Yeah I f---ing hate that I can fall for that awkward smiley shyness and feel yearning even though I just deeded like 5 or 6 hours agoIt's just so adorable and makes me wish I had someone.
I'm pretty sure people on here who don't admit how sad their life is are just lying to themselves. I don't understand how "wah stop liking what I don't like" doesn't automatically apply to situations like these to preempt certain people. I HATE the bucktooth lip bite and the big swatch of hair in between the classes.Seems like a fun person aside from that. It's just that we still don't know anything about her, and right now she's being such a tease I want to know her, I want to be with her.

Like how glasses make someone more approachable, having a "flaw" such as a smaller breasticles size makes someone more approachable I think. I had plenty of opportunities to change myself, but in the end I'm just standing in the way of my own progress. At least I was a winner once but faced a horrible event that led me to eventually, be here. At least I was a winner once but faced a horrible event that led me to eventually, be here.I was with you until the last sentence.
If we play into their game, then their ass should be modded right now because of how pro-gay gamefaqs is.

Those comments don't help them at all lol XDAt least they aren't fawning over some androgynous internet gifs.

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