Para o Batizado da Natalia, a mamae Tatiana, de Campinas, escolheu o modelo com anjinha de vestido rosa e estrelinha nas maos e o fundo estampado de estrelinhas em rosa tbm para  madrinha e em azul para o padrinho. At least not until creative Cheezburger guys launched a project called GraphJam few years ago.
According to its founders, GraphJam is the unholy love child of bored office workers, music and pop culture.

Others say that GraphJam also might want to attribute the Something Awful forums, who did this originally (and from which some of the JamPhat images were taken). No matter what, you’ll definitely laugh out loud at these 35 funniest graphs from GraphJam. The mash-up of graphs and music did not originate here, but their inspiration came from their friends at JamPhat.

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