We're all better off in America with good public education that gives everyone an equal chance to learn, grow and reach their potential. We all need good roads and bridges, available public utilities, water, sewer and other infrastructure in our lives.
We all need reliable and professional public safety to protect our communities against natural and human threats. Our well being depends on public health standards being established and maintained and access to affordable, quality health care services and professionals for everyone.
These are community services and resources that help make us better people and a better nation because of concern for the public good that also benefits the individual. A healthy public sector is just as important to our economic well being as a vibrant private sector – sometimes, even more so.
Danny Donohue is the president of the nearly 300,000 member CSEA – New York's leading union. At an IBM conference in Monte Carlo in 1985 I shared the platform with Robert Cialdini who was a Psychology Professor at Arizona State University. Dr Cialdini was interested in how people become influenced by other people and he gave me a copy of his best-seller, Influence: How and Why People Agree to Things.
Just another reminder, memes really have no wit nor will to do this or that; they have no intention or personality any more than does a virus.

Needlesstosay, there are really no clever memes or dumb memes just survival successes and failures at the end of the day. Having said that, memes have evolved in many different ways in the battle to multiply themselves, to spread around. There's a popular myth about rugged individualism in America, but no one really does make it entirely on their own. This begins with early childhood education and extends all the way to our institutions of higher learning. It is government's role to help make them happen and, contrary to the political rhetoric, it works, every day, in millions of ways. Take a good, hard look at the recent record of many so-called business leaders before you start condemning public officials. The public sector not only provides the talent, resources and structure for private business to operate, but also sets the standards and expectations of good citizenship. But making it work requires all of us to respect other people and other viewpoints, even when we don't agree with them. Stories of pure suicides, in which only one person dies, generate wrecks in which only one person dies; stories of suicide-murder combinations, in which there are multiple deaths, generate wrecks in which there are multiple deaths. In meme wars, those memes that are better at getting themselves copied are the winners those that are not are the losers.

Our nation's greatness comes from people working together, in spite of their differences, to build community and share prosperity.
Children can only do better than their parents and build a better future when they have a fair path to opportunity. We should all be demanding and expecting better ethics and performance from everyone in positions of authority. There is a sociologist at the University of California in San Diego who thinks he has found the answer. Yet, too often in today's political debate, the value of this reality is either ignored or dismissed. People who just bash government and aren't willing to recognize the necessity of compromise and collective action, harm our democracy. More than two centuries ago, the great man of German literature, Johann von Goethe, published a novel entitled Die Lieden des jungen Werthers (The Sorrows of Young Werther). Not only did it provide Goethe with immediate fame, but it also sparked a wave of emulative suicides across Europe.

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