Testimonials about Surf Hawaii 4 U's Surf Hawaii - Surf School - World Professional Surf Competitors and Instructors - We Specialize in North Shore Surf Lessons for Men, Women and Children from beginners to more advanced surfers.
This is Kerrie, aka the group of Vancouver people who got lost for about half an hour before our lessons, and I just wanted to say a huge thanks for Juliana, who gave us wonderful direction and put up with our millions of phone calls, Edison for driving to come find us at Jameson's and of course to Calvin and Omar, our wonderful instructors. Experience daily surf instruction, outdoor adventures on the legendary North Shore of Oahu; all that while enjoying the Historic Haleiwa surf town, in stylish accommodation in the most authentic Hawaiian spirit. Surf Hawaii Surf School will take you out to the best spots on the seven miles miracle coast!

My only regret is that I didn't have the time this trip to enroll in a multi-day surfing camp at Surf Hawaii. Not only did I have the most extraordinary experience of my life but I have a friend for life!
Not only does Edison have the best smile in the Hawaiian islands, he helps give even a struggling beginner like myself a huge smile during and after my first lesson.
As you know, the most exhausting thing while learing to surf is managing the paddling and Kailani was a life saver!

Edison's simple instructions on the shore,followed by encouraging reminders in the water, immediately make even a novice surfer confident she can catch a wave.
Not only was he so helpful and professional, but would evaluate and give me feedback after every ride and tell me what I was doing wrong to help me improve.

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