Information provided for research purposes only of course - not in any way a substitute for professional advice! Just a quick question since I am sure you deal with others like me [with a government permit]. You should consider what benefits you get from marijuana, and aim for strains that have the chemical make-up that helps you most, while of course taking into consideration such other important factors as yield and how long each strain takes to finish. Sorry, not any more, but I'm happy to recommend suppliers and otherwise help out kind people.
THC is part retail store, part resource centre for the benefit of all members of the general public. Our governments and media ignorantly and cynically enjoy repeatedly sensationalizing the 'grow op' issue without ever reasonably pointing out that prohibition, rather than the harmless act of growing a plant, is invariably the 'root cause' of any danger related to gardening. My doctor won't sign the application forms for my Health Canada MMAR license, what can I do? As well as being one of our most frequently asked questions, this question has become, by far, the most frustrating one.
Another common drug-war fallacy is that marijuana has somehow become more potent (and hence, more dangerous! Huntington’s disease is an autosomal dominant neurodegenerative disorder (therefore each child of an affected parent has a 50% chance of developing the disease) due to an abnormal expansion of IT-15 gene on chromosome 4 which encodes for the protein huntingtin. The clinical features of Huntington disease (HD) include a movement disorder, a cognitive disorder, and a behavioral disorder. Chorea (derived from the Greek word meaning to dance) is the most common movement disorder seen in HD. As the disease progresses, chorea coexists with and gradually is replaced by dystonia and parkinsonian features, such as bradykinesia, rigidity, and postural instability, which are usually more disabling than the choreic syndrome per se.
In advanced disease, patients develop an akinetic-rigid syndrome, with minimal or no chorea.
Juvenile HD (Westphal variant), defined as having an age of onset of younger than 20 years, is characterized by parkinsonian features, dystonia, long-tract signs, dementia, epilepsy, and mild or even absent chorea. Cognitive decline is characteristic of HD, but the rate of progression among individual patients can vary considerably. Patients with HD also can develop psychosis, obsessive-compulsive symptoms, sexual and sleep disorders, and changes in personality. Physicians prescribe a number of medications to help control emotional and movement problems associated with HD.
Scientific investigations using electronic and other technologies enable scientists to see what the defective gene does to various structures in the brain and how it affects the body’s chemistry and metabolism. Note; feel free to ask me about any queries you have regarding chemistry or physics, or pretty much anything.
Why study Geography?Why is it important to think of yourself as a GLOBAL citizen as well as an American citizen? Central Africa is the home of the African Rain Forests and one of the most beautiful water falls in the world. Feministing is a labor of love and all our staff has other full-time jobs to support their work on the site. Lately, articles have been circulating about the control and punishment of pregnant people for crimes like fetal homicide or assault on a fetus, an issue that we’ve been talking about here for years. A young woman in Louisiana was able to get clean at Freedom House and keep custody of her baby. The case of Tennessee’s SB 1391 is a great example of a law designed to criminalize pregnant people but not to protect children. In fact, many women in Levy and Goldensohn’s piece were turned away from treatment centers because they were pregnant.
One pregnant woman interviewed in the piece was denied by 30 different treatment centers before she attempted to get clean on her own. Babies born with drugs in their system may experience neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS), when they go through withdrawal from the drugs the mother took. But it shouldn’t be too surprising that Tennessee’s SB 1391 is not succeeding in protecting fetuses or children because it was not designed to do so. Mass incarceration and criminalization of marginalized people does not increase public safety, reduce drug addiction, or protect fetuses.
Women are one of the the fastest growing prison populations not because they have suddenly begun to commit more crimes but because mass incarceration is becoming increasingly profitable, and is increasingly being relied upon as a tool of social control. If those in power truly wanted to protect unborn babies, they would defend their mothers, support their fathers, and empower their communities. Indiana passed a fetal defect abortion ban (and put some other restrictions in, too)By Sesali B. Brock Turner, otherwise known as the Stanford swimmer, was convicted in March of sexually assaulting a woman while she was unconscious behind a dumpster.
On Thursday, Republican Indiana governor, Mike Pence, signed into law a bill that bans abortions based on objections to the fetus’s race, gender, or disability status. Cannabis' active ingredients are not water soluble, but will dissolve into oils, fats or alcohol.
