It's almost incomprehensible that we still have two more years of this pathological liar to put up with! For all the fans of La Vie Est Belle from 2012, Lancome launches a new version ideal for summer: La Vie Est Belle L'Eau de Parfum Legere. The new fragrance does not deviate too much from the original; its strong gourmand notes are soothed and refreshed though, adapted for hot days.
When compared with the edp I must admit, that the legere version would be my choice of use, in the summer and for vacation.
I tested this today because sometimes I'm not in the mood for patchouli and I swear I could smell it!! I recently recieved this in a swap with a friend as she wasn't found of it as she likes very fresh citrus scents.
Went to Ulta to pick up La Vie Est Belle and noticed the Legere version for the first time.
It's such a beautiful blend of fragrances and they all come together to make a really beautiful smell. Also, just editing to add: Since I switched to this one, I've been getting tons of compliments on my smell, including one guy calling it "heavenly", and I have to agree with that.
I know it is compared with lots of sweet scents out there, I just feel it is overall higher standard!! First the jasmin comes out quiet strong, aboout 30 minutes the blackcurrant comes out and i kinda smell a little bit of patchouli as well. Every time I read these reviews, I find myself applying dabs of my miniature and it is everything everyone says. I finally decided to marry the beautiful scent and oh how I am sooooooo happy on my decision!
In the opening of La Vie est Belle Legere, I can more or less detect a hint of green floral along with the black currant, while in the original one I only get those fruity elements. So I tried the original La vie est belle in Sephora based on a review at A Model Recommends. Well, a few weeks later, I was in Ulta and saw a bottle of it out, and in a moment of daring, sprayed myself again. When I got home and went on Fragrantica, I noticed there was the Legere version, and something kind of clicked in my head. The only difference between original and this version IMO is that instead of patchouly, there is a milky musk scent to it. The sweetness has been tamed in this flanker, and it also has a nicer drydown with a lot more musk.

Don't be fooled into thinking that La Vie Est Belle L'Eau de Parfum Legere is a lighter, more Summer appropriate scent.
La Vie Est Belle and her accompanying flankers have been an extremely popular release for Lancome.
Not the easiest fragrance to wear, but once you have succeeded at having the perfect outfit and mood for that, it is a nice perfume. Hmm, I found that without the patchouli, it kind of fell a bit flat and non evolving, at least on my skin.
This is much more wearable and less cloying than La Vie Est Belle, but still something irritates me about it… They do both smell extremely similar, so still too sickly sweet for me perhaps. This came as a sample with an order I recently received, and I will admit I did not think much of it at first glance. I do not at all agree that this is anywhere near Flowerbomb which has only proved itself to be a one note, flat liner to me. It (Flowerbomb) just doesn't seem to go anywhere, where as LVEB L'eau takes you from the dizzying, bubbly rooftops of currant and pear then sails downward into a warm, almost caramel-like descent, adorned by sweet, light floral breeze, finally down to earth on top of a musky, praline and vanilla lined trail, into this forest carnival I find myself in. I do appreciate personal opinions in reviews, but what I find most beneficial is an assessment of quality!
This fragrance is of excellent quality, while still embodying the modernized french wave composition we've all come to know, and that may just be too familiar at this point. The new version exudes white musk aura, which is added to the original "edible" aromas of black currant, chocolate praline and vanilla mixed with flowers of jasmine and iris. La Vie Est Belle L'Eau de Parfum Legere was created by Olivier Polge, Dominique Ropion and Anne Flipo.
I'd been coveting it for years so I gave her one of my DKNY Be Delicious Limited Edition fragrances and she gave me this. The patchouli-fruity combination in the original LVEB is also replaced by a milky musk, which makes the Legere version a little more creamy and a little more emphasis on cacao. Like the original one, the Legere version is like a big pink smile, ideal when you want some fun or to indulge in some gourmand cravings. I couldn't remember if the Ulta one was the original or not, but the word Legere seemed familiar. I sprayed it on my arm where it sat for two hours before I put on a sweatshirt, and the next day the arm of the sweatshirt still smelled like it. They are almost identical only that the Legere one smells a bit like a hot beverage to me, something like mocha or cappucino.
It starts off as a typical sweet floral but slowly you begin to notice there's something about it that's so musky and sensually sexy.

The original La Vie Est Belle is so close to being a perfume I love, but it has something that ruins it for me. Smells like candy floss and stays on clothes for days, so very good lasting power for a 'lighter' perfume.
The kind of fragrance that has all its cards out on the table, with no tricks or surprises up its sleeves.
So much more sweet and fruity than the original, witch i also do like, but this is just waaay better.. But overall I find these two versions quite similar both in smell and strength, and I probably won't be able to tell them apart if I catch a whiff. Although personally I don't find this kind of creamy sweetness to be cloying, it's definitely a fragrance for those who have a sweet 'nose'. Still, something about it called to me, and I was sad it didn't work out between us (gave me a headache and had to be washed off).
While the original was a little too sweet for me, La Vie Est Belle L'Eau de Parfum Legere wears a lot better on my skin. While I can't picture myself ever buying a La Vie Est Belle fragrance or flanker, I think if anyone were to twist my arm and make me choose, La Vie Est Belle L'Eau de Parfum Legere would be the obvious choice. I hadn't heard much of anything about this fragrance or its notes, so at first spray my jaw did drop slightly.
I can see how it'd be more versatile, as it smells less syrupy and heavy than the original.
If anything, I actually had very low hopes for a LVEB without patchouli, as I kind of thought without the earthiness of patchouli it would just be a syrup bomb, but I was WRONG! It's also much smoother and creamier, which works REALLY well with the sweetness of praline and black currant. The patchouli in the original one isn't the damp, earthy type, but rather the sparkling type present in many Chanel fragrances. I like that type of patchouli, but my guess is that it doesn't work too well (for me) with extreme candy sweetness. Of course this is just my personal preference, but if you have the same preference I think you might like this version better than the original. As far as sillage and longevity, I can't comment on longevity as I've only had it on for a few hours (well at least you know it lasts for a few hours, lol) but I really like the sillage of this.

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