In a stand-alone operation mode, it is always required to generate new documents based on the contents of other documents. As part of our solution approach, EDI Engine™ includes the generation of related printed documents that are required in different industries.
A sophisticated module that tightly integrates UPS, Fedex and DHL standard shipping solutions.
Ready to use interfaces with various accounting, warehousing and distribution systems, including standard interfaces such as XML and text files.
RLS Logistics understands the importance of managing our clients' supply chain utilizing leading edge technologies.
Electronic Data Interchange software enables us to electronically communicate with customers. To control products in our warehouse, we have a radio frequency and barcode scanning warehouse management system that helps control inventory, utilize equipment efficiently, and keep labor costs in check.
We maintain primary and backup computer servers in two different locations to further ensure continuity of operations. We have worked very closely with our transportation and warehouse software provider for a number of years to develop an operating system that meets all of our customers' needs. We have backup generators and generator-ready facilities to properly maintain room temperatures in the event of a power outage.
We utilize state-of-the-art temperature monitoring systems and alarms to ensure products are safe and secure in our facilities. For streamlining RLS' materials movement operations, RLS provides their forklift operators with Vehicle Mount Computer Systems designed to work in very cold temperatures.
To be the leading family owned temperature-controlled supply chain solutions provider in the U.S. To provide professional supply chain solutions to the frozen & refrigerated food industry by offering safe and reliable warehousing, transportation and packaging services. SAP ECC , SAP HR, SAP CRM, SAP SCM, SAP BW, Business Objects, SAP ABAP Development, SAP BASIS and SAP NetWeaver consulting, implementation, development and support services to SAP customers across diverse industries globally.
This chapter provides an overview of the Oracle Order Management Integration Pack for Oracle Transportation Management, Oracle E-Business Suite, and Siebel CRM, and discusses participating applications, business process flows as well as assumptions and constraints.
The Oracle Order Management for Oracle Transportation Management, Oracle E-Business Suite, and Siebel CRM pre-built integration provides streamlined and end-to-end order management business process flows that enable faster time to process the transportation orders and market new products and services.
This pre-built integration interacts with the applications, such as Siebel CRM, Oracle Transportation Management (OTM), and Oracle E-Business Suite (Oracle EBS) to enable the integration process.

This pre-built integration allows you to synchronize Siebel customer information to Oracle EBS and OTM. Order capturing (Siebel CRM) and order fulfillment system (OTM) must have up-to-date, correct information about customers, locations, and products for order rating, capture, and execution.
No manual revision of order release or sell shipment is necessary in the fulfillment (OTM) system. Improved customer service representative (CSR) productivity because CSR and sales representatives can execute a rating query from the order capture system (Siebel CRM) into the rating engine to provide the customer with various options about itineraries (rates and routing). Improved customer service because real-time synchronization leads to better service to customers. The Oracle Order Management for Oracle Transportation Management, Oracle E-Business Suite, and Siebel CRM pre-built integration has been enhanced with Oracle Web Services Manager (OWSM), which enables attaching OWSM policies to services and passing the OTM password information through csf-keys. For more information about security validation and csf-key, see Oracle Fusion Middleware Developer's Guide for Oracle Application Integration Architecture Foundation Pack, "Working with Security" and Oracle Fusion Middleware Installation Guide for Oracle Application Integration Architecture Foundation Pack. This section provides an overview of the participating applications in this pre-built integration. Siebel applications maximize sales effectiveness in real time by accelerating the quote-to-cash process, aligning sales channels, increasing pipeline and win rates, and raising average transaction values. Siebel Order Management enables employees such as salespeople and call center agents to create and manage orders through their entire life cycle. You can closely integrate Siebel Order Management with back-office systems, which enables users to perform tasks such as confirming availability and monitoring the fulfillment process.
OTM allows organizations to gain control of transportation and logistics operations while minimizing costs and eliminating inefficient and redundant procedures.
Oracle trading community architecture (TCA) enables you to manage complex information about the parties or customers who belong to your commercial community, including organizations and locations. The main focus of this integration is to support the Transportation Order Management business flow that spans the three participating applications. This integration supports the business-to-business Transportation Order Management flows, but not the business-to-customer scenarios.
The customer accounts in Siebel (tendering party, liable party, invoice to party) should be synchronized as part of customer synchronization.
Siebel commodity products should be synchronized to commodity and packaged items of OTM before the order flow.
The locations in the source, destination, or any other stop should also be synchronized as part of the location flow.

Also called a "turn-around," this feature provides a secure method to address document compliance so that the operation is feasible, both in terms of time spent and level of complexity. In order to provide efficient and cost-effective services, a third-party logistics provider must continually search for, and invest in, advanced technology systems.
Benefits of EDI include increased accuracy of shipments, quick and efficient processing of orders and receipts, and reduced transaction costs.
Customers can view order and receipt details, product inventory data, shipment and delivery status, and print various reports with our NetView client portal.
Please send us your questions, comments or assistance request and our team would be glad to assist you. By having a single view of the customer, they can be served better by providing the correct products and services, up-sell and cross-sell, and so on. It is a single, web-architected application for all the transportation needs that combines broad logistics capabilities with deep transportation-management functionality. The information is maintained in TCA is the single source of trading community information for Oracle E-Business Suite applications. We have made a commitment to providing our customers access to their information in real-time.
An order is rated in Siebel CRM from OTM and subsequently synchronized in OTM upon submission, and any change in order status in OTM is synchronized back to Siebel CRM.
These applications, and TCA itself, provide user interfaces and other features for you to view, create, and update customer information.
Simply paste your EDI 810 (version 4010) into the Text Box, then click on the "Translate" button. FD Mediterranee vous porpose la realisation de pergola, tonnelle et gloriette sur mesure ou en modele standard.Dans ce modele de pergola autoportante la dimension est standard de 5 metres de long * 3 metres de large. Le berceau ( le toit ) est en fer forge que nous avons traite en peinture anti rouille et passe au rustol.

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