Rarely, if ever, does anyone accept personal responsibility for their failure to prevent these ghastly killings.No one falls on their sword voluntarily and sackings are rare. The gory details of the death of Daniel Pelka, who was murdered by his own mother and her psychopath boyfriend, are stomach-churning.
At 3ft 3in tall, he was six inches shorter than average and his body bore 30 separate injuries.
Yet although his terrible plight was drawn to the attention of police and the social services, they did nothing to alleviate his suffering or remove him from his vile tormentors. Presumably, these guardians of child safety have read the reports on the Victoria Climbie and Baby Peter cases.So what happened to the a€?lessons learneda€™? Everyone involved will have been so obsessed with the process that they forgot they were dealing with a real-life human being, in this instance a four-year-old boy being brutalised by his drug-taking, prostitute mother and her sadistic lover.Trying to pin the responsibility on any individual will be like nailing jelly to a wall. There is a simple, obvious solution for all those who are horrified to find themselves trolled on Twitter. As if those bossy instructions to cover up and stay hydrated arena€™t irritating enough, drivers are being warned to wear sun cream in their cars or risk getting skin cancer. Apparently, while the glass blocks UVB rays, it allows other, more dangerous, UVA rays through. I cana€™t Gitmo satisfactionWe keep being told how intolerable conditions are at Guantanamo Bay.
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MPs broke cover for the first time to insist that Mr Clegg must go - with Vince Cable being tipped as his most likely successor. In the Baby Peter case, the former director of Haringey childrena€™s services, Sharon Shoesmith, was eventually fired on the orders of the then Childrena€™s Secretary Ed Balls, surfing a wave of public disgust.But rather than showing remorse, self-pitying Shoesmith has convinced herself that shea€™s the victim, whining about becoming unemployable and seeking a seven-figure compensation settlement. I have no intention of repeating them all here.Suffice to say that by the time he died, just before his fifth birthday, he had been starved and tortured for six long, excruciating months and weighed just 1st 9lb, the same as an 18-month-old child. It would have been impossible for any sentient human being to ignore his suffering.Teachers saw him scavenging for food in dustbins. The drawn-out death of Daniel was virtually an action replay.We dona€™t need a a€?serious case reviewa€™ to divine the sequenceA  of events. They will all have immaculately filled forms and precisely logged emails to prove that they had followed the correct procedure to the letter. Wea€™re not safe from the suna€™s rays even with the windows shut and the air conditioning on full blast.What, not even with tinted windows? Even though the research originated in America, the author of the report says it applies equally in Britain. But they cana€™t be that inhumane.Apparently, the most popular book among inmates at Club Gitmo is Fifty Shades Of Grey.
But where was the board when this particular vulnerable child was being callously and systematically tortured to death?
Ita€™s bad enough being stuck in a traffic jam for hours on end, without having to remember to smother yourself in factor 55 every 15 minutes.Maybe all drivers should be forced to wear bee-keepersa€™ hats and hi-viz jackets at all times, too.

Were the assorted officials all frightened to act because they might be accused of a€?racisma€™? James soft-porn sensation is even more widely read than the Koran.I suppose in some circles reading Fifty Shades could be considered a form of torture, especially for a devout Islamist. Almost certainly.Would removing Daniel have been seen as infringing the couplea€™s inalienable right to a a€?family lifea€™ under the Human Rights Act?
Or the audio version of the book is played over the campa€™s loudspeakers round the clock a€” a diabolical version of Hi-de-Hi!Maybe James should write a follow-up, based on the controversial restraint techniques employed at Club Gitmo.She could call it Fifty Shades Of Orange.
They certainly wouldna€™t have had any trouble persuading a legally aided lawyer to argue their case.Britaina€™s open-door, no-questions-asked immigration policy also played a part.
We were powerless to stop this evil couple setting up home here.In an ideal world, Krezolek would be in a Polish jail.
Social workers target decent families but shy away from anyone who may be violent or might scream a€?racisma€™.As a result, the most vulnerable children are abandoned to their fate. Is that what happened in the case of Daniel Pelka?Dona€™t expect the a€?serious case reviewa€™ to provide answers to any of these questions.
Dona€™t expect any blame to be attributed, either.No one involved in this case has been sacked or disciplined.

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