Burping is the process of expelling gases via mouth and it is quite common for many people to burp or belch after eating.
Eating sulfur rich food stuff like red meats, dairy products, eggs and foul smelling vegetables like cabbage, garlic and onion etc can cause sulfur burps. Intake of certain medications that contain sulfur or amino acids like cysteine can produce the same smell. Gastric infection caused by bacteria can produce egg burps (eggy burps) but it can produce other symptoms like nausea and vomiting along with burping. Eating too much of sulfur rich foods, gastric infection and intake of sulfur containing drugs can cause sulfur burps.
Salads served in restaurants may contain guacamole and other food preservatives causing sulfur burps. For some people sulfur burps are produced due to the action of certain microbes in tier digestive system like H.

Avoid taking too much of eggs and dairy products and other smelling veggies like broccoli, cabbage and garlic. You can easily identify the culprit and avoid taking them or reduce the intake of such foods. However sometimes you (or your partner) may notice rotten egg smelling gas from the mouth which is called sulfur burps.
Eating heavy meals with excess of proteins and eating fast without proper chewing can lead to formation of sulfide gas in the stomach which gets expelled via mouth.
Fiber rich foods will hasten the process of digestion and your system would easily complete the task. Hydrogen sulfide will not be produced in your stomach after taking Pepto Bismol and you will no longer get egg smelling burps. Sulfur burps can be treated and controlled by following simple home remedies and making adjustments in eating habit.

They act on sulfur compounds and release hydrogen sulfide during the process causing sulfur burps. Alka Seltzer is a kind of antacid that neutralizes the acidity in your stomach thus preventing sulfur burps. Overgrowth of bacteria and certain diseases like Celiac and Crohn’s disease can also cause this problem. Consult your doctor if the above common drugs are not helpful in getting rid of sulfur burps since it can be an infection. Your doctor may recommend prescription medications or antibiotics to fight gastric infection.

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