They also do not like to be reminded that their north west chairman, Peter Entwhistle, was convicted of child abuse last December.
Even more disturbing is that UKIP MEPs voted against measures to kerb sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children and child pornography in the European Parliament. Fairly conclusive proof that UKIP are only interested in child abuse when there is an election seat to be won. The truth is the Left despise ordinary white people so much they simply couldn’t give a toss about their children. Was Entwhistle shielded by other UKIP supporters in the same way that Muslim paedophiles were shielded by Labour and UAF supporters? Do you think Muslims who see a child rapist as the perfect human are fit to be around children?
The days of politically correct propaganda are running out as people realise the consequences of what you’ve done. Ukip vote against European laws because they don’t want to be part of a big eussr super state, controlled by a German backed Brussels. So a long winded Kipper rant but the article is about UKIP MEP’s not being bothered about child abuse.

Are there any facts to the waffle you have just wrote or is it a fantasy island script by Robert Spencer and Pam Geller. I have looked at the claimed scholarly work on Islam posted on the EDL webshite and for the readers of that site it is not hard for them to believe that what is on the webshite is factual. Before the EDl Webshite and Casuals United Webshite started to cut, copy and paste the shite they do, the EDL members only intake of Literature was the page 3 of the Sun and the writings on Toilet walls and doors.
But as of yet he has not given us the proof of that with details of who he studied with and the books he studied. Only thing they do is expose the foolishness of their claim and no one takes them seriously. No one talks about the police officer in Rotherham, who happened to be a muslim, who on a number of occasions spoke up on the abuse of girls in Rotherham and even made allegations of other fellow Rotherham Police Officers involved in the cover up. A small group of great friends accidentally stumbled upon the EDL while challenging the BNP in the run up to the 2010 General Election. It’s you who wants to change the subject of thousands of white girls being raped by Muslims and how the Left covered it up. Any European law is voted against because ukip wants the British to independently make their own laws, not be dictated to by Brussels.

Since that point, with the help of many friends and loyal fans we have managed to expose numerous acts of violence, racism, corruption and religious hatred spewing from the English Defence League since their conception.
That’s odd really, because by the looks of their self-portraits they seem to regard it as their spiritual home. I sincerely doubt that the Clapton Ultras have insulted Lee Rigby, who has unwittingly and very much against the wishes of his family, been turned into a far-Right martyr.
These days if you smashed a Cadbury's Flake with your fist and threw the contents across your front room, you would have a fine depiction of the Far Right in Britain: but if you feel a rising concern about Extreme Right Wing movements poorly disguised as challengers of Islamic extremism we hope you will follow us. Indeed, at the bottom of the post there are the contact details given out in order to harass the club.

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