YEREVAN, Armenia (AP) - About 20 armed supporters of a jailed opposition leader attacked a police station in Armenia's capital on Sunday, killing one officer, wounding four and taking several others hostage, police said. The attackers demanded the release of Jirair Sefilian, who was arrested last month, and the opposition group repeated its call for the government to resign. Police cordoned off the area around the station in Yerevan's Erebuni district, bringing in armored vehicles and construction equipment to block the road, and said negotiations were being conducted with the assailants for them to give themselves up and release the hostages. Their only demand was the release of Sefilian, according to the deputy police chief, who said this was out of the question.
An opposition member of parliament, Nikol Pashinian, who went to the station to meet with the attackers, urged both sides to exercise restraint. Political analysts differed on the seriousness of the threat posed to the national security of Armenia, a former Soviet republic in the South Caucasus. Alexander Markarov, however, said he doubted the attack on the police station would become a serious threat because the assailants lacked both resources and public support. Sefilian, a leader of the opposition group Founding Parliament, was arrested June 20 and charged with illegal acquisition and possession of weapons. Varuzhan Avetisian, a spokesman for the group, said the attack on the police station was to demand the release of all "political prisoners" and he called on Armenians to take to the streets to force the government to step down.
There are several accessories available for the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, but the official cases made by Samsung are worth a closer look. When the cover is closed, you still have access to the sim card slot, USB, audio jack, power button and speakers. You can also assign different LED images to contacts which appear in the LED window during incoming calls. The retail price of the LED Wallet Cover is $69.99, and we surely don't recommend paying that much.
It doesn't matter how high your level is, scoring Great Throw and Curveball bonuses add up quickly. You can actually start throwing a Poke Ball as soon as you see the Pokemon on your screen, which is a big deal. If you find yourself unable to hit a Pokemon because the ball keeps sparkling and flying off to the left or right, you know the only way to reliably hit that Pokemon is with a curveball.
The game wants you to walk the above distances with the app open on your phone, which is awesome.
Gym battles in Pokemon Go offer you three types of moves — basic attack, special attack, and dodge. At some point in your career as a Pokemon Trainer, you're going to be standing next to a gym you control as it goes down. When you get enough Eevee candy to evolve one, the results are usually randomly split between Jolteon, Flareon, and Vaporeon.
If you absolutely must have a specific Eevolution, there's a one-time Easter Egg that will control what you get.
This is only guaranteed to work once for each of the Eevolutions, so pick your Eevee carefully. Don't let yourself get lured into this trap where you can only play with members of your own team. It also means when you finally do travel with only the same team as yours, everyone on your team is better equipped to leave a wide variety of Pokemon at a gym. At first blush, it would be difficult to recommend the Galaxy Note 5 of 2015 over Samsung's brand new 2016 flagship, the Galaxy S7 edge. But when you dig deeper, there are some ways the Note 5 stands out, and not just in the obvious stylus-infused narrative we return to each fall when Samsung releases yet another Note. Though much of the attention right now is on the Galaxy S7 edge, the Note 5 offers a few clear advantages, and still comes off as an incredibly powerful and capable smartphone. The Note 5 was Samsung's first device with a curved glass back, making it much easier for people to hold given its 5.7-inch display size.
With the Galaxy S7, Samsung combines the best of the Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 edge+ into one device, offering the glass-and-metal structure that debuted with the GS6 with accents like a curved back and front. Many people deciding between the Note 5 and S7 edge will have to contend with each device's biggest features: the S Pen and curved display, respectively. With the Galaxy S7 edge Samsung made better use of the Edge Display, that tiny lip that, when swiped in from the right side of the screen, brings up a number of shortcuts and easily-digestible bits of information such as favorite apps and contacts, sports scores and basic utilities. So the question is whether the Edge Display has any other value, which leads us to talk about its aesthetic qualities.
Moreover, the S7 edge (and its non-edge counterpart) heralds the return of the microSD slot that was removed in the S6 line (and absent from the Note 5), and waterproofing from the S5.
Unlike some other comparisons we've done in the past, extracting differences in the software of two Samsung devices is relatively difficult. The differences in the two pieces of software is subtle, especially when removing the device-specific features like Air Command and Edge Screen.
The one other thing to note when it comes to the look of the software is that the Note 5 ships with a higher DPI (or display density) preset than the Galaxy S7 edge, which allows it to fit more interface elements on the screen at once.
Finally, the battery on the GS7 edge is a capacious 3600 mAh compared to the Note 5's 3000.
