross to have to open up that drawer when your hands are dirty. Unlike her last solo “I,” fans will be able to see Taeyeon dance to her new song “Why.” Because the genre of the song is tropical house with a mix of EDM, a faster beat allows room for a dynamic dance-based performance. Hearing Taeyeon’s energetic vocals in sync with the choreography creates a very vibrant performance that will delight your eyes.
The dance version of the MV first brings in a set of female dancers and at the end of the first half of the song, the video smoothly transitions into the choreography with a set of male dancers.

You will find here information on artists and bands, reviews, news, upcoming concerts, as well as other tidbits on music and culture. The Police – Every Breath You Take (Deep Chills Remix) [Free Download]Tis the season, for tropical house that is. As the northern hemisphere heats up through spring and on into summer, expect to hear more and more tropical house as the genre burns through the charts like a wildfire. If you’re running with too few strides over that minute (70 to 80 strides for one foot, versus the more efficient 90 strides), then you should try running with shorter, quicker steps.
You could also switch up the BPM playlists if you want a more intense run (166 BPM, for example) or an easier jog (150 BPM).
Instructables user "homesteadonomics" came up with a solution to open the cabinet with a kick. Daya’, that pushes electronic music forward by blending acoustic instruments, electro thump and emotional vocals. The stylish and fast-paced choreography along with colorful lighting adds to the quality of the performance.

Right now this track is exploding across the internet at breakneck speeds, showing up in mixes from today’s top producers in the genre. Graduate of the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University and a fresh transplant to sunny South Florida.
And that’s something you can use a fast-paced song with BPMs of 175 to 180 to achieve, the article says. Once again, Cloudinary's Jon Sneyers dives into the world of compression to see if JPEG, PNG or GIF comes out on top. The track just dropped as the duo continues to take over the stages of multiple clubs, concert venues and music festivals.

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