ISLAMABAD (AP) — Pakistani fashion model Qandeel Baloch, who recently stirred controversy by posting pictures of herself with a Muslim cleric on social media, was strangled to death by her brother, police said Saturday. Her parents told police one of her six brothers strangled her to death as she slept in the family’s home in Multan, police spokeswoman Nabila Ghazanfar told The Associated Press. Baloch, whose real name was Fauzia Azeem, was little known until recently, when she offended many conservatives by posting pictures of herself with Mufti Qavi, a prominent cleric. The pictures and allegations caused a scandal in conservative Pakistan, and the government removed Qavi from the official moon-sighting committee that determines when Ramadan starts and ends in accordance with the Islamic lunar calendar. Baloch had said Qavi told her he wanted to see her face before the committee met to determine the Eid al-Fitr holiday marking the end of Ramadan, which was observed earlier this month. Qavi denied the allegations, saying he only met with her to discuss the teachings of Islam. Earlier this month, Baloch sought protection from government, saying she was receiving anonymous death threats.
Hundreds of Pakistani woman are murdered by family members each year in so-called honor killings, which are seen as punishment for violating conservative norms. A shocking new piece of evidence in the 2014 disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, revealed on Friday by a United States-based journalist, once again appears to indicate that the pilot of the plane may himself have staged an elaborate suicide plot in which he deliberately flew the Boeing 777-200 thousands of miles off course before ditching the aircraft, which was carrying 238 other passengers and crew members, into the Indian Ocean.
The Malaysia Airlines plane took off on a routine overnight flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8, 2014, only to suddenly cut off communication and radar contact shortly into the flight — and vanish, never to be seen again.

Within weeks, pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah was reported to be under investigation as the leading suspect in the bizarre disappearance. But on Friday, journalist Jeff Wise who has closely covered the Flight MH370 case from the beginning, published an exclusive report in New York Magazine, again raising the possibility that Shah deliberately hijacked and destroyed the plane he was charged with flying. The news comes a day after authorities in charge of the search for the missing Flight MH370 announced that they would soon halt their effort to find the missing plane.
The following news report from the English-language France 24 TV news network contains further details on the suspended search. Wise reported that early in the investigation, the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation examined hard drives owned by Shah, from computers he used to operate his personal flight simulator in his home.
But Wise obtained the document, which shows that Shah rehearsed flying a route startlingly similar to the actual route that investigators believe the missing plane flew on March 8, 2014, turning sharply west off of its planned course to Beijing, then south over the Indian Ocean until the Boeing 777-200 ended up in the water.
Read the full report by Jeff Wise on the latest revelation about Malaysia Airlines pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah by clicking on this link. The revelation by Wise also comes the day after officials at the Dutch search firm that has carried out the $135 million hunt for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 said that they now believe the pilot, or whoever was at the controls of the plane, may have deliberately glided the 777-200 into the waters of the Indian Ocean, in a location outside of the designated search area — rather than the official scenario in which the plane flew on automatic pilot until it ran out of fuel and spiraled into the ocean, according to a Reuters report. Wise, however, also notes that the evidence that Shah rehearsed a flight into the Indian Ocean is not conclusive evidence that the pilot actually downed the plane on purpose.
Navy officials said a P-8I surveillance aircraft, a Dornier and four ships had been deployed in the search and rescue operation.

At the theatre entrance, two 60-feet-tall (almost as high as a seven-storeyed building) gigantic cut-outs of Rajinikanth looked benignly at the fans who bowed, prostrated and prayed before them (the cut-outs) -- some even broke coconuts, poured coconut milk and water. Then the jostling crowd started to quickly enter the dark cinema hall where enlightenment awaited in the form of "Kabali"! She said the two of them enjoyed soft drinks and cigarettes together during the daylight hours in the holy month of Ramadan, when practicing Muslims fast from dawn to dusk.
The FBI findings were recorded in a Malaysian police document that, according to Wise, was withheld from the public. A Rajini Fans Club had organised complimentary food packets for the patrons during the 9 a.m. Search operations are on," a senior IAF official told IANS over telephone from New Delhi.

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