Both cameras are among the best in the industry, but overall I'd have to give the edge to the, um, edge. These are both great phones, and the choice isn't as clear as when I started researching this piece.

Of course, I have to say the Galaxy S7 edge is the better phone, because in many ways it is: it has a faster processor, a slightly brighter display, a camera that performs better in low light, waterproofing, the return of the microSD slot, and, right now at least, the latest version of Android.
In any case, you can't go wrong with either phone — find the one that meets your needs in terms of features and price, and you'll be happy here. Agreed, the article should say that this is a real security risk rather than a convenience.
I rather have some risk on my desktop computer which is in my livingroom where no person except me is supposed to be then have to do my password 20 times a week and wait for windows to boot. Armenian police and special force secure the area around a police station in Yerevan, Armenia, Sunday, July 17, 2016. Armenian police and special forces secure the area around a police station in Yerevan, Armenia, Sunday, July 17, 2016. Artur Vanoyan and shot three other police officers and a police cameraman, while none of the attackers was wounded. He said the attackers had combat experience from the war with neighboring Azerbaijan in the 1990s and "don't plan to retreat" if the police station is stormed.
Investigators said he and his supporters were planning to seize government buildings and the television transmission tower. In addition to some protection against scratches or drops, the LED View Cover provides LED notifications directly on the front cover and adds a pocket for a credit card, business card, or cash. Simply line up the bottom of your phone with the bottom clips of the case and then push down on all four corners.
You'll need to open the cover, double-press the home button, and then make sure the front cover doesn't block the lens. It doesn't matter if you're Instinct, Mystic, or Valor right now, it's a war zone out there. We've collected a great list of tips, tricks, and sneaky little cheats to give you the upper hand when playing against other high level players out in the world. If you know you're going to sit in a Lure Module and capture for a while, activate a Lucky Egg and practice your throws. That type has a natural strength, a natural weakness, and in some situations a type that completely nullifies attack and defense. Look for their type, and make sure you have Pokemon in your starting six that will do as much damage as possible to that type.
You have to travel 2, 5, or 10km in order to hatch an egg, and when you do so there's a Pokemon and a boatload of Pokemon candy inside.
Your first move in a Gym battle, even if your Pokemon has a higher power level and is strong against the Pokemon you're fighting, should always be a dodge.
Maybe it's because you're outnumbered and can't maintain gym prestige, or maybe you just weren't paying attention.
No matter what kind of Eevee you get, or what special attack or size you capture, the results are random. In the television series, there's a group of players called the Eevee Brothers who each had one of the evolved Eevee elements. Not only did that curve make it easier to hold, it added a beautiful infinity pool quality to the Note's rear, distinguishing it from the Galaxy S6 edge+, which was announced at the same time. To that end, the Galaxy S7 edge is clearly in the same family as the Note 5, but its extremely narrow side bezel makes it slightly more difficult to pick up off a table, or grip solidly in the hand. Many people love the Note series' S Pen, utilizing it for note-taking, drawing, and in compatible apps.
Here's the thing, though: Samsung could have easily added the edge display functionality to the regular Galaxy S7, or any of its former Galaxy products, without sacrificing usability. Samsung has softened some of the blue and green-heavy color palettes that shipped on its Lollipop devices, moving to a more mature blue and grey. These will all come to the Note 5 in due time, along with these color updates, but some users may have to wait longer than others. The benefits are clear when scrolling through long lists and web pages, but it's relatively easy to achieve the same result on the GS7 edge with a handy app — and even if you leave it at its default, you won't be missing much. In real-world use, that should represent a couple more hours of uptime per day, but the truth is that without Doze and App Standby, it's difficult to tell how much of the GS7 edge's battery advantage is due to the bigger battery cell or the newer software. The Note 5 benefited from a more comprehensive Pro Mode when it shipped last year with the same 16MP camera sensor and lens combo as the GS6.
Not only does it share the same great Pro Mode (along with an excellent Auto mode that takes great shots in nearly every environment), but Samsung dropped the megapixel count from 16 to 12, increasing the size of the sensor's individual pixels in the process. While low-light photography is indeed improved over the Note 5, the Galaxy S7 edge doesn't always come out ahead in daylight photos. While I love the GS7 edge's matte finish and curved display, I often feel more comfortable using the Note 5, with its easy-to-grip sides and larger display.
When the Note 5 receives Marshmallow, however, which for non-Verizon users should be any day now, the contest may be even closer than it is today. Have a secure password and use a PIN if it's too much effort to type a long password, they can be 4 digits.
