After botox injections on the forehead, it is possible to get complains regarding swellings above the eyebrow from patients. Conjunctivitis is inflammation of the conjunctiva, the transparent membrane that covers the eye and lines the eyelids. Idiopathic or primary livedo reticularis refers to a netlike pattern of reddish-blue skin discoloration, usually on the legs. In TED optic neuropathy, the optic nerve becomes compressed by the enlarged muscles at the narrow orbital apex where the nerve exits the orbit to enter the brain cavity. The patient symptoms may include central visual blurring, loss of peripheral vision or colour desaturation. Objective measures of optic neuropathy include a loss in central visual acuity and colour vision, an afferent pupil defect, and infrequently congestion or pallor of the optic nerve. Ancillary testing includes coronal CT or MR Scans to confirm crowding of the orbital apex, standardized visual fields, and rarely VEP or optic nerve head photos.
Because the disease is usually in the active or progressive phase when optic neuropathy develops, some clinicians may arrange additional radiotherapy subsequent to the decompression to prevent further enlargement of the muscles and recurrence of neuropathy. Success of therapy for TED optic neuropathy from both a clinical or research standpoint is based on specific improved measurements for central vision, colour vision and visual fields.
Symptoms of ocular and periocular soft tissue inflammation include orbital aching at rest or with movement, and eyelid or conjunctival swelling and redness.
The Clinical Activity Score (CAS) described and validated by Mourits and the Amsterdam Orbitopathy group assigns one point for each of the following: orbital pain at rest, orbital pain with movement, chemosis, caruncular edema, eyelid edema, conjunctival injection and eyelid injection.
The VISA Inflammatory Score modifies the CAS slightly by widening the grade for chemosis and lid edema from 0-2. Lid edema is graded as 1 if it is present but not causing overhanging of the tissues, and as 2 if it causes a roll in the lid skin including festoons in the lower lid.
The pain score is based on the patient’s report of deep orbit discomfort rather than ocular surface irritation (0 = no pain, 1 = pain with movement, 2 = pain at rest).
Treatment of active inflammation in TED depends on its inflammatory score and evidence of progression. In general, if the inflammatory grade is 5 or more, or if there is subjective or objective evidence of progression in the inflammation, more aggressive therapy should be considered, including oral or intravenous corticosteroids, radiotherapy, and in refractory cases, immunosuppressive agents. Combination therapy is receiving increasing attention in severe, progressive cases [26, 27] and interest is also turning to new immunomodulatory agents, such as anti-tumor necrosis factor agents (etanercept, infliximab) or B-lymphocyte directed therapy (rituximab). The symptoms for strabismus include a progression from no diplopia (double vision), diplopia with horizontal or vertical gaze, intermittent diplopia in straight gaze, and constant diplopia in straight gaze. Strabismus can be measured objectively by prism cover testing in different gaze directions. Ancillary testing includes using the Goldmann perimeter to quantify ocular ductions in four directions.  The patient keeps both eyes open and follows the V4e light target, tapping a coin when the image becomes double.
Figure 4b: Once the inflammation controlled and the strabismus measurements are stable, prisms may be offered or alignment surgery with adjustable sutures can be performed. Symptoms in this category include appearance concerns such as bulging of the eyes, eyelid retraction and fat pockets, as well as exposure complaints of foreign body sensation, glare, dryness or secondary tearing.
Objective measures of appearance change include eyelid retraction (measured in millimeters), proptosis (measured with the Hertel exophthalmometer), and documentation of redundant skin and fat prolapse.  Measures of exposure include corneal staining or ulceration.
Rarely a tarsorrhaphy (temporarily suturing the upper and lower lids) or emergency orbital decompression may be required for severe exposure or corneal ulceration. Once the inflammatory phase has settled, management for proptosis might include orbital decompression and for eyelid retraction may include upper lid lowering from an anterior or posterior approach or lower lid elevation.31  These surgical measures often relieve many of the exposure complaints. ITEDS is a non-profit society dedicated to educating the public and physicians about thyroid eye disease as well as conducting research to understand the disease and lead to prevention and cures. If you have a low tolerance for pain then on a pain scale of 1-10 you might give rook piercing a 5 or 6. Rook piercing needs proper care during the healing period to avoid infection and other complications. A single piercing is made horizontally above the inner ridge with a backing behind the ear, similar to conch piercing. What is triple ear piercing Embellishing the ear lobe with differently designed jewelry is enough to make a trendy statement. What is high nostril piercing Nostril piercing can never go out of fashion for its umpteen variations and availability of a plethora of stylish nose jewelry.
What is third eye piercing One of the variations of bridge piercing, third eye piercing is the perforation of the bridge of the nose done vertically between the eyebrows. In such cases, this results from a descent of the brow tissue bringing the eyebrow down as well.

These appear on the face when there is an accumulation of dirt, oil and bacteria around the hair follicles.
Where the cause is an injury resulting from trauma, some suturing may need to be done in case the injury is severe. Allergic conjunctivitis is common, and can be triggered by factors such as cosmetics, contact lens solution or pollen.
These symptoms are characteristic of bacterial conjuntivitis, by pathogens such as Staphylococcus and Streptococcus. This interferes with flow of information through the optic nerve connecting the eyes to the brain. As a summary grade, VISA lists optic neuropathy as present or absent since most clinicians would attempt some treatment for this condition if present.
The common treatment for TED optic neuropathy initially is high dose corticosteroids either by intravenous route (1 gram Methyl-prednisolone over 30 minutes on alternate days for 3 treatments) or oral route (100 mg prednisone daily on a tapering dose) with an expectation that vision should improve within days of therapy. Radiotherapy is administered using a lateral port focused behind the globe to minimize the risk of retinal or lens exposure; it is divided into 10 fractions of 200 rads over two weeks [23] and is contraindicated in diabetics because of the risk of inciting or aggravating retinopathy. The worst scores from any of the four eyelids are recorded in the inflammatory score table on the far right section of the table. The additional grading scores for chemosis and lid edema allow for documentation of more subtle changes in inflammatory features between visits. If the score is less than 4 out of 10, and there is no deterioration based on history or sequential clinical examination, conservative management is offered with reassurance, cool compresses, nocturnal head elevation, and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories. The piercing is specifically located along the inner ridge of the ear cartilage, parallel to the outer rim. An infected piercing causes soreness, swelling, and pus discharge that delays the healing process. As the pierced area offers limited space, you might feel more comfortable wearing smaller jewelry with cute designs. You might have the most painful experience while getting the double piercing done, but it’s worth the effort. When you use facial and cosmetics products that contain ingredients your skin is sensitive to, a swelling may result.  This could be a new brand of eye shadow or eye pencil.
Other secondary causes of infections on the eyebrow area could be piercings and ingrown hairs. It is approximated that out of the many traumatic injuries occurring each year in the United States, 85 percent results from accidents, at work, during contact sports and in car crashes. This method is effective because it tends to melt the components of the cyst which are mainly hardened deposits of sebum for reabsorption into the body. Where the injury is only limited to the area around the eye, it may as well result in other injuries to it.
Sebaceous cysts are small bumps that develop when the sebaceous glands of the skin produce excess sebum.
This occurs when the area is subjected to trauma leading to the buildup of fluids which is seen as a swelling. Once this happens, the    thick skin tends to rest lower than normal and thus appear swollen. When one has a pimple, it is advisable to resist squeezing it out as this could cause the bacteria to get trapped deeper into the skin. Treatment includes avoiding any known cause and using antihistamine eye drops to relieve the symptoms. This condition can be very painful and is highly infectious and is usually treated with antibiotic eye drops or ointments. Ectropion is caused by a loss of tissue elasticity and weakness in the muscles surrounding the eye, usually due to old age. The severity of the neuropathy is reflected in the individual measurements of central and colour vision.
In most cases, this treatment will cause incomplete or only temporary visual improvement so that surgical decompression of the medial wall is required (through a Lynch, transcaruncular or endoscopic transethmoidal approach) or through a lateral approach (thinning the outer boney wall of the orbit near the apex) in order to relieve pressure more permanently on the optic nerve at the crowded orbital apex.
An additional point is assigned for diurnal variation of symptoms, to reflect the variability in congestion typically seen during the active phase.
Treatment may be needed in some cases to reduce the inflammation and clear any build-up of fluid. The entrance and exit holes will be marked with a pen after the area is thoroughly cleaned. We explore this and other related issues such as swollen under or above eye, swollen piercing and many more to see what can be done and how to avoid such situations.

Where an infection occurs, it might be important to seek the opinion of your piercer to see if you should remove the piercing and how to best take care of the hole so it does not close up. Inhaling or getting into contact with things your skin is allergic to could as well cause reactions. Shaving can as well result in ingrown hairs which in the end cause formation of bumps and swelling around the affected area. Place the compress on the swelling for 15 minutes two times daily until the cyst disappears. This includes damage on the eye muscles, optic nerve, the tear duct as well as the sinuses. With certain treatments such as aloe vera and cold compresses, the burns can be soothed and the formation of new cells hastened.
With this kind of injury, treating the area with a cold compress will help to reduce swelling. If the area remains swollen and painful, rush to the piercing parlor to get the jewelry removed. Below we explore various causes and their appropriate form of treatment that will help relieve the swelling fast. With this kind of situation, applying a cold compress will help to soothe the inflammation. Contact dermatitis is an allergic reaction that results when the skin touches a substance it is sensitive to. Swellings as a result of sinus problems, piercings or contact dermatitis require the treatment of the underlying cause if they are to be eliminated.
In case it does not die out with time, you may have to consult a doctor on the same so they can administer relevant antihistamines.
Where this is the case, refrain from handling the area as this could spread the infection further. Where the swelling is associated with other symptoms such as fever, severe headaches and nausea, medical attention should be sought immediately as these could be indicative of serious internal injuries.
Where you have to, only use a small amount of concealer makeup to avoid piling up more impurities on it. Sometimes, a rook piercing is made while doing an industrial piercing, two separate piercings connected by a straight piece of jewelry. Where the infection is fungal, you may notice redness, itching and some elevated patches of plaques. To soothe the irritation and treat the swelling, you can make use of topical corticosteroids.
Bursae help to make movement smooth between bones which 'stick out' and the overlying skin.
The bursa at the back of the elbow over the olecranon is the most common bursa to become inflamed. For example, people who lean on their elbows a lot cause friction and repeated mild injury over the olecranon. For example 'student's elbow' when it occurs in people who study with their elbows leaning on a desk. Other names include 'miner's elbow', 'plumber's elbow', etc, when the job involves crawling a lot using elbows.) One-off injury such as a blow to the back of the elbow may set off inflammation.
However, it is possible that some of these are due to a mild injury that has been forgotten. A bursitis associated with arthritis may not be painful itself, but you will have other symptoms related to the arthritis such as joint pains. However, scans and blood tests are sometimes done to rule out other causes of elbow swelling such as infection (septic arthritis), gout or rheumatoid arthritis.
If you have had a significant injury, an X-ray might be needed to make sure you have not got a fracture. If a small amount of fluid remains once the inflammation has gone then this can be left alone.

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