First Aid is the temporary help given to an injured or sick person before the professional medical help is provided.
1)      Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR): It is a very useful and most important technique in many medical emergencies.
In order to treat first degree burns, remove patient from heat source and also remove the burnt clothes. As a medical student, I once visited a burn unit in our hospital and came across a case of 3rd degree burn. 4)      Fainting: Fainting occurs when blood supply to your brain is momentarily insufficient.
5)      Bone Fractures: Few years back, my mother fractured her fibula as a result of an accidental fall from the ladder because she was getting rid of the spider webs anchored to the roof corners. 7)      Nosebleeds: For managing emergency nosebleeds, it is usually recommended that pinching your nose and holding your head back is vital. 8)      Poisoning: Common signs and symptoms of poisons include burns and redness around mouth and lips, vomiting, difficulty in breathing, sleepiness and confusion.
9)      Snakebites: According to report in a section of press few months back, a twenty year old student of Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences (LUMHS) Jamshoro was bitten by a snake while she was sleeping in her hostel room. 10)   Toothache: Toothache is often more common in children because they are habitual of eating a lot of sweet foods, the bacterial decomposition of which changes them to acids which corrode away the enamel layer and so toothache occurs. Disclaimer: JPMS Medical Blogs are published by the same publisher of Journal of Pakistan Medical Students (JPMS). Nothing is wrong about the rapid growth of the electronic media, the internet and different types of modern gadgets.
Child abuse is a general term used to specify children who are maltreated either physically, mentally, emotionally, morally, or sexually. It’s hard to deny that in a very small amount of time, social media has become deeply embedded into the contemporary culture. What We OfferWe offer a full range of graphic design services including; Logo design and re-branding, stationery, brochures, magazines, annual reports, websites, responsive email design and marketing and much much more. We’re expanding our highly successful paediatric first aid training in recognition that we all worry as much about your eldest family members as our youngest. The opportunity to share information and views and the chance to sometimes simply laugh at life.

We want you to tell us what you would like to hear about and to learn about your aspirations, inspirations and ideas. If someone you know had a heart attack or you just rescued someone from drowning in water, then the first thing you should do is CPR. Well, most of the burn incidents occur when people forget to turn off their heaters in the winter season or a woman in her house fails to turn off the stove completely after cooking.
In second degree burns, the dermis (second layer of skin) is also burned which results in blisters, severe pain and swelling.
It is also recommended that you stay away from foods that raise the body temperature like mangoes if you suffer from frequent nosebleeds. Call the ambulance or doctor immediately if someone you know has been poisoned or has swallowed poison.
When a snake bites, its venom starts flowing in the blood vessels of the victim and if not treated immediately, the victim can die.
This article does not reflect the policies of JPMS or its Staff or Editorial nor it intends to provide legal, financial or medical advice. First Aid for elder family members enables you to learn how to care for an elder person who may well be fragile likely to have specific medical needs and sensitive skin. She quickly dialed 911 and started mouth-to-mouth resuscitation while her friend, performed chest compressions. When the mother was asked how her daughter learned to give lifesaving CPR, she said, “from watching a medical TV show”.
So, in this piece, I will try to briefly describe here the various methods of providing first aid for the most important medical emergencies. If you have not done it before then you should start compressing the chest as rapidly as you can.
Medically speaking, burns are classified into first, second or third degree burns depending upon their severity.
His relatives did not know how to give him first aid so his condition had worsened before he was brought to hospital due to severe dehydration. If they don’t then the first thing you should do is to apply pressure on the wound with the help of clean cloth.
I immediately applied ice wrapped in a towel in order to minimize the swelling and called for the ambulance.
One common hypothesis of this is that the inner ear transmits to the brain that it senses motion, but the eyes tell the brain that everything is still.

Also, sit upright which reduces blood pressure in the veins of your nose and don’t pick or blow your nose for several hours. She was not given any snakebite first aid and was taken to different hospitals in Jamshoro, Hyderabad and Karachi which caused enough delay in her proper treatment.  She died because she developed a clotting disorder that led her to bleed profusely. Therefore, it is necessary to know the first aid for snake bites so that some help can be administered on the spot before the victim is taken to the hospital.
Also taking any pain reliever also helps but don’t place aspirin or another painkiller directly against your gums as it may burn your gum tissue.
Our skilled trainer who is a specialist in this field will teach you the basic, sensible steps to take if your elderly relative or friend needs immediate help. The girl saved her mother just by performing a basic first aid technique even though she did not receive any training.
First degree burns are usually considered minor and most likely affect the outer layer of the skin. As his skin was damaged so it failed to provide a barrier against outside invading organisms and, ultimately, he died after catching a minor infection in a few days.
So if you suspect that a bone is broken or there is heavy bleeding; apply pressure to the wound with a clean cloth. As a result, the brain reaches the conclusion that one of them is hallucinating and that the hallucination is due to poison ingestion. Public dates available throughout 2014 and private bespoke sessions can be arranged at a time, place and date of your choice at very accessible prices. CPR can keep blood filled with oxygen flowing to the brain and other vital organs of the body until the ambulance reaches and more proper care is given. After cleaning it with water, cover the wound with the help of bandage and clean the dressing daily.
So if you are travelling and are susceptible to motion sickness, don’t read and focus on a distant, stationary object.

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