Remember how last week I said it was upsetting to watch people who didn’t need to save money scrimp to such a shocking extent? The focus of the episode is Steve adjusting to living with Victoria after they’ve been going out for about a year. Victoria invites her son and daughter-in-law over to celebrate Steve moving in, but he’s a sourpuss for most of the time. At this rate, I expect a fantasy epic, a thriller, and a psychological drama by the end of the season.
In business school, we frequently heard from our professors that most millionaires are actually cheapstakes. T-boz and Chilli may however have a new person to play a similar role to the one that Left Eye used to play. Share this empowering narrative on your social network of choice and ask others to do the same.
Of course, her biggest quirk is that she pees into a bottle (ironically, one that used to contain lemonade).

A woman who unplugs her TV and other appliances when not using them, she balks at him bringing in extra chargers.
First there was Abdul Mohammed, a hot dog stand business owner who genuinely loves his wife Shauna. Sadly enough, his idea of treating himself and Shauna probably wouldn’t even be that outrageous!
Take Vickie: She and her husband are united in their quest to pick weeds for salads and make fur accessories out of roadkill, but of course it embarrasses their kids. TLC is just documenting these people’s odd quirks and compulsions, and their friends and family laugh it off as weird but not threatening.
Maybe not quite to that level though, but yeah, that’s how MOST millionaires make their money; they just save a lot! Rapper Lil Mama, who plays Left Eye in the upcoming film, did such a great job in her portrayal of the role, that it has apparently left an impression on Chilli and T-Boz. Both episodes focused on what it’s like to live with an Extreme Cheapskate, so the subsequent shenanigans came off like plot tropes from your typical sitcom.

She showers at the gym so she won’t have to clean her shower, and has constructed an oven in her backyard to cook food.
TLC catches him right around their tenth anniversary, but his scheme is to spend only $25 on the whole party. Left Eye TLC Girls TLC Girls crazysexycool tlc The One & Only TLC ¦ TLC TLC cannot be replaced ¦ TLC ¦ TLC TLC cannot be replaced ¦ TLC Chilli & T-Boz TLC TLC cannot be replaced ¦ TLC TLC!
We won't even be home for Christmas but I do love the lights of the tree in the evening.

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