What happens with taxes, for instance does a person who grows their own have any right to claim heat, hydro, fertilizer etc? He says that the GENERAL RULE (there are exceptions, but not any that would likely apply in our situation) is that the only medical expenses that you can claim on your taxes are 1) prescription drugs with DIN number, prescribed by a licensed physician, and 2) bills from a licensed physician for treatment (which can include physician's billing for non-prescription medication). Cannabis, like everything else in the world has a great deal of genetic variation within its species, causing different growth characteristics and effects.
As with any other e-mail questions, please try to make your request as specific as you can so I can answer it as quickly and easily as possible. As such, it would be ridiculous and irresponsible for us to disallow entry to people who are young and seeking information. I'm happy to contribute to school, research and (perhaps a bit more selectively) media projects, as our schedules permit.
The risk of fire, water damage, electrical shock and chemical poisoning must be considered and addressed by those who choose to "grow their own." Often, the least understood and most dangerous hazards are also the easiest to avoid. So we continually hear about 'booby traps,' 'grow-op fires,' 'toxic mold,' 'hazardous chemicals,' and even explosions when our confused 'leaders' talk about marijuana.
After years of struggle and stress, after so many court cases, police raids, and 'commissions of inquiry,' after so much media attention, research, education, cooperation and lip service from some doctors, politicians and agencies, and after watching our friends and loved ones suffer and even prematurely leave this earth for no good reason, the world has been brainwashed into thinking that things are a lot better here than they were before.
It has always been assumed that cannabis, like alcohol, impairs the perception, coordination, reflexes and judgment necessary for the safe operation of a motor vehicle. I usually use it in smoothies and yogurts :) Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein Hi Fiber, 3 Pound BagNutiva now has two healthy, cold-milled, organic hemp protein offerings. Most people develop Huntington’s disease between 30-54 years old but it can manifest as early as 4 years old and as late as 80 years.
Severe chorea may appear as uncontrollable flailing of the extremities (ie, ballism), which interferes with function. Dementia and the psychiatric features of HD are perhaps the earliest and most important indicators of functional impairment. Slowing of cognition, impairment of intellectual function, and memory disturbances are seen later.
Language skills become affected in the final stages of the illness, resulting in a marked word-retrieval deficit. Now that the HD gene has been located, investigators are continuing to study the HD gene with an eye toward understanding how it causes disease in the human body.
Laboratory animals are being bred in the hope of duplicating the clinical features of HD so that researchers can learn more about the symptoms and progression of HD. History pin allows you to go anywhere in the world and compare pictures of historical events to what the location looks like in the present. In these stories, women are arrested or incarcerated for ignoring doctor’s orders, using illegal drugs while pregnant, or even for experiencing uncontrollable health conditions like miscarriage. Paltrow and Jeanne Flavin list stories in which women are arrested for seemingly arbitrary or unpreventable causes of miscarriage or still birth. In a piece for The Investigative Fund, Rachael Levy and Rosa Goldensohn break down the new law, which allows for pregnant people to be charged with assault on a fetus and imprisoned for up to 15 years for using criminalized drugs while pregnant.

Many tried to quit using drugs cold turkey, a very difficult and dangerous feat that can hurt the fetus or cause miscarriage. In excruciating pain, she feared that she could lose her pregnancy, and took enough heroin to keep her body stable before driving to Mississippi where she could access maintenance treatment.
Symptoms include sleep problems, excessive crying, and fever, but they do not cause long-term harm nor lead to death.
Supporters of the War on Drugs claim that the criminalization of communities of color is necessary to reduce drug use, but illicit drug use has barely increased and violent crime has decreased during the time that our prison system has exploded in size. Our growing prison (and detention) population puts money in the hands of private prison corporations and incapacitates and disenfranchises the very communities that might vote or organize against those in power: folks of color, women, queer and trans folks, etc.
As a writer at Feministing since 2013, her work has focused on women's movements throughout the Americas for environmental justice, immigrant rights, and reproductive justice. Feministing is a labor of love and all our staff have other full-time jobs to support their work on the site.
Although he faced fourteen years in prison, he was sentenced earlier this month to six months in a county jail and probation.
All Feministing posts are written by the site’s collective of regular columnists and editors. This dissolution actually makes the active ingredients more easily digestible, to the effect that such preparations can be up to and even more than twice as medicinally potent as, for instance, swallowing a bud as-is. So if a licensed doctor could legitimately prescribe or bill you for cannabis, it could be claimed.
The information we provide, whether relating to industrial hemp or to medical marijuana, other herbs, or to any of the many other subjects that we try to help people with, can be very helpful and beneficial even to the point of preventing great harm and otherwise reducing harm to people (in ways especially younger people) due to their own ignorance.
