Emojis started out in Japan while "emoticons" evolved from the "smiley face" text :-) of the 1980s. Amaranth Seed-Shakeology Ingredient Education of the Day is a genus of herbs that contain over 60 species with a variety of colors and uses.
Classified with grains, amaranth is actually a seed that can be cooked like oatmeal, popped like popcorn or ground into flour like wheat.
Amaranth has been a staple in Mesoamerica for thousands of years, first collected as a wild food, and then domesticated at least as early as 4000 BC. Amaranth contains large amounts of protein, up to 30% more than wheat flour, rice and oats. Amaranth is also packed with dietary fiber and essential amino acids, including lysine which has clinically shown potential for cancer treatment, are prominent in amaranth. The Amaranth seed has many important qualities that assist my body at my age with my borderline anemia and to help decrease chances of osteoporosis. The Amaranth seed is a great source fiber that helps with digestion and cholesterol, both of which are very beneficial.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Industrial pollution is pollution which can be directly linked with industry, in contrast to other pollution sources.
This form of pollution dates back to antiquity, but widespread industrial pollution accelerated rapidly in the 1800s, with the start of the Industrial Revolution. Because of the nature of the global environment, industrial pollution is never limited to industrial nations. Industrial pollution hurts the environment in a range of ways, and it has a negative impact on human lives and health. A growing awareness of factory pollution and its consequences has led to tighter restrictions on pollution all over the world, with nations recognizing that they have an obligation to protect themselves and their neighbors from pollution. Is the idea behind "clean coal" technology only to trap the carbon dioxide from the exhaust, or does clean coal tech involve trapping all exhaust and recycling anything that can be re-used? The pollution from coal plants has got to be the worst of the industrial pollution out there. Proposed cuts to interpreting courses will severely limit access to vital services for Deaf Victorians. Limiting the education of Auslan interpreters will worsen interpreter shortages and deny Deaf Victorians access to community life and education, writes Melissa Lowrie. When Kangan Institute of TAFE announced it was no longer taking new enrolments in 2013 for the Diploma of Auslan course due to Victorian Government cuts to TAFE funding, the entire Deaf, hard of hearing and Auslan interpreting industry became concerned.
The first is the withdrawal of Kangan Institute's full time Diploma of Auslan, the last and only one offered in eastern Australia, after the cancellation of the course at Gippsland TAFE.

Higher Education Minister Peter Hall put forward a solution to the problem by claiming the Deaf Society of NSW and Vicdeaf are working in tandem to deliver Auslan courses. The National Disability Insurance Scheme promises to deliver and assist with people with disabilities who have communication needs. Parents of Deaf children will also be affected by the course withdrawal as they will have nowhere to learn Auslan in order to communicate fluently with their children.
If someone came to Australia from a non-English speaking country, they have the option to learn our language. The second main area of concern is around the huge cut that student services in TAFE have and continue to suffer. The Victorian Government must consider these issues from a human rights perspective rather than a financial viability perspective. Deaf and hard of hearing Victorians call on the Victorian Government to investigate these issues and to retain the full time Diploma of Auslan and protect the Auslan interpreter industry, to protect the rights of Deaf and hard of hearing Victorians' access in the community and to continue to provide support for us through our tertiary studies.
I really wonder whether a class action is possible against Kangan Institute, Victorian TAFE, and the Victorian government, on the grounds of discrimination against the deaf and mute.
This site is where you will find ABC stories, interviews and videos on the subject of disability. There are only five people skilled enough to make skywriting their full-time job, and Greg Stinis is one of them. Many of these species are considered weeds; however, people around the world consume amaranth as grains, vegetables and cereals for their many health benefits. An ancient grain that grows under adverse conditions, amaranth is high in protein and fiber.
The protein contained in amaranth is also unusually complete when compared to other plant sources, containing a complete set of amino acids.
This form of pollution is one of the leading causes of pollution worldwide; in the United States, for example, the Environmental Protective Agency estimates that up to 50% of the nation's pollution is caused by industry.
The Industrial Revolution mechanized means of production, allowing for a much greater volume of production, and generating a corresponding increase in pollution.
One of the most common is water pollution, caused by dumping of industrial waste into waterways, or improper containment of waste, which causes leakage into groundwater and waterways.
Samples of ice cores from Antarctica and the Arctic both show high levels of industrial pollutants, illustrating the immense distances which pollutants can travel, and traces of industrial pollutants have been identified in isolated human, animal, and plant populations as well. Pollutants can kill animals and plants, imbalance ecosystems, degrade air quality radically, damage buildings, and generally degrade quality of life.
However, industrial pollution also highlights a growing issue: the desire of developing nations to achieve first world standards of living and production. For us, the budget cuts do not just mean the cancellation of courses or the tightening of purse strings - it signals a threat to Deaf Victorians' access within the wider community, a threat to our voice and a threat to our human rights.
This Diploma is the course that 'feeds' into RMIT University's Diploma of Interpreting and the Advanced Diploma of Interpreting.

Although the organisations are in discussions over providing Certificate-level courses and part time Auslan Diploma courses, neither group intends, or is equipped, to provide full time courses or to compete or replace Kangan Institute's Auslan courses.
The closure of the Diploma of Auslan will result in a drop in the number of interpreters to a critical level. Interpreting, note taking and assistance for people with other disabilities are all part of student services at TAFEs and it is not clear at this point what effect the funding cuts will have on the provision of support for Deaf and hard of hearing Victorians. It does not make sense to endorse the UN Convention for the Rights of People with a Disability, and then take funding away from the only professional pathway to accreditation as an Auslan interpreter in eastern Australia, or to put funding that supports deaf and hard of hearing TAFE students at risk. As you browse through the site, the links you follow will take you to stories as they appeared in their original context, whether from ABC News, a TV program or a radio interview. Amaranth Seed has a long history and has been in use for many centuries by many different cultures. The first record of Amaranth being used was in Mexico to produce typical sweets called alegria, in which the amaranth grains are toasted and mixed with honey or chocolate.
Therefore, different sources to obtain the daily recommended dose of protein is not needed.
The health benefits continue to assist with decreasing cholesterol levels, hypertension, boosting my immune system with all the patients I see, while also still havIng a good amount of protein..
Because of its size and scope, industrial pollution is a serious problem for the entire planet, especially in nations which are rapidly industrializing, like China. The problem was compounded by the use of fuels like coal, which is notoriously unclean, and a poor understanding of the causes and consequences of pollution. Industrial pollution can also impact air quality, and it can enter the soil, causing widespread environmental problems. As these countries industrialize, they add to the global burden of industrial pollution, triggering serious discussions and arguments about environmental responsibility and a desire to reach a global agreement on pollution issues. The removal of the course at Kangan Institute is likely to have a drastic impact on the number of enrolments in the RMIT course, and lead to a worsening shortage of interpreters. How can we have our communication needs met when the only course that provides a career pathway to our future interpreters is abolished?
Will there be funding for access to interpreters and note taking and any other assistance to support Deaf and hard of hearing students through their TAFE studies? A cup of amaranth has 18 grams of fiber, which helps with digestion and cholesterol regulation. Again, another great ingredient to lower my cholesterol and help to prevent cardiovascular disease which is so prevalent these days. Amaranth is highly vitamin-rich and is a good source of vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin K, vitamin C, folate and riboflavin and contains numerous minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron, copper, magnesium, phosphorus and especially manganese.

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