NERVO, one of the hottest electronic dance music DJ duos in the world, are sisters Liv and Mim. The goal of the website is to develop producers within dance from house to hardcore, we have no boundaries!
The A&R managers is the most important person for you because he or she needs to listen to your music.
You can easily ‘embed’ your track from Youtube or Soundcloud and distribute them to your friends, groups or labels you would like to get feedback from.

All you need to do is get active by giving quality feedback to other members and you will earn points which you can use to join a lottery.
The talented singers, hit songwriters, and trendsetting producers have toured the globe to open for big-name pop stars and perform at notable EDM festivals. NERVO made a historic debut as the only females voted onto the coveted DJ Mag 2012 Top DJ’s Poll.
These interviews will definitely help you to get better respons from labels or to learn what you sould do to get a release.

This will help you to develop your producing skills, because you will know what other people or labels think of your tracks. Fusing edgy fashion with fun, feminine makeup trends, Liv and Mim exude fierceness that empowers the next generation of COVERGIRLs.

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