The perfect hairstyle for any woman depends on her age, face shape, hair texture and her stylist decision. Being one of the most edgy and stylish haircuts, the bob has never been out of fashion in any season.
This year the short layers hairstyle is offering a unique and fresh look for upcoming summer season. Buzz cut has been a popular men’s hairstyle but most of the women are adopting this hairstyle for more eye catching appearance. Flashing your natural hair color though sporting a fabulous blonde tone didn't cease to recruit more and more fans. We have already shared articles on font psychology and color psychology, this is the third article of that series and soon we’ll be sharing a whole ebook dedicated to the science of non-verbal communication in design. I will also be discussing rounded corners versus sharp corners and such topics… I couldn’t find any scientific researches for them so they are my own observation, therefore you should feel free to challenge that part and share your observation. Rectangle based logos and other designs go with fashion and style, arts and design, and food. Rectangular logos and designs work charms for designs related to construction and housing, technology and government. Psychological Factors: progress, ambition, science, practicality, balance, professionalism. Triangles are not the easiest of shapes to work with but once you get hold of them, you will be using them more often than you think. Predominantly they are masculine shapes but they fit with any color scheme except blue and grey. Triangle based logos and designs fit perfectly with finance industry and any other industry where you have to portray growth.
Now you know what emotional range each shape contains… but you must also remember that you can only exploit these non-verbal messages to their fullest extent if you use them coherently with font psychology and color psychology. The hairstyles which minimize the hair volume around the face are considered suitable unlike the hairstyles that mirror this face shape.

Round Face Hairstyles Bangshairstyles Long Layered Hairstyles With Bangs For Round Faces Tskrsmer. Going for a short hairstyle not only gives you a new trendy look but also helps you to manage your hairs easily and quickly in any direction.
This hairstyle suits almost every woman with any face shape or hair texture except those having extremely curly hairs.
Being highly functional and easy to manage, this haircut is best choice of celebrities and working women. Having no or low styling and maintenance, this hairstyle cannot suit every woman with any face type.
Both celebrities as well as fans of the cute looks promote dark roots hair styles with pleasure and refined taste.
If we comprehend the psychological effects of these three elements, we will consistently make foolproof designs. If you have any question, feedback, suggestion or anything else, please use the comments section below. They convey positive non-verbal messages and they work great on designs where you have to portray partnership, calmness or perfection. Rectangles can be tricky to use because they do create bold impact but they can look like shouting.
The short hairs keep you cool and light during summers and grab the attention of others easily. The chin length bob can appear and grow great with straight and fizzy hairs equally into a long bob adding to the beauty and style. The small or long pixie makes you feel liberating and amusing and leaves great impression on others. You can have layers in various steps or a long layer at front and low layers from back depending on your choice. The buzz cut is ideal for the individuals having proportioned head and defined facial features.

Choose a similar hairdo if you are brave enough to stretch your color job and leave the natural looking and stylish stripped off roots visible.
They all send non-verbal messages to our minds, which mean that we perceive several messages even before we have read a single word on the design. This hairstyle highlights your face feature and bone structure as a centre of attention for others. You can also highlight your face with short sleek buzz cut and bold hair colors as gold and browns. These are some of the most dapper dark roots hair styles to consider when opting for your next do.
A woman must go for shorter hairs if she is experiencing hair damage thus getting more healthier hairs.. The bob needs careful attention and investment when it comes to trimming and styling with shampoos and hair products.
Depending on the hair growth and your decision of keeping this hairstyle, proper cutting and maintenance is required every six to eight weeks. You can define your face shape with a razor cut layering by washing and blow drying after applying pomade and gels. Again this hairstyle demands frequent hair wash and offer less options to play with your hairs.
But sometimes short hairs can put you in difficulty of styling when you don’t get enough time to wash them. They take a long time to grow out in a healthier way and remain specific for oval shaped faces only.

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