One of my good friends is getting married tomorrow (Congratulations Amy!), so I decided to put together a wedding day survival kit for her! I’m enjoying a lazy night at home this evening, as Newfoundland is blasted with a blizzard and rolling power outages.
The heart marks the date of the happy couple's special day on this stylish tote bag and is finished with the Mrs. Discover what a cummerbund is and why you would wear one at a wedding.Going to a wedding at night?

Once I had all the supplies, I just placed it all into a nice gold basket with some tissue paper. I put some of the smaller items (bandaids, floss, bobby pins, earring backs, and safety pins) into little bags so that they wouldn’t get lost in the basket.
I have heard from so many wedding planners how they have saved the day with something from their trusty little survival kit. Whether casual or formal dress attire, We've got tips for you What to put in a 'honeymoon survival.

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