We have very little information about the weapons and gadgets which will be added to Battlefield 4 multiplayer once we download the DLC but elementofprogress came across some more information regarding the Ballistic Shield and the new robot which was rumored to be a part of the DLC. Players wondered if the Ballistic Shield will be similar to the riot shield from Call of Duty but after reading the new information, we found out that it is very different from it. With the exception of the PC version that we recently is being delayed with no ETA as of yet, Battlefield 4’s third multiplayer expansion centered around intense naval combat is arriving today for Battlefield 4 Premium members.
Users on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3 can expect the new content, a 4.3 GB download, to roll out throughout the day. The Battle Reports dropdown in the header now shows the platform that the round was played on. According to our tipster (the same tipster who leaked the details behind the new Frostbite 3 game engine), DICE is working to bring a popular BF2 map to Battlefield 4 in a future DLC.
Maps always used to be free… having to dump an extra 60 bucks into a game in order to get all of its expansions (and in the case of BF, paying a rental fee to gain access to server settings and customization options that used to be free and available to any player) is a fairly new thing.
People who played BF2, Unreal Tournament and others from that era feel pretty ripped off by all these extra charges, especially when expansion packs for existing titles were nearly whole games in their own right back then.
Good job knob jockey, not only did you make a completely false statement but you also bollocksed up your link.
Karkand IS smaller in BF3 then it was in BF2, his statement may not apply on all maps but also not on none, muppet. It would be awesome if they turn off the annoying allah w akbar sound effects and leave the mosques there so we can shoot and destroy them all down with the newly added destruction and frostbite engine, wat u think? The B2K maps they have already introduced in BF3 are different and smaller to the original scale. Ubisoft details their plan for free Rainbow Six Seige DLC coming in 2016, as well as announce their intentions regarding the game’s microtransactions.
Recently, Ubisoft has detailed plans for microtransactions within its upcoming first-person shooter, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.
According to Ubisoft, the recently delayed Rainbow Six Siege is to see four content expansions in 2016.
The Road map below shows details about Ubisoft’s plan for release dates, currently aimed for January, April, July and October with exact dates to be confirmed sometime in the future.
Ubisoft announced last September that Rainbow Six Siege DLC maps will be coming free to all players in addition to the 10 initial multiplayer maps already in the base game.
Clumsy players may even end up losing Renown, as killing teammates will have a negative impact on your totals.
Ubisoft reportedly has high hopes for the latest in the Rainbow Six series with CEO Yves Guillemot even going as far as to say that it may be the best-selling shooter in the company’s history, surpassing Far Cry 4 which has sold 7 million copies to date.
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is set to release on December 1st for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. A potential leak of the first two sets of Rainbow Six Siege operators by Ubisoft Mexico gives fans an early look the Canadian and US operators, as well as a new map.

Rainbow Six Siege has been out for over a month now, and despite continuous server problems, gamers have been enjoying the tactical and team-based gameplay that Ubisoft’s latest Tom Clancy product has delivered.
The leaked image of all four operators came from a promotional Ubisoft Mexico video that has since been made private, and the above image certainly matches up with the Operation Black Ice promotional teaser that was released weeks ago. Others have suggested that her trap will be the same one that IQ steps on in her intro video, which would make more practical sense: breachers often watch for laser tripwires and blinking C4 packs, so placing down a pressure-sensitive mat would be a great way to catch attackers unaware. The Canadian Operator DLC was originally slated for an early January release, which may explain why Ubisoft Mexico accidentally put out the video this week. Those still on the fence about the game have a great opportunity to pick it up in an Xbox One bundle, and it comes highly recommended from some of the Game Rant staff! Electronic Arts has launched a massive end of year sale on Origin that discounts several major titles, including Dragon Age: Inquisition, The Sims 4, FIFA 15, and more. It’s not just games on sale though, there are also discounts on special editions, season passes, and DLC packs. Matt has only been covering the gaming world for a short while, but he’s eager to make his mark. Recently, he found out about the Ballistic Shield and the Desert Eagle which will be a part of the upcoming Battlefield 4 DLC called Dragon’s Teeth and now elementofprogress has dug up some new information about the DLC. The shield will protect players from small fire arms such as pistols but the user will take slight damage from explosives, vehicles and from weapons which shot high caliber rounds, such as snipers, before being rendered useless. This lethal little robot is armed with an LMG and four grenade launchers so we can expect this robot to cause a lot of mayhem and destruction.
The same goes for other DLC assignments, unless the objective states a particular expansion, map, etc. Call of Duty Ghosts was a shitty game, no doubt, but at least it ran for more than 5 minutes without crashing out of the box.
Our source tells us that the maps is a remake of Road To Jalalabad, and is in planning design stages. They also added a second flag next to the tv station, making the station much less defensible.
All the waterways were removed and the MEC uncap is significantly more accessible in the BF3 version. Even then, all the AA turrets and mounted machine guns were removed and the C flag is much less defensible with that stupid atrium in the front as the capture point. Also revealed are the company’s plans for Rainbow Six Siege DLC, which will be coming over the course of the next 12 months. Each expansion will add one new map and two characters (known as operators), each armed with a unique gadget, as well as a new primary and secondary weapon. The Road map also states that new game modes will be available, but it is uncertain as to whether we will see any more single player content, or whether the DLC will be solely multiplayer-based. To support this decision, players will use an in-game currency called Renown in the game’s multiplayer, which can be purchased using real money.

Rainbow Six developers have estimated that each player should earn around 1000 Renown per hour of gameplay, but it should be noted that each operator requires 25,000 renown to purchase. These credits act as second in-game currency, available for $4.99 for a pack of 600, which can be used to buy a number of cosmetic features that cannot be obtained through other means. The developers of Rainbow Six Siege have created a fairly robust plan to support the game post-launch, and intend to release a total of eight new operators throughout the year, in tandem with a few free maps. As awesome as a bear trap is, we’re not quite sure how the developers could make that work.
The male is rocking a serious beard, but based on his shadowy low-resolution image, fans of the game haven’t identified much else about him.
The Canadian DLC is now set to release on February 2nd, where season’s pass holders will have exclusive access to the operators for a week.
He came across the assignments which will be added to Battlefield 4 multiplayer alongside the maps, guns, gadgets and new game mode.
I can still kill things when I aim at them, BF4 you need your barrel up someones ass otherwise DICE’s imaginary view of spread takes over and paints your bullets in a circle 6 feet wide all of 2 feet away from a wall. Of course, developers usually have plenty of multiplayer maps in designing stages, and not all see a final release. Spawn traps happen much more frequently because air superiority is given to the US before the round even begins. Renown can also be earned by playing the game and can be used to purchase new characters and weapon skins.
600 Credits is also the amount needed to buy an operator that would otherwise take roughly 25 hours to unlock. This week, the fist two batches of DLC content may have been leaked via a YouTube promotional video. He often thinks back to the days when the very idea of this career seemed like nothing but an impossible dream. It’s a large map that offers a bit of everything, similarly to Strike At Karkand in BF2 and Kharg Island in BF3. They moved a fifth flag onto the left side of the map, making it possible for attackers to win while completely ignoring the back island. Ubisoft have stressed, though,  that the premium skins solely available for purchase with R6 Credits are purely decorative and will not affect gameplay in any way. The female Canadian operator certainly looks aboriginal, which would be a great nod to Canadian heritage. Now, you can capture the one island and turtle along the bridge and play TDM until the round ends.

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