It is available as a standard panel van, or with additional passenger accommodation substituted for part or all of the load area.
The second generation Mercedes-Benz Vito is more streamlined than its predecessor, but more importantly is powered by a new range of engines and a rear-wheel drive (RWD) drivetrain.
The angle of the windshield and A-pillar is closer to horizontal; the dashboard is bigger and the hood smaller.
The 2nd generation Vitos are all Euro 3 compliant (additionally Euro 4 compliant as of November 2006) and therefore exempt from the upcoming Low Emission Zone in London.

The newer Vito is available in 3 different lengths and 4 diesel engine versions being the 109 cdi, the 111 cdi, the 115 cdi and the powerful 120 cdi. The model numerics conform with the Mercedes pattern that relates to a rough guide to engine power output.
Check your key now for a fracture, if it has, you may just lose it in the door lock barrell, unable to gain entry to the vehicle and unable to drive. Or send your broken keys to us where we will cut and send you a programmed key by return post.

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