The Armor of Brutus was a virtually unbreakable set of armor once in the possession of the Assassin Marcus Junius Brutus. The armor was stolen and treasured by the Followers of Romulus, who sealed it within a gate locked by six keys. The armor looked much heavier and bulkier than Ezio's Master Assassin robes, due to the fur cloak that was padded along the pauldron and around the neck of the hood. There was a silver eagle on the right shoulder that held the cape in place, as well as on the waist area where the Assassin insignia was located on Ezio's other outfits.
The hood and cape appeared to be connected, with both being dyed red and possessing a golden trim. The Armor of Brutus was named after its initial possessor, Marcus Junius Brutus, the Assassin responsible for killing Gaius Julius Caesar.
Since it had similar properties to the Armor of Altair, this implied that the creator used information gained from an Apple of Eden in order to create it.
Before his death, Brutus hid his armor away in a secret location, which was apparently found and then protected by the Followers of Romulus. Upon encountering the Followers in the ruins of Nero's Golden Palace and reading the first scroll of Brutus, Ezio sought out the other keys, eventually obtaining the Armor of Brutus.
The armor resembles an outfit worn by the fictional character Maximus Decimus Meridius in the film Gladiator. When reliving memories after the Armor of Brutus has been acquired, it replaced Ezio's armor in the event that the memory didn't have his current armor available at the blacksmiths' shops.
It is unknown what happens to the Armor of Brutus after the events of Brotherhood, as Ezio did not wear it upon his arrival in Masyaf.
It is the only armor in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood to change both Hidden Blade gauntlets.
Ana was one of Overwatch’s founding members, and has long since hung up her sniper rifle. PlayStation 4 is just three days away from launching in Europe along with Australia and other countries. Both Europe gamers and Australian gamers now share the same fate, the fate of expensive digital games on PSN store compared to their counterpart released in North America.

Not gonna just take your word for it and not interested in this enough to research it myself.
It might be convenient for some in regional areas (even then I would be creating a USA psn account and buying US psn codes online to get games for US$60) with no local stores. These are Australian prices, Sony isn’t charging more than what Aussies pay at retail.
You need to consider tjhe cost of living in Australia is much lower, plus we have a higher minimum wage.
And this is why digital will never take over in the Nanny State – Some of the PS Vita games were almost 100 AUD on the Aus PSN when first released as well. It was one of the strongest known armors of the Renaissance and was found alongside the Dagger of Brutus.
After obtaining the keys, the armor came into the possession of another Assassin, Ezio Auditore da Firenze. It was unknown when the fur was added, but it may have been a tribute to Romulus by his Followers. The bottom of the robes were in three layers, each one on top of the other, and came down to Ezio's knees. The chest armor and spaulders were mostly metal, but the left spaulder appeared to be made out of a light type of stone, while the vambraces and greaves were completely leather. There was no detail on the hood itself, and it was more rounded in shape, with a similar appearance to Altair Ibn-La'Ahad's hood. It was an heirloom of his family, but it was unclear exactly when the armor was forged and by whom. In his scrolls, Brutus revealed that he himself held a Piece of Eden, although it was unclear whether Brutus used that information to modify an existing set of armor.
The Followers were told by their leaders that the armor had been worn by their deified patron Romulus, and kept the keys to the armor's cage within each of their six secret lairs spread throughout the city of Rome. Neither Ezio nor any other character in the series was known to mention the armor after the conclusion of Brotherhood. She’s back in the fray now, giving support players a new way to keep the team healthy.

Ana’s biotic rifle both heals allies and deals damage over time to those on the opposing team. Biotic grenade heals allies in a small area, while both dealing damage and nullifying any incoming healing effects to foes. The Sims 4 revealed a new screenshot which displays some of the clothing options available for men.
To get things prepared, Sony has officially launched the PlayStation 4 PSN Store for Australian gamers and to their surprise the prices for digital gamers are shooting over the moon. Such prices for digital games will limit gamers to stay with the physical copies of the game which, more or less, will be cheaper than the digital games plus you’ll get a shiny case for your collection.
Big W did the same thing with Xbox One games when they were similar prices on the Xbox store.
Yeah it sucks, but PSN always has sales which make for good shopping, otherwise just stick with stores like JB Hifi, they’re usually 30% cheaper than PSN. Some larger chains over here seem to be lowering their prices now though due to everyone importing, so here’s hoping it starts a new trend for Aussie game prices. However, these layers acted in a similar fashion to a kilt, completely covering the legs, whereas the Master Assassin robes parted at the sides and front-to-back to keep movement unencumbered. The latter two pieces were also very plain-looking, having little design compared to the rest of the armor. The cost of living in Australia is astronomical, it’s got some of the most expensive cities in the world. And prices are never lowered – COD BO2 costs the same, and even MW3 has the same price tag.
Unlike other purchasable vambraces, the Vambraces of Brutus came in a set of two, for both Ezio's left and right arms. On top of the shafting we get from living costs all software and hardware is 1.5-2x the cost of the US, yet the exchange rate has the dollar nearly on par with the US dollar.

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