Fundraiser to Support Delaware Open Carry!We've come to that time of the year when our server lease and domain name registrations are coming up for renewal. If you go to a range (Elk Neck, for one) that does not supply a stand for your tagets, I have an answer. Liverpool FC have unveiled their vision for a redeveloped Anfield stadium, that could eventually take the new capacity to around 59,000.
The proposals centre around an initial expansion of the Main Stand, the oldest stand at Anfield, which will see an increase of 9,000 seats to take the new capacity after stage one to 54,000. After a period of consultation Liverpool hope to apply to the council this summer for planning permission.
The plan will see the Shankly Gates moved, and after consultation with the Hillsborough families, the Hillsborough flame and memorial will be moved to a special cloister area of the new Main Stand. There will be a lot more corporate areas in the new stand - currently the majority of LFC's corporate clients use the facilities in the oppposing Centenary Stand. The cost of this could be around ?100M although LFC expect to sell the naming rights to the stand, not the stadium, to reduce costs. If the demand for tickets is still there they will press on with the regeneration of the Anfield Road stand which could add a further 5,000 seats taking total capacity to just under 60,000. Supporters will be thrilled to know that both the Shankly statue, and seemingly The Albert pub are unaffected by these expansion plans!
The brick-work has been specifically designed to fit in with the other stands around the famous ground.
The whole design is a major step forward and only hope it does not get bogged down by finances and politics. I agree with some comments below… The Kop stand may be dwarfed by the new main stand and Anfield Road double-decker. I’m not sure the Centenary Stand has the possibility of expansion without buying out the next road, maybe just the addition of video screens to either end may come.
Only the Anfield Road stand, the others due to their location can’t be expanded due to the proximity to the roads, houses etc. Correct, not to mention the council won’t consent to a capacity much larger than 60k due to transportation infrastructure issues. I have an Audi A3 and want to take off the gear-box in order to replace the DMF and clutch.
That said, the boxes would make for a nice stable platform and can be built using 2x4 scraps. Actually, What I'd probably do is lay a couple 2x4's under your tires in the spacing you want them. Unless you have lots of scrap 2x4s these will be expensive lift stands, heavy and will take lots of storage space. If you're removing the drivetrain the car will be constantly moving, shifting and raising as you remove weight. Malone Tuned, SBC Stage II Daily, Nicktane Cat 2 fuel filter, Dieselgeek bypass oil filter, Whitedog intake hose fix, A4 Defender skid plate, GLI Recaros, Check Temp III, Ventectomy, LED trunk lighting mod, Volx glass headlight lenses, VR6 front and wagon rear springs. How high can I lift the car by adding up layers of wood blocks, so I could dismount the gear-box fully and work more or less comfortably under the car?
If you are using the specs in the myturbodiesel DIY, then both bottom and top blocks together give you 14" of lift (keep in mind that since you are lifting from the bottom of the wheels, this makes for a lot of room under the car).
Bottom line - I would not use a Maxjax lift without making some fairly extensive modifications.
My plan is to use the standart jack the car is equiped with and put large wood blocks underneath it in order to rise the car gradually while putting the blocks under the wheels, e.g.
One thing to keep in mind with these calculations is that there is a cross bar that ties the top of most of these portable lifts together.
That said, I would not install these in an older garage with unknown concrete quality and depth. Sunday night, two gunmen opened fireoutside an anti-Muslim event in Texas, and were quickly shot dead. So why did Geller claim that the attackers represent large numbers of American Muslims — as she puts it, "your everyday, run of the mill moderates praising mind-numbing savagery" — although her only evidence for that are a few Twitter accounts linked to ISIS, one of which may have belonged to one of the attackers, and none of which represent any American Muslims?
And plenty of people know this, not just American Muslims, who might be presumed to be partial. Anders Breivik, the Norwegian who killed dozens of fellow Norwegians and published a long, rambling screed justifying his murderousness, cited Geller repeatedly to justify his terrorist actions.
There are other American values, too, which deserve mentioning: Exercising your freedoms with responsibility.

