Ask any perfume lover their favorite Diptyque, and many times the answer will be Philosykos, one of the best fig-based perfumes on the market. You can find Diptyque online, at their boutiques, and in some stores (Nordstrom and Barney’s). We announce the winners only on site and on our Facebook page, so Like Cafleurebon and use our RSS option…or your dream prize will be just spilled perfume. I have to say Tam Dao sounds like a great next in line and judging by this list so many agree!
I just fell MADLY in love with Tam Dao, after giving it short shrift for a long time (dunno why – I think Oyedo scared me off the line).
Violettes de Toulouse (Eau De Parfum) is a perfume by Berdoues for women and was released in 1936.
There are several excellent violet soliflores available, and I find many of them very similar to one another, particularly those which date back to the nineteenth century.
Calvin Klein Obsession for Men – this cologne debuted in 1986, so it is a bit newer than the other scents on this list. Aramis – Dick Whitman probably wore Old Spice, but Don Draper would have worn Aramis. Related postsWhy Many Women Don't Let Men Be MenRecently, I read a great article entitled, Russian Women Let Men Be Men. The new versions are a bit different from their predecessors, which makes them all equally tempting.
The EDT is a milky, softly green scent, with the earthy elements of the fig leaf joining with the sweeter elements of the fruit. There is a fruitiness that is sometimes dominant in the opening and sometimes it a bit more in the background.
Everything about those tiny purple chrystalized flowers is just so lovely: the way they look, their strange grassy perfumey taste and of course their wonderful scent, at once sweet, flowery, green and cool.

It seems to me that if you like one of them you'll like all of them, including this one, Berdoues VIOLETTES DE TOULOUSE edt. Use enough so that the scent would only be noticeable to someone who is handshake distance or closer. Obsession was one of the most popular colognes of the 80s, and remains a signature scent for many to this day. Aramis was created by Estee Lauder in 1965, and originally sold only in posh London department store Harrods.
The packaging presents the Eaux de Parfum in reverse, with black background and white imagery and text. Although I have always had a sample of Philosykos EDT in my collection, I have never quite gone over the line to a full bottle. The EDT version of Do Son opens with fresh tuberose flower so alive and fresh that it makes you swoon.
Violettes de Toulouse is basically this candy bottled, with some musk and buttery iris thrown into the mix. My review will be a side-by-side comparison of the new formulations against the Eau de Toilette versions that some of you may be familiar with. The EDP is crisper, with more twig and bark, and may well be the version that wins my heart. It’s not a sun-filled, bright green summer garden, but a brooding, secret garden full of gnarled roots and thorny stems. The EDP has a similar feel to it, but rather than being a cut bouquet in a vase, the tuberose is wild and still outdoors.
They have somewhat better longevity than the EDTs, which one would expect, but I also think they are formulated differently enough from their counterparts to make them both equally attractive.
I would also like to see them bottle their iris candle and John Galliano room sprays into EDP’s too.

It’s better to keep cologne in a cabinet in your bedroom than in the bathroom, which can get warm and damp. In both versions, the shimmering, and, in my imagination, creamy white rose sits atop the deep mossy base like a tender beacon.
To smell this flower, you have to step on some loamy dirt, which releases its own scent into the air. You may not need both versions in your collection, but you might be hard pressed to choose a favorite. If you find that the scent of your favorite cologne has gone off, toss it and buy a smaller bottle. Some of the milky sap notes come forward as the perfume progresses, but not to the extent of the EDT. I was imagining it to be an amped-up version of the EDT, and realizing that Diptyque took it in another direction gave me a moment of pause, but then I got lost in the aroma and forgave them. If you love the creaminess of the EDT, then the EDP won’t have quite the same comforting properties for you, but I recommend giving it a try. Where the EDT is fairly straightforward and linear in its beauty, the EDP has more complexity and interest.
Both are stunning in their own way, like identical twin sisters who have decided not to look too much alike with their styles. The longevity of VIOLETTES DE TOULOUSE is a bit better than VIOLETTA DI PARMA, but it's still not great. But that's okay, since it gives one the license to spray and re-spray with reckless abandon!

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