However it is a day for laughter, funny stories, crazy videos and wacky prototypes especially in the world of video games. A few too many times Roach would glitch in some particularly strange ways, or not appear when you wanted her or just generally fail in hilarious ways. It looks like the role-playing strategy board game featuring anthropomorphic animals is getting a sequel based on Mad Max! Asus have now thrown their headset into the ring though with the innovative Cat VR, made exclusively for your feline friends.
D4 – Dark Dreams Don’t Die was an Xbox One Kinect game that was actually pretty good! Their prayers were seemingly answered last year until they realized what day it was – and that the promised sequel was a mash-up with the open-world survival horror game Deadly Premonition. In 2014, ActiVision decided to add some new, rather interesting modes into Call of Duty: Ghosts. Despite not even working for Epic Games anymore at the time of the tweet, ‘CliffyB’ still had the power to announce such a momentous reveal! Back in 2009, IGN went behind the scenes to have a look at a new gory take on one of Nintendo’s most beloved series.
Personally I think this actually looks a lot better and it’s a shame it never made it into later versions of the game. World of Warcraft Hunter Legendary Class Men's Short Sleeve Black Tee Shirt 2X-LargeA hunter is never alone.

A new line of Afterglow gaming peripherals are arriving this fall for home consoles and PC thanks to Performance Designed Products, who announced at this year's E3 that gamers will be able to game in style with some glowing gaming gear.
The controllers are being designed to give gamers high-precision functionality, as well as state-of-the-art aesthetics so you look good while gaming. As for the headsets, gamers will be able to get in more than 10 hours of straight-through gaming using the Afterglow Lithium Polymer Rechargeable Battery powered headset, with Avnera wireless technology. You can learn more about the new peripherals from Performance Designed Products by paying a visit to the Official PDP Website. Ever wondered what it would be like to play as all the characters from Hearthstone in an actual MMO? Dream no longer as FromSoftware are transforming their brutal RPG into a full-feature length movie! Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Playstation VR are all releasing soon and will capture the imaginations of players all over the world. It gained a cult following and many people clamored for a sequel or follow-up considering the ambiguity of the game’s ending. Most fascinatingly, every feature on the iPlay could be controlled exclusively with the iPad Mini. Well in 2012 this was a possibility thanks to incredible new eye-popping technology and a pair of red and blue 3D glasses. Super Smash Bros went ultraviolent with blood spewing from characters such as Mario, Link and Sonic.

Let us know in the comments below as well as any video games April Fools Day jokes you may have played or had played on you personally! The Wii rendition of the Afterglow controller has also been redesigned for optimal comfort and hand-positioning, with the '+' and '-' buttons now adjacent to the 'A' button. The headsets also feature bass boost, a proprietary 3D surround sound algorithm and 50mm Neodymium speakers nested neatly inside the ear cups. The best part about it is that the wired version of the Afterglow headset will only retail for $49.95.
Imagine an actual world full of incredible Warcraft where your favorite cards come to life! Hang from buildings, glide from Da Vinci’s latest creation and even hide in haystacks with the state-of-the-art technology. This will make it easier for Wii owners to execute some high-end core gaming on the Afterglow controller.

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