Beginning of this month Microsoft announced “BizTalk Server 2016 CTP”, a community technology preview version, that gives access to early adapters to play with the product and understand the new features.
You can read the official announcement and what’s new in BizTalk Server 2016, there were different buckets of improvements and new features in BizTalk Server 2016 like development, platform alignment, industry standards alignment, administration improvements etc. As you can see from the below screenshot, there is an option called “Import Tracking Setting” on the binding file import wizard.
Our view: Even though this is an improvement from previous versions of BizTalk server, we don’t think this will solve the problem in a practical way. One of the new additions in the BizTalk admin console is a little search box on top of the artifacts list screen as shown below. The functionality is pretty basic at the moment, you can simply search for a keyword in the name of the artifact (ex: crm as shown above) and the view will get filtered. This issues in now addressed in BizTalk Server 2016, you can simultaneously change settings for multiple host and host instances as shown below. One of the pain points for people who are supporting the BizTalk solutions at the moment is the ability to store context and message bodies of multiple suspended messages at one go.
In the previous version of BizTalk server ordered delivery was available only to static send ports if you go to the advanced configuration of dynamic send ports there was no option to configure any properties related to ordered delivery as shown below (BizTalk Server 2013 screen shot).
This limitation is now fixed in BizTalk Server 2016, as you can see on the below screen, there are a couple of new check boxes that provides you the option to enable ordered delivery. Hope this article gave an insight into the BizTalk Server admin console improvements introduced in 2016. Most other major products are now launching with detailed and rich API interfaces that allow for scripted installation and usage. For some products freemium version route will work eventually converting them into paid customers.

AIMday ICT brings understanding and new perspectives to industrial problems, by matching companies’ actual need for new knowledge with academic expertise in the field of Information and Communication Technologies.
In this article let’s take a look at the some of the improvements that’s been made on BizTalk Server Admin console, we will also highlight similar or advanced features that we have in BizTalk360 if applicable.
This box is available in multiple places like Send ports, Send ports group, Orchestrations, Receive ports, Receive Locations, Schemas, Maps, Pipelines, Resources, Policies and Role Links. Once filtered then you have the option to take appropriate actions from the right-hand side actions pane. When you choose multiple message instances and right-click, you’ll see the option to “Save to File” as shown below, which dumps the context and message bodies in the selected location. We introduced this feature in BizTalk360 few versions ago, where users can select multiple message instances and choose it to store at one go. Often times you may want to just choose a few parties in the environment and export and import them into a different environment. This created a big limitation in using dynamic send ports when you need the ability to make sure the messages are delivered in the order they have been received. All other characteristics and limitations that apply to ordered delivery still applies, the new functionality is the just ability to use ordered delivery on dynamic send ports. We are also working harder to improve BizTalk360 constantly to increase the productivity of BizTalk administration and support people.
With this free version in existence Microsoft could concentrate on the core BizTalk features. AIMday ICT 2014 is organized by Uppsala University in collaboration with SICS Swedish ICT, where the research collaboration with industry is rated world class. This is a very important news for existing and future BizTalk server customers, because it implicitly means Microsoft is committing another 10 years to support BizTalk Server.

Example: You might want to have full tracking (including properties, message body etc) in your development and test environment whereas you do not want to enable tracking in your production environment. In the previous versions of BizTalk server the only way you can do it was by manually changing the configuration one at a time.
If there is an option to change the settings, you’ll see the color coding in gray and once you change it, it will turn to white as shown in the below pictures.
In addition to storing it to disk, we also have the ability to email someone directly as shown below. Support people used to do things like exporting the global binding, and manually deleting the parties in the XML binding file and importing them into relevant environments. You can also do multi-select by pressing the Ctrl key and there is also the search option at the top for parties.
If in case you haven’t tried BizTalk360, give it a try and I’m pretty confident you’ll be pleasantly surprised with a number of features in the product. If we wanted to maintain a level of quality both in product development and support, we need to get paid.
Any new release of Microsoft product has 5 years normal support and another 5 years extended support. This is a painful process for a BizTalk administrator, especially when you are working on things like fine tuning the throttling settings. A pop-up screen will show up where you can enter the email address of relevant people and send it.

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