You may be tempted to spend money to fend off this kind of horde, but trust me, you won't need to. The vast majority of the plants you can use for your defense this time around are instantly familiar from the first game. The real key to the game's appeal is that there's no one dominant strategy; there's no single plant or set of plants that can just work in every situation. Zombies Wallpapers for you, just click on the wallpaper you choose, download it and set it as background of your desktop screen. Zombies 2 would be a free-to-play game driven by microtransactions, many people were worried that the change would ruin the careful balance Popcap had struck with the first game. Of the new ones, there are only a few standouts, like the lightning reeds that can arc electricity at nearby zombies or the pea pods that can be stacked from one to five pea shooters on the same square.
Whether they're riding bucking broncos, sending out parrots and chickens to attack your plants, playing a rolling piano that makes each new zombie dance into another lane, or rolling destroyable barrels full of even more zombies, each presents a unique new challenge and demands a different response from your plant-based defenses.
In pirate-themed levels, parts of the screen are taken up by water, and zombies can swing in past your defenses on ropes.

You have to carefully choose which plants you need for any given situation in order to strike a diverse balance to deal with varied threats. If you don't have enough plant food, you can always buy more with real money using a tap of the green plus button. You still collect little bits of sun energy to buy plants that automatically fire at enemy zombies shambling in from the right side of the screen. In Old West-inspired levels, plants can be placed on mine carts and moved across rows manually, expanding their efficiency (but limiting your planting area). Defeating special glowing zombies gives you a bag of plant food, which can be fed to a plant to unleash a single, massive attack to deal with tough situations or a huge wave of zombies. You can earn coins for your touchscreen attacks through regular gameplay too, but if you run out, you can buy more at any time, even in the middle of a fight. Blast zombies, plants and new characters across a mine-blowing world that delivers the depth of a traditional online shooter blended with the refreshing humor of Plants vs.
Like the first game, there are also occasional mini-game-style levels that change things up by giving you a steady stream of set plants or asking you to fire cannons at flying zombies, Galaga style.

Will you go for a quick, blitz-style attack with cheap, weak plants, or do you prefer slower, more powerful plants that will dominate in the late game?
There are also several touchscreen-based attacks that let you dispose of zombies with a pinch, a flick, or an electrical swipe—if you're willing to spend in-game coins. These abilities are so powerful that anyone who wants to can easily pay to beat even the most difficult levels using just a few quick taps. Zombies 2 generally strikes the right balance between challenge and convenience, charging players only for things they can do for themselves quite readily. Zombies 2 is still the instantly accessible, dumbed-down, yet strangely addictive version of a tower defense game that its predecessor was. Plus command the battlefield from Crazy Dave’s RV or Zomboss’ Blimp in Boss Mode with Kinect and Xbox SmartGlass.

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