And should you be surprised if a few people react violently, even if that violence is unacceptable?
The fantasist also referenced co-founder of Stop the Islamisation of America, Robert Spencer, more than 50 times. His thinking on these issues is clearly influenced by Robert Spencer of “Jihad Watch”, who also calls for a new “Crusade” against Islam in his books. Despite these statements, Geller continues to depict Abdul Rauf as a terrorist sympathizer.
Well, now we have a Crusade-compliant terrorist who has accumulated explosive chemicals, blown up a federal building with a bomb on the order of Oklahoma City, and gunned down scores of civilians. Anders Breivik's Christian Terrorism in Norway: Are Pamela Geller and other anti-Islamist bloggers responsible?
How about Anjem Choudhary, they took his passport but he's still a free man, free to speak his mind, and he sure does !
In the US, even rabidly anti establishment conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones and his Infowars platform can broadcast freely and are allowed to flourish, that's a good thing, freedom and free speech are good things. The extremist, may also fit into the above category or may only keep their radical ideas from becoming a reality. Both promote violence, both excuse it, and both add to those hundreds, thousands and hundreds of thousands of deaths you mentioned. I made a vow, if ever he or one of his followers crosses my sight, I will beat and assault them. There is a BIG difference between freedom of speech, and incitement of hatred and violence.
However, Pam and Spencer's blogs are now KNOWN to incite violence, the mass murderer Breivik cited their work some 50 times in his writings!!! I worked for a company that did security for one of her events her group co-organized with another. She knows if she says certain things at the appropriate decibel to a receptive audience , it will bring her money.
She is going to write a book about this, " attempt on her fearless life, but she remains standing strong with American values wrapped all around her " !!! Both are horrible but I would say the former given history's recent track record is more dangerous. It's been forever since i've been on here,(don't mind the dates on the pics thier wrong, the pics were taken today 3-3-10) but this is it so for, waiting for the weather to get warmer so i can paint. Attached are photos of a knock-apart target stand I made from one length of PVC pipe, 4) tees and 4) caps. We can’t just presume that we’ll get planning but again we’d like to be optimistic about that. The podium idea is superb and gives a focal point to the Hillsborough Memorial, which, of course, would be sensitively re-sited. But obviously we can’t go about increasing all the stands at once as that would require complete stadium closure.
The roof stanchions of all four stands prevent cheaply infilling the corners, too expensive for little gain. Sostituirlo non costa tanto, e che dubito che tu di domenica possa trovare qualcuno che ti venda un buon coassiale e magari dubito che la persona media abbia una sonda in casa lol. I am going to measure everything tomorrow at a parking place and will start planning the actual construction of the wood I can get locally cheaply. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. While Geller claims to stand for American values, much of what she does undermines our values.
Security prevented what could have been a far greater tragedy, and I am thankful for that, and for those authorities who put their lives on the line to protect our freedom of speech.
In fact, every major mosque in the Garland, Texas, area not only shrugged off the anti-Islam event happening in their backyard, but also declined to exercise their equal right to peacefully protest it. This is because American Muslims -- our mosques and our leadership -- reject radicalism out of hand.
The UK's conservative, right-wing government even banned her from the kingdom (along with her colleague Robert Spencer). Vile human beings, they lie, cheat and weasel into debates with idiots who don't properly represent us and then spend the rest of their days fueling hatred through propaganda which they know full well to be biased and false. In his demented work, he cited Robert Spencer and his ideology many times with regards to Islam, the religion itself and it's place in Europe.

Breivik frequently cited another blog, Atlas Shrugs, and recommended the Gates of Vienna among Web sites. He cited her blog, Atlas Shrugs, and the writings of her friends, allies, and collaborators—Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch, Islam Watch, and Front Page magazine—more than 250 times.
Abdul Rauf, accused of radicalism by Geller and Republican politicians, has done everything possible to refute the charge. And just the week before that, we had a 20-year-old from Saudi Arabia, here on a student visa in Dallas, who had accumulated all of the chemicals necessary to create a bomb on the order of the Oklahoma City federal building bombing. Don't hold your breath waiting for Bachmann or anyone else in Congress to investigate the Christian angle. A terrorist, and militant extremist is that who kills and acts on his ideology, these are the lowest of the low.
Many, many, critics of Islam are very vocal about their views on it, and I have no issue with them, their beliefs are their own, none of my business. But I still say, Charlie Hebdo should be allowed to do whatever they want, as they have been doing, it's freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Without advance knowledge of questions that would be asked of her, she has no idea what to answer back. While sadly these same people will on the other side lobby governments to band abortion, death-sentences to murderers, and continue to be stupid. No one in their right state of mind would pay a heed to what this wretched woman Pamela has to say.
Some idiot blows up a jihadi bomb, some idiot such as this woman starts a website sounding all patriotic and then that inspires some lone loser somewhere to the next event. What I would like to see in the ground is some electronic screens for replays, half time scores and the like. There were reasons why both the Centenary and Kop stands weren’t built larger by Moores, those reasons still remain. The larger ones for trucks usually work quite well to get a car high enough to get the gearbox out the bottom. But this isn't only about free speech — which, it should go without saying -- is a right for all Americans. Pamela Geller, an outspoken critic of Islam who runs Atlas Shrugs, wrote on her blog Sunday that any assertion that she or other antijihad writers bore any responsibility for Mr.
Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, and Newt Gingrich agree with Geller that no mosque should be built near Ground Zero.
Less obvious examples involve generally disenfranchising Muslims from both ends of the spectrum. She is an expert so much so that she gets invited to offer her opinion on Islamic extremism, which she happily obliges. The mullah anti-infidel speech and this sort of anti-moslem sharia speech both have the exact same effect . I wanted to go with something with very little tread, easier around corners with a live axle! I purchased rubber pads for the top of mine that also help to protect the vehicle from chipped paint. It's also about how some people use freedom of speech to subvert other American values. She's not celebrating hate speech for the sake of free speech, but to provoke reactions that polarize America, set people at odds, and alienate Muslims, who are American citizens and often first in line to report planned terrorist attacks. Herman Cain, in the style of George Wallace, just went to Murfreesboro, Tenn., to support local bigots who want to stop the construction of a mosque there. She openly supports for example the EDL, a racist organization that inspired Breivik to commit his massacre in Norway. Should she put up advertisements in New York with the beneath-contempt claimthat killing Jews is obligatory for Muslims? With this setup the vehicle could move a little but if the brakes work well and the 2x4's are tight up against the tires then it should work well.
That's what it means to ask us all to condemn actions, when we have nothing to do with those actions.

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