When I turn on my PC I want to pour myself a drink and when I'm back I want to see my desktop up and running. The assailants allowed the wounded to be taken to hospitals but continued to hold six police officers hostage.
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We don't think it's real leather, but the material feels soft to touch and certainly makes the phone less slippery in the hand. There's also a hole for the earpiece, so you'll still be able to hear your caller when the cover is closed. The LED window is interesting, but it would've been better if it supported other music apps. The double XP is a big deal, and in no time you'll be getting those bonuses with nearly every throw. Start flicking up on your screen as soon as you see a Pokemon, and that Poke Ball will almost always hit its target and capture the Pokemon before it has time to struggle or flee. You don't want to head to a gym only to have it end in a stalemate, nor do you want to get crushed by something a much lower level than you because you weren't paying attention. When leaving multiple Pokemon as a team, make sure your team isn't leaving a lot of the same type to guard the gym.
Even if you get a weak Pokemon in an egg, the candy gets you much closer to evolving any of that kind later on so make sure you are hatching as many as possible! Slower Pokemon take a second or two to launch their initial attack, but you will almost always dodge that initial assault and be ready for a counter-attack before the Pokemon in the center of the ring can catch up. When you see that yellow flash on the screen during a battle, it is also time to start dodging the enemy's attacks. The second you see the Gym turn from your team color to plain white, recapture it by putting your freshly healed Pokemon there. If you name your Eevee after those characters before evolving it, the Eevee will become whatever you name it. Ideally, you want to travel with at least one of each faction, and that way you can all take turns setting up and taking down gyms, as you cycle through that process, everyone will level up quickly and become more capable of playing solo. To many, the Note 5 marked a maturity in Samsung's design story, a striking turn from just a year earlier when the Galaxy S5 was still being criticized for its plastic chassis.
Those are really the only criticisms of a smartphone that has what appears to be the entire tech industry in heat. Internally, the Note 5's Exynos 7420 processor and 4GB of RAM stand up well to the GS7 edge's Snapdragon 820 (or, in Canada, Europe and the rest of the world, Exynos 8890) and 4GB of RAM. Sure, it feels better to swipe in on a curved display, but that doesn't preclude it from working on flat glass.
I think it's OK to care about how a piece of technology looks, especially one that you carry with you every day, and doubly so when those qualities don't detract from using the product.
We know the Note 5 doesn't have much of an issue getting through a day now even on Lollipop, and that can only improve with the latest software tweaks from Samsung. It also reframed the sensor's aspect ratio to 4:3, bringing it more in line with the rest of the industry. What could be as easy as a minor software update may also be a more complex issue with the new 12MP sensor, which captures lower-resolution photos. I also think the S Pen offers more long-term usability, especially for avid note-takers, than the Edge Screen, which in software has yet to meet the potential of the beautiful hardware. I wouldn't care about the data on my PC I would care about the son of a ***** who stole something in my home and want him catched. If you just want to quickly look at the time, you can press the power button while the cover is closed. You can take over a Gym in most areas right now and have it reclaimed for another team before you make it down the street.
The Gym prestige will immediately jump up, and it will take at least another two battles for your opponents to try reclaiming that gym again. In real-world testing, these two phones are among the fastest in the industry, and it won't be for some time that the GS7 edge's 20-30 percent (theoretical) extra horsepower will become evident. By taking the S Pen out of its holster, Air Command brings up a bevy of possible actions, including an overhauled S Note app that works with the lower-latency stylus itself to create what is easily the best handwriting experience on a smartphone today.
We know exactly why there are passwords for lockscreens and are very aware of it when we decide to disable it.
If I was some kind of celebrity or someone with nuclear codes on his PC it would be a different story. It's intense, exciting, and if you're not constantly playing you could find yourself at a very real disadvantage. That means you can use a skateboard, a bike, or even a driver in a sufficiently large parking lot to quickly hatch those eggs.
With quick enough fingers, you can repeat this over and over again, frustrating your opponents to no end. Personally, I don't use the S Pen enough to recommend it over a similar device without it, but the question here is whether it is more useful than the Galaxy S7 edge's curved display, and that is more difficult to answer.
It also has a slightly more matte look to it when compared to the Note 5; the aluminum is slightly darker and less reflective, and the curved edges eliminate the pronounced bezel that we see on the Note 5. Atleast you can sue a company if your data get's hacked since they need to take responsibility of your data.

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