I consider it a pleasure, an effective method of advertising and public relations enhancement, good practice, and a duty to contribute however possible. While we are totally sympathetic about the potential harm reduction benefits of providing 'safer crack smoking' items for example to prevent the spread of disease caused by lip-cutting or lung-bloodying make-shift crack smoking paraphernalia, wading into this touchy subject is not the place of a hemp store. As with virtually all drug-war hysteria, the assertions and insinuations about these dangers are never based on reason and research. More important as an indicator of ripeness, the "resin glands" will start changing from clear to somewhat more milky or brown in appearance.
Sadly this interpretation overlooks the facts - overlooks the fact that our government is a useless bureaucratic mess, a dinosaur of 'democracy,' whose only apparent ability is to actually accomplish SO LITTLE while spending and wasting so much.
And, of course, there have been governmental studies addressing the question: Does marijuana impair driving? After all these decades of lies and idiotic propaganda, the thought that anyone could actually take this recent dose of reefer madness seriously is almost hilarious. Huntington’s disease is clinically characterized by a triad of motor, cognitive and psychiatric symptoms.
In some way - which is not yet understood - the faulty gene leads to a damage of the nerve cells in areas of the brain, including the the basal ganglia and cerebral cortex. This pattern corresponds well to the syndrome of subcortical dementia, and it has been suggested to reflect dysfunction of frontal-subcortical neuronal circuitry. Investigators are implanting fetal tissue in rodents and nonhuman primates with the hope of understanding, restoring, or replacing functions typically lost by neuronal degeneration in individuals with HD. Lawmakers are justifying these actions as necessary to protect “unborn life” but, as we saw in the recent case of the Wisconsin woman who landed in jail without prenatal care for 17 days, these laws are not necessarily achieving their stated goal and are instead functioning to oppress women. One woman was arrested for falling down a set of stairs and inducing a miscarriage, another for delaying a cesarean section which providers thought had caused the still birth of one of her twins.
The law was not accompanied by any changes in the dismal state of drug treatment programs in Tennessee, nor any accommodations for pregnant people seeking treatment.
Others left the state, avoided seeking prenatal care, or even gave birth outside of hospitals for fear of being arrested or losing their children. What can severely harm fetuses is preventing pregnant people from accessing prenatal care, forcing them to give birth in unsafe conditions, or leaving them no other drug treatment option than stopping cold turkey. And though they make up the majority of those incarcerated on drug charges, people of color are not more likely than other groups to use illicit drugs (spoiler alert: white people are). In addition to her writing, Juliana is a Campaigner at, where she works to close the gap between the powerful and everyone else by supporting people from across the country to launch, escalate and win their campaigns for justice. Though we don’t currently accept guest submissions, we have an open platform Community site to which anyone can contribute.
From what we know, due to the lack of vigorous burning a properly-used vaporizer will deliver much more of the desired active chemicals without the tar and other undesirable by-products of combustion.
Apparently some methods of preparation even alter the chemical makeup of the herbal material you are processing - converting some cannabinoids into higher-level ones even (eg.
It seems that there is no allowance for claiming expenses relating to producing your own medication or medicinal herbs.
Indicas typically grow shorter and chunkier, are said to produce more of a "stone" and "body buzz," and are considered to be better for conditions such as those involving pain, anxiety, microbial infection, increased ocular pressure and insomnia. Generally, marijuana plants produce their flowers, thus indicating their sex, when the plants sense that they are receiving somewhat less light per day than a genetically programmed threshold level, as the growing season progresses and the days get shorter. There are also many products in our store(s) that are completely cool to sell to youngsters - hemp twine for jewelry making for example. We cannot afford to take the risk of helping anybody that comes in requesting, or obviously seeking, any items for 'hard drugs.' Please contact the appropriate organizations (drug users' groups and detox facilities for example) for help with this kind of thing. The following graphic may shed some light on the truth: Many interesting comparisons and conclusions can be made to and from these statistics. Our system creates and fosters futility, corruption, pessimism and complacency - among our public servants and the Canadian general public. Of course, even with the restrictions placed on the community that cultivates it, there has been some 'natural selection' with the intention of increasing the potency of Cannabis plants over the years. It is extremely important for people with HD to maintain physical fitness as much as possible, as individuals who exercise and keep active tend to do better than those who do not. Related areas of investigation include excitotoxicity (over-stimulation of cells by natural chemicals found in the brain), defective energy metabolism (a defect in the mitochondria), oxidative stress (normal metabolic activity in the brain that produces toxic compounds called free radicals), tropic factors (natural chemical substances found in the human body that may protect against cell death). Children can also suffer from being separated from their mothers, having a parent incarcerated, as well as from the cycle of poverty that incarceration and untreated drug addiction often exacerbates.
If you want to trigger your plants to flower, generally you must provide an environment in which they receive at least 12 dark hours per day (many people allow their plants to grow larger by allowing only 6 or fewer hours of darkness per day for a little while before triggering them to flower). As for herb smoking accessories, even though there are no laws covering non-tobacco products and we are in a self-policing situation, we do choose to generally stick to a slightly flexible 18+ situation. One interesting comparison is that, according to the the RCMP (and the Canadian Department of Justice and the Angus Reid Group, 1991), 23-34% of Canadian households have firearms in them. Many people harvest different parts of the plant bit by bit as the top may finish first with lower bits finishing soon after, but this may be inefficient if you already have other plants ready to put under your lights. And there have been some improvements in the processes and products used to cultivate Cannabis plants, like virtually all other cultivated plants, mostly with the goal of increasing yields but surely also occasionally with the impact of somewhat increasing the potency of the end product.
It may also present with parkinsonism and dystonia in the young (termed the Westphal variant).
Each person whose parent has Huntington’s disease is born with a 50-50 chance of inheriting the faulty gene.
I say generally and flexible because while many stores follow the Senate Report's recommendation of 16 years, we state 18 and adjust for circumstances (like parents present or contacted, documented medical necessity with parental and MD support, etc. And yet this nonsense has been all over the newspapers and flying out of the mouths of the ignorant all over the world. Cognitive features are characterized initially by loss of speed and flexibility in thinking, but later become more global. So your best bet may be to soak a bud in your favorite booze or gently simmer in butter or oil.
But for the most part, marijuana is still the same plant, and is still grown the same way (under the sun and with natural or otherwise commonplace fertilizers) all over the world as it basically always has been. Psychiatric features may include: depression (most common), mania, obsessive-compulsive disorder, irritability, anxiety, agitation, impulsivity, apathy, and social withdrawal. Indicas may have 0% THC and very high levels of other cannabinoids like CBN (cannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). Under Health Canada regulations regarding rolling papers and similar products, the age limit is 18.

An occasional user may fail a urine test (test positive) three days after smoking a single joint.
In reality, we realize that there is no valid law against marijuana possession in Canada, it was struck down in 2001 (effective from 1995 when the CDSA was enacted). And if occasionally there has been a plant or many grown with an increased level of active chemicals in it, it would be hard to consider this a bad thing! Here's an exerpt from a recent, more intelligent, newspaper article that takes a slightly more realistic stance. This test will usually be able to show whether someone has inherited the faulty gene, but it will not indicate the age at which they will develop the disease. If you're into the coffee idea, you might be able to incorporate ganja and coffee cream or high-fat milk I suppose. The best part of this dynamic feature of the cannabis species is that Indicas and Sativas can be cross-bred, and most available strains possess mixed qualities, characteristics of both Indicas and Sativas. The female flower is made up of seed pods, each of which has two "hairs" protruding from it.
For Tobacco products such as blunts and cigarettes, however, we have to maintain a strict 19+ rule as per related Ontario laws. A heavy user may test positive after abstaining from marijuana for more than a month (Schlosser, 1994). The declaration of invalidity was suspended for a year from July 2000 to allow the government time to implement an adequate program of medical exemption and access in order to save the law.
The more active ingredients, the better the medicine and the less one needs to inhale or otherwise ingest. These hairs exist to catch the pollen dropped by the male plant, allowing the female plant to produce seeds.
This can heat up the fixture, eventually causing it to break, explode or melt and allowing the arcing or super-heated pieces to ignite nearby flammable material. Nobody in their right mind would say that the system we are suffering under is adequate, and therefore the law is dead. If your female plant produces seed, there isn't really anything left of the flower to smoke. It's amazing to leave here thinking we live in the land of the free and come back realizing that we are so very much more "stuck up" and restricted in such important ways than most of the civilized world! But our courts are as useless as our leaders - constantly contradicting themselves and allowing our joke of a government to repeatedly shrug off every court order. Amazingly, we've been seeing strains lately that appear to have growth and appearance characteristics of Indicas while having cannabinoid profiles more in line with Sativa strains, and vice-versa!
If no male is present, the female flowers will just keep getting bigger and more potent, packing on more and more empty seed pods, until harvest time. Even the Supreme Court of Canada has helped to screw this up, with a very closely split decision that should have declared the laws completely unconstituational but somehow did not. And different cannabinoids appear to work both individually and cooperatively - CBN for instance lessening the psychoactive effects of THC. High Pressure Sodium or Metal Halide) lamp (bulb) being installed is screwed in properly, making good contact with the little metal tab in the light fixture's socket. The tab may have been pushed in further by the last bulb that was used, and bulb bases are not always identical - some may screw deeper into the socket than others. You can just lay them, spread out, on a screen (or, less desirably, a flat surface) to dry, or you can try to extend the drying process by putting them in paper bags (or another not-airtight container like a wooden box or drawer). Department of Transportation conducted research with a fully interactive simulator on the effects of alcohol and marijuana, alone and in combination, on driver-controlled behavior and performance. There are many hot-air vaporizers on the market, from companies such as VripTech, Vapir, Vaportech and Vapormed.
So when you're picking your seeds, you might choose an indica like Afghani, a sativa like Thai, or something "in between." See also TCC's Medical Marijuana User's Guide. Drawing out the drying process makes for better flavour and potency, but you have to be careful to avoid mold at all costs. Although alcohol was found consistently and significantly to cause impairment, marijuana had only an occasional effect.
Instead of bending the tab themselves, gardeners who notice a malfunction or are otherwise concerned about a less than perfect contact in their electrical setup are recommended to either have their equipment professionally inspected and adjusted, or purchase a new one. A couple rays of hope were recently provided by our friends the Kubbys on the west coast, and the Canadian Medical Protective Agency (Doctor's insuring body): a letter to your doctor and new CMPA Doctor's Release from Liability, which may or may not be helpful in your case.
These products all perform well, each having certain advantages over the others, are really neat and high-tech, but cost an arm and a leg. Even though the sale of seeds is quasi-legal and has long been tolerated (they contain no measurable THC and marijuana is no longer classified completely as an "illicit drug", have been openly available from dozens of companies across Canada and hundreds around the world for many years), we still choose to not sell them out of THC. The drying buds have to be checked and spread out, repositioned regularly to avoid any wet pockets that will cause mold to grow.
Aside from that, it is imporant to note that people ask us this question virtually every day - yours is not an isolated situation but instead a massive and widespread injustice - and something's got to give!
Accidents and speeding tickets reliably increased with alcohol, but no marijuana or combined alcohol-marijuana influence was noted. The Volcano by Storz-Bickel in Germany is currently the ultimate vaporizer (see link below). Toronto Police asked this of us years ago, and until we hear specifically otherwise, sorry no seeds. Many components of a grow room should be replaced periodically to prevent not only safety related problems but health and production concerns. You might want to leave the bags wide open sometimes and folded shut at the top others, depending on such factors as atmospheric as well as bud humidity. You must make sure to dry them to a point where there's no chance for mold, and this generally takes a few days. The researchers tried to control for various factors but they can't rule out the possibility that something else may be at work. Remember that you are likely to get to a point where the outside of each bud feels fully dry and crispy, but the inside will still have a high level of moisture - the paper bag method helps this by encouraging even drying.
After lots of research and development, we think that the new THC Dominizer is the perfect best-of-both-worlds solution for hot-air vaporization.
Many people will put their mostly-dry buds in an airtight container (plastic bag or jar) for a little while (minutes to hours) to allow re-distribution of moisture throughout the buds, then put the now-less-dry feeling buds back into the drying process. For under $20 Canadian (for the glass version, $50 for the steel) we provide a product that seems to work at least as well as the super-expensive vapo-gadgets with generally a much higher level of convenience and ease-of-use. For more information about the THC Dominizer and other vapo-related info, please check out: our Vaporization page. And keep in mind that even after they're properly dry, it is best to allow the buds to continue to "cure" for a couple weeks or so - no work involved, just waiting and making sure they're safe from mold etc. Fully cured buds can be stored in mason jars or airtight bags for months and still be excellent. Refrigeration isn't necessary after proper curing, unless you're stuck with buds that are less than ideally dry and have to refrigerate or freeze them to avoid mold. This likely only applies to situations where it is necessary (for financial reasons perhaps?) to preserve weight. THC is fairly quickly converted by the body into inert metabolites, which can stay in the body for hours or even days.
In other words, (1) marijuana may not impair driving ability at all, and (2) the blood "evidence" only measures an inactive substance which may have been there for days. Even an editorial that accompanied the paper in The Lancet only mentioned the relative risk.

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