School project in Darfur helps to build bridges between communitiesUNHCR funds the construction of new classrooms in a West Darfur district and at the same time helps to build bonds between different ethnic groups.
FASEI, Sudan, January 28 (UNHCR) - Thanks to funding from the UN refugee agency, hundreds of primary schoolchildren in Sudan's volatile West Darfur state no longer have to study in the open.
The primary school in Fasei village provides an education for almost 900 pupils (500 boys and 400 girls). But the number of schoolchildren has grown and some of the youngsters had to study outside under plastic sheeting. The work was carried out by UNHCR implementing partner, the Danish Refugee Council, which built eight new classrooms in a striking looking structure. Inter-ethnic conflict in Western Darfur since 2003, has forced some 2.5 million civilians to flee their villages and find shelter elsewhere in the state and about 250,000 to flee into neighbouring Chad. The new, enlarged school in Fasei was recently handed over to the community in a colourful ceremony attended by members of all communities, senior local government officials and aid workers, including UNHCR staff.
That is something that UNHCR and the Danish Refugee Council support as part of a policy of promoting and facilitating the peaceful coexistence of different tribes in rural areas of West Darfur and other parts of the Sudan. Census predictions are forecasting that the ethnic minority group population in the UK is closer to 15% of the total UK population, up from 8% in 2001. There are circa 275,000 black and minority ethnic SMEs (6% of total) contributing around £20bn to UK economy pa. Diabetes within UK ethnic minority communities is 4-6 times higher than in white communities.
Rehearsals with 135,000 households ran in Lancaster, London Newham, Anglesey & Birmingham in October 2009.
The expected rise reinforces the business and marketing potential for targeting EMGs that is largely being ignored. Many ethnic media owners are not yet covered by standard industry research (such as BARB, RAJAR, ABC).
A bespoke or unmeasured target really requires a tailored approach, with agreed up-front metrics.
Every brief needs to be supported by agency and client commitment to better understand the consumer target, and better understand their unique media channels. Media measurement is a complex undertaking and it is still clearly nowhere near common practice among ethnic media, especially given the diverse ethnic breakdown and fabric of the UK.
Zierler Media do a great job with their IPA-approved UK Asian 2009 TV Survey run through Continental Research and certain ethnic radio stations are already being measured by RAJAR.

Taken from the media owner's point of view, they will need to be convinced that investment in a third party audit will result in an uplift in mainstream advertising revenue.
Having a great understanding of your audience has always been key when effectively targeting your selected market and as the population becomes ever more diversified in terms of ethnic background the job of the marketer becomes increasingly difficult. In order to assist advertisers targeting ethnic audiences, UM set up their Diversity Unit through a joint venture with Glen Yearwood. The diversity team will focus on traditional and non-traditional channels for new and existing clients, with direct input from all areas of UM's brand teams. Mark Middlemas, Managing Partner for Business Development at UM London, called it "a critically important area of communications" where current media measurement tools and research are "often not enough". A particular area of focus is on the UK’s Muslim community which currently numbers over 2m and involves a wide array of countries from the above groups. UMDU offers a wide range of marketing services to help clients unlock the growth potential of EMG’s in the UK. Digital (what is the most appropriate digital solution?  what digital services are needed to answer the brief? The Diversity Monitoring Group (DMG) has been reformed with a new focus and needs your help to build upon the work of past members.
The Celebrating Diversity group aims to identify and introduce intentionally inclusive practices into our congregations through curricula development and presentation modules that address intercultural competence, best practices and strategies for building congregational commitment to diversity. The Diversity Advocates group aims to advocate on issues pertaining to marginalized peoples through letter writing and working on resolutions for the CUC’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). The Diversity Advisors group includes lay persons and ministers who will provide spiritual guidance and expertise related to developing a program for congregations, and recommending local, national, and international initiatives that foster social responsibility. Come join us as we intentionally grow and change ourselves, our congregations, and our faith to meet the challenges of our increasingly diverse nation!
Category tags such as “Leadership”, “Ministry”, “Youth”, “Social Responsibility” and “Events” on this website lead to a list of all recent posts on the topic.
At the same time, UNHCR is helping to form bonds between different ethnic groups and avoid conflict in an area where hundreds of thousands of people have been forcibly displaced in recent years.
These children include African and Arabs who live in peaceful coexistence and have not suffered the pain of forced displacement, which has disrupted village life in other parts of Darfur. Following a request for help from local elders, UNHCR agreed last year to finance the construction of new classrooms using environmentally friendly building materials. Mainstream  brands have historically not focused on specific ethnic audiences in the UK.

How, therefore should a client approach advertising to the ethnic market to ensure it works and they get what they pay for? In many cases this involves working with relevant media owners and also conducting or commissioning bespoke research to measure and better understand the target audience and gauge the impact and success of such bespoke campaigns.
From the advertiser's perspective they will need media accountability and the ability to select new ethnic media on an informed basis.
Consumers are increasingly pushing the boundaries of the standard demographic breakdowns, making it more difficult for marketers to figure out how their message should be presented.
They became the second top-10 media agency in the UK to create a specialist division for cultural diversity. We have outlined an approach that can start to help you understand how to reach this potentially lucrative audience. The DMG encourages diversity within our UU communities and bridge-building with all ethnic groups. Check out what these groups do and the resources available on the Social Responsibility page. This has partly been driven by the relative size and split of the audience and also that data was not readily available for brands and their agencies to analyse to help determine whether targeting specific audiences would deliver the desired ROI. A new BARB panel in January 2009 had increased representation of minority ethnic households in its sample pool, which is a significant step in the right direction in the TV market. UM London believe that there is a new third way territory to be explored by both parties, where advertisers and media owners can agree a mezzanine level of measurement  to facilitate confidence and future investment in the selection of niche media on mainstream campaigns.
With the large changes in the UK population it is important for brands to build a more detailed understanding of who is consuming their product or service.
By building their knowledge they will be able to understand the size of the opportunity e.g.
To intentionally welcome and include diverse people who share our principles and find their way to our congregations. This  audience represents a very substantial commercial opportunity for brands, but it comes with challenges because the "ethnic" title includes such a wide spectrum of cultures.

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