Certain infections like mononucleosis (caused by virus), toxoplasmosis (caused by parasite) and endocarditis (caused by bacteria) may cause pain in the spleen.
Sickle cell anemia is a genetic disorder in which the blood cell takes the shape of a sickle and people with this problem may get spleen pain. Lymphoma is a type of cancer on the lymph tissue attacks the blood cells in the spleen making it enlarged.
Other causes of spleen pain include cyst in the ovary, inflammatory diseases, a large abscess caused by bacteria and trauma during sports events.
Usually symptoms are rare and the individual will not feel pain until the spleen gets enlarged. Normally, your spleen is about the size of a fist, but a number of conditions from infections to liver disease and some cancers can cause an enlarged spleen, or splenomegaly. An enlarged spleen may begin to filter normal blood cells aside from abnormal ones, which can reduce the number of healthy cells in the blood. Although people with an enlarged spleen generally feel no pain, they have reported feeling something on their left side that shouldn’t be there. This organ forms part of lymph system and does the duty of drainage work, protecting your body from infection.
It can be caused by liver diseases, infections and blood related problems and also irregularity in the lymph system.

The sickle cells are capable of blocking the blood vessels in the spleen, making it without oxygen. Some of the symptoms reported are discomfort and fullness feeling in the abdomen (more particular after a meal), fatigue, weight loss and frequent infections. An enlarged spleen definitely requires treatment either by medications or by surgery, depending on the intensity of the damage caused to spleen. Abdominal pains and chest pains are hard to diagnose without a complete investigation of whatever is ailing the patient. It’s found under your ribcage, next to the stomach, on the left side of your abdomen. It can also trap blood platelets, which eventually will clog the spleen and interfere with normal functioning.
Blood cells are produced in the spleen and it stores iron in the hemoglobin for further usage. Patients with leukemia (cancer) in which large number of white blood cells are produced with hairs and they gradually fill up the spleen and liver, making it inflamed. Any pain that is felt by the patient specifically in the upper left side of the chest may be commonly associated with diseases of the colon or the spleen. An enlarged spleen may even outgrow its own blood supply, which can damage or destroy sections of the organ.

If you start feeling pain on the left side of the abdomen, right under the rib cage, then it’s time to see the doctor and have your self tested. It also removes dirt and dead tissue from the blood making it pure when it circulates in your body.
In case the spleen ruptures, there may be internal bleeding with lowered blood pressure, which needs immediate medical attention. Surgery will be done if the infection is very severe and is normally done through laparoscopy, making small incisions. When the doctor finds out about it, the patient is required to undergo imaging and blood tests to determine its cause. When the spleen becomes enlarged, it can be felt by your doctor, during physical